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Integrate Joomla with Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Microsoft and many other social networks. JFBConnect is the complete social network integration suite for Joomla. Add social networks to your Joomla site and you will increase interaction between visitors on your website, Facebook and other social networks. With JFBConnect, you can increase your social presence and organically grow your site. 

Social Authentication

Add social authentication to Joomla with powerful registration options. 1-click registration, skip activation, auto username creation, and more.

The core package includes integration for the 4 most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. JFBConnect also supports more than 10 other social networks through separate add-ons.

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Third Party Integration

JFBConnect creates 100% standard Joomla users. It works with major 3rd party extensions for customized import of user profile data, social sharing widgets, and deep social network integration for your site.

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Open Graph Tags

Automatically describe your page to social networks using Open Graph and Twitter tags.  Easily control the title, description, image and other information when your page is shared. This helps to ensure that the message and brand for your pages is always how you want it to be.

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Social Sharing

Add social sharing buttons throughout your site. Automatically add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest sharing buttons to Joomla and K2 content. You'll have control over the style, size, position as well as targeting abilities to only include specific categories or articles. Additionally, with easy to use Joomla modules, you can add the sharing features to any other extension as well.

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Social Auto-Posting

Automatically post new content to Facebook Pages & Groups, Twitter Streams and LinkedIn Companies.

Page Tab Support

Show your Joomla website inside your Facebook Page. Great for offering coupons, newsletter signups or anything else that can help grow your Like count!

Social Widgets

JFBConnect provides multiple ways to let your users push content back to social networks with Facebook Likes and Comments, Twitter Sharing, Pinterest sharing and other features. Additional social features let you integrate content from your social networks into your site, like Facebook Page streams, LinkedIn Follow buttons or embedding content from Twitter and Instagram.

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Automatic Configuration

Our built-in "Autotune" tool will guide you through the setup of your Facebook and other social network applications as well as check for common mis-configuration errors.

Extensive Documentation

With easy to read tooltips on all settings, over 50 pages of documentation and multiple video tutorials, you'll be able to find information for every feature and setting in JFBConnect

Amazing Support

We are constantly helping our users understand how best to add social networking integration to their site. There's a reason JFBConnect has over 200 5-star reviews on the Joomla Extension Directory.

Grow your community today with JFBConnect!

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends!

The JFBConnect core package includes integration with four of the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. If this works well for your site, just purchase the core package and go.

However, if you're looking for more specialized social network integration, you can purchase individual add-ons for specific social networks. By breaking out our functionality into separate add-ons, we're able to lower the cost of our core package which fits most users needs.

We want you to be happy with your purchase! If you are unsatisfied for any reason, just send us a message and we'll gladly provide a refund for your subscription.

Yes! When your subscription is set to expire, your subscription will automatically renew with 20% off the full price. You can cancel the auto-renewal at any time by going to the My Account > My Subscriptions area.

If your subscription expires, you'll lose access to new releases, priority support and the use of our auto-configuration tool.

Yes! We understand some customers do not like automatic renewals and want to be completely in charge of their purchases. You can cancel the auto-renewal at any time by logging into your account on sourcecoast.com and navigating to the My Account > My Subscriptions area.

You are free to make any modifications you'd like to our source code. We do not obsfucate or encrypt our source code in any way. However, we highly recommend you take advantage of Joomla's template system and other features for altering the output instead of modifying the JFBConnect code directly.

Your subscription includes access to the following benefits for the 6 month subscription period:

  • The current and any new releases made available while your subscription is active
  • Priority technical support for any questions you may have
  • The automatic configuration tool which will setup your Facebook Application and check for common configuration issues

Yes! If you've cancelled subscription auto-renewal, our extensions will continue working after your subscription expires. Once expired, you will lose access to new releases, support and the use of our auto-configuration tools.

  • GPL v3+.
  • For Joomla 3.9+ and Joomla 4.X.
  • Requires PHP v5.2+.
  • MySQL and Postgres Databases supported.