Github Application Setup

Github is a developer-oriented tool for managing software code. While it's not really a social network, many sites that have a technical focus can have a large audience that is active within Github. Adding Github integration to your Joomla site can be a very wise choice depending on your visitor profile.

To add Github integration to your site, you'll first need to create a Github Application:

  1. Login to Github
  2. Go to the Application section of your account:
  3. Click the "Developer Settings" link.
  4. Click the "OAuth Apps" link.
  5. Click the "New OAuth App" button.github new app
  6. Fill out the details for your Application/website:
    1. Application Name - A title for your application. Your website title is a good example.
    2. Homepage URL - A link to the home page of your website, including http:// or https://
    3. Application Description - A description for your application. This is shown when users are authenticating to encourage them to continue with the registration process.
    4. Authorization callback URL - This should be your full Homepage URL with index.php at the end:
  7. Click the "Register Application" button
  8. On the next page, you'll see all of your settings along with your Client ID and Client Secret. Save these values to enter into JFBConnect.Github - Application Settings
  9. (Optional) Upload an image for your applicaton on the right side. This will appear during the authentication process. You can upload an image at any time.