Twitter Application Setup

The Twitter Application setup process is described below. These steps below should guide you through the entire process.

  1. Navigate to
  2. In the top right, click the "Sign In" and login with your Twitter account
  3. Click the blue "Create New App" in the top right.
  4. Fill out each setting provided, as noted below and in the image
    • Name - Your Twitter Application name. Generally, use your website name here.
    • Description - A description of your website / Twitter Application
    • Website - Your full website URL, like
    • Callback URL - Your full website URL with 'index.php'
      • Add as many callback URLs as necessary for all variations of your site, like:
    • Agree to the terms of service, enter the captcha
    • Click the "Create Your Twitter Application" button
      Twitter Application Settings
  5. After you've created the application, go to the "Settings" tab. In the "Application Details" section, check the box labeled "Allow this application to be used to Sign In with Twitter"
  6. If you'd like to support Automatic Registration for users, you will need to set up the Twitter application to retrieve email addresses.
    1. Navigate to the "Settings" tab. In the "Application Details" section, enter a value for the Privacy Policy URL and Terms of Service URL. Then click the "Update Settings" button. If you attempt to set up the application for email without filling in these values, you may see the following error:
      Twitter Application - Email Permissions
    2. Navigate to the "Permissions" tab. Check the "Request email addresses from users" setting and click the "Update Settings" button.Twitter Application - Email permissions
  7. Once the steps above are complete, navigate to the "Keys and Access Tokens" tab. You'll see a section like below with your application information:
    thumb twitter-app-keys

Use the API Key and API Secret in the JFBConnect settings for Twitter Application ID and Twitter Secret Key. At this point, JFBConnect is ready for Twitter authentication.

Twitter Application Image

If you'd like to update the application image shown during the login/authentication process, go to the "Settings" tab of your Twitter Application and upload your image in the "Application Icon" section.

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