Yahoo Application Setup

The Yahoo Application setup process is described below. These steps below should guide you through the entire process.

Yahoo Authentication

  1. Navigate to and log in.
  2. Click 'My Apps' (and if necessary 'YDN Apps').

    Yahoo - My Apps

  3. Click 'Create an App'.
  4. Fill out the details for your website:
      1. Application Name - A title for your application. Your website is a good example.
      2. Application Type - Select 'Web Application'
      3. Description
      4. Home Page URL - A link to the home page of your website, including http://
      5. Callback Domain - Enter your website domain, such as
        Yahoo - Application Details
      6. API Permissions - If you are planning on pulling profile data down, click 'Profiles (Social Directory)' and choose 'Read Public'Yahoo - Application Details
      7. Click the 'Create App' button.
  5. Once the steps above are complete, click on 'My Apps' to see the list of Yahoo applications. For the application you just created, you'll see a section like below with your application information:Yahoo - Client ID and Secret Keys
  6. Set the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in the JFBConnect settings for Yahoo Consumer Key and Yahoo Consumer Secret. At this point, JFBConnect is ready for Yahoo authentication.
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