Facebook Application Setup

Creating a Facebook Application for Joomla takes just a few steps. After it's created, JFBConnect's Autotune tool will automatically configure the application settings best suited for your site.

Please note that Facebook requires that your site has a valid SSL certificate and works over an SSL connection. If you don't have https for your site, services like Cloudflare are free and add SSL encryption to your site that works with Facebook. 

  1. Log into the Facebook Developer Center at:
  2. Log into Facebook with the account that you want to 'own' your Facebook application.
    Note: Facebook requires all applications to be owned by real people. You cannot create a Facebook Application using a Facebook 'Page' account.
  3. Click the "Create New App" button as shown below:
    FB App: Create New App
  4. On the 'Create a New App ID' screen, enter a name and contact email address.
    FB App: Create a new app ID
  5. Click 'Create App ID' button.
  6. Fill in the Captcha at the Security Check screen and click the Submit button.
  7. The application will be created at this point. You'll be redirected to the Product Setup section. Select the 'Set Up' button for the 'Facebook Login' product.
    FB App: Facebook Login Product
  8. On the "Choose Platform" screen (below), select Web (www) as the platform.FB App::Select Platform
  9. Enter the Site URL (below) and click the Save button. Once Facebook determines that there are no errors, the Continue button will become enabled. Click the Continue button.
    FB App: Site URL
  10. Skip the 'Set up the Facebook SDK for Javascript' section by clicking the Next button. You will use JFBConnect to add any Login, Share or Social widgets to your page.
  11. Skip the 'Check Login Status' section by clicking the Next button.
  12. Skip the 'Add the Facebook Login Button' section by clicking the Next button.
  13. Navigate into the Settings > Basic section for your app. You should see a large window with information like the image below:
      FB App: App ID and Secret Key
  14. Click the Show button to reveal your Secret Key. Copy your App ID and Secret key down. You will use it in the Autotune Configuration Tool within JFBConnect.
  15. Add an App Domain by entering text and hitting the 'Enter/Return' key to add the entry.
    FB App: Add an App Domain
  16. Select the Business Use for your app.
    FB App: Select business use
  17. Select a category for the app. Please note, that if you would like to use the 'Requests' feature of Facebook, you will need to select 'Games' as the category.
  18. Hit the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page.
  19. Under the Settings > Advanced tab, please ensure that the "Native or Desktop app?" setting is set to "No".
  20. In the Security section, please enable the "Allow API Access to App Settings". This will allow JFBConnect's Autotune Configuration Tool access to setting up the application further. Once enabled, click "Save Changes"
  21. In the Products > Facebook Login > Settings, you will need to fill out some more information. Fill out the "Valid OAuth redirect URIs" setting with the following URLs (replacing yourdomain.com with your actual domain name). If you have https enabled on your site, or other ways to access your domain (like www or non-www), add them all here, like below. Once done, click "Save Changes".
    Please note, you will only be able to enter/save the http variants (like as follows) if you have the "Enforce HTTPS" setting disabled.
  22. Click the "App Review" section. Click the Yes/No button to turn your application live.Facebook App - Set to Live
  23. Click Confirm. Don't worry - you can change your application back to development mode with just another click of the Yes/No button.Facebook Application - Confirm to go Live
  24. You do not need to configure any additional fields in your Facebook Application. JFBConnect will automatically configure your Application in the best way possible for your Joomla website.

When you are complete with your Facebook Application, proceed to the Autotune Configuration section of the JFBConnect Configuration guide.

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