A New Analytics Component For Joomla

If you run a website, you know that it’s critical to understand how your site is used. What content is popular? How many users registered this month vs the last? Which authors are producing a lot of content? Which authors content is actually getting hits?

These are all critical questions that haven’t always been easy to answer… until now!

Over the last several months, we’ve been working on JStats, a new extension to help you dig into your site to get a more clear picture of what’s working and what isn’t. JStats has a clear dashboard with configurable graphs to display what’s important to you. We've made it simple to set up a dashboard with the information important to your site so you can get the top-down view of what matters most. Each website is different, and how you track success is different as well.

What’s better? It’s 100% Free

That's right, the core version of JStats with plenty of data-mining abilities for Joomla is completely free.

Statistics Add-Ons

JStats uses the Joomla plugin system to easily add new stats over time. The plugin system also allows other developers to build custom stats for their own extensions allowing you to dig deeper into the data that matters to you. Initially, we're launching a J2Store integration plugin so you can answer additional questions, like:

How many sales have you made? How many sales have you lost? What is my expected revenue for this month/quarter/year? 

Introducing JoomlaGears

JStats is being launched through JoomlaGears, a new collaboration between SourceCoast and New Line Web Design. Between our companies, we have over 30 years of Joomla development and design experience. After working on multiple large web development projects together, we decided to pool our resources, refine some of the products we’ve built to help individual clients and release them to the benefit of everyone.

In addition to JStats, JoomlaGears is launching other products for Joomla and J2Store users. We have a focus on tools to improve the user experience and administration of Joomla e-commerce sites

Alex Andreae

Alex co-founded SourceCoast Web Development in 2008. Based in sunny Florida, SourceCoast develops extensions for integrating your Joomla powered website with popular social networks. He has spoken at more than a dozen Joomla User Groups and Joomla Days, including the Joomla World Conference in both 2012 and 2013. Topics have included social networking for Joomla, running a business around Joomla extensions, and Joomla development.

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