JFBConnect v9 Upgrade Guide

If you've previously installed JFBConnect on your site and are upgrading to JFBConnect v9, these instructions provide up-to-date information on steps to take to ensure a smooth upgrade.

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Initial Configuration

This guide will take you through the basic steps of setting up JFBConnect: installation, social network application creation, the Autotune configuration wizard.

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Social Network Applications

Guides on creating the applications for each of the social networks we support. Applications are generally used for authentication features, but each social network has additional features that having an application will help with (Open Graph Actions, meta tags, social sharing, etc).

Social networks are continually evolving so the application setup process changes quite often. If you are having issues with our setup guides for a social network and notice that the guide is out-of-date, please let us know so that we can quickly go through the process and update our guide for you.

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Registration & Login

JFBConnect offers multiple methods for letting users register on your Joomla site with different social network providers. Options include an automatic process where the user's account is automatically created or a mini-registration mode where the user can select a username, password or other optional profile data to use on your site.

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Social Posting

JFBConnect allows you to easily setup different social network "Channels" so that you can quickly post any content from your site to a Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter Stream or LinkedIn Company Page.

Once setup, any user of your site with the proper permissions will be able to post to the configured channels. They won't need to be authenticated to the social network or go through extra hoops, they'll simply be able to type a message, select the 'channel', and hit post. It's a great way to let other admins/managers on your site push content to your social channels with ease.

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Open Graph

Open Graph is the term used by Facebook (and some other social networks) as the meta data used to describe your pages. This includes title, description and image for the page, but can also go much deeper to include menu items for a restaurant or authors of a book.

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Social Sharing

JFBConnect provides multiple ways to let your users push content back to social networks with Facebook Likes and Comments, Twitter sharing, Pinterest sharing and other features. Additional social features let you integrate content from your social networks into your site, like Facebook Page streams.

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Facebook Specific

As the largest social network, there are many different configuration options specific to Facebook. This section of documentation covers the unique features of Facebook Messenger, Facebook Page Tabs and the App Review process. 

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3rd Party Integration

Are you integrating Facebook with 3rd party extensions, like JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena, K2, Virtumeart or Agora? If so, this section provides answers to common questions that may help you.

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Common Support Questions

Running into issues? While we have excellent support, should you need it, we always recommend checking out this list of common questions. With a little luck, and good work on our part, you'll find your answer right now!

Social networks changes frequently. Always ensure you're running the latest version of JFBConnect, as this will solve many common issues. See the JFBConnect changelog for the most recent version and fixes available.


Additional information about JFBConnect can be found here: Changelog, developer documentation, and support information

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