LinkedIn Application Setup

This guide will show you how to set up your LinkedIn authentication and obtain your LinkedIn API and Secret Key for Joomla.

  1. Log into the LinkedIn Developer Center at:
  2. Click the "Create app" button as shown below:
    LinkedIn Developer Apps
  3. Fill in the following required fields for the Application Info:
    LinkedIn - Create AppLinkedIn - Create App
    1. App name - Enter your application name, usually your site's name.
    2. LinkedIn Page - The Company Page to associate with your app. This cannot be undone once the app is saved. If you have not created a company on LinkedIn, you'll need to do that first (these steps are not described in this document).
    3. Privacy Policy URL - A link to the privacy policy on your website.
    4. App Logo - A logo image for your application. This must be at least 80 x 80 pixels.
    5. Legal agreement - Check this box to agree to LinkedIn's terms and conditions.
    6. Create App button - When done filling in the fields, hit Create App.
  4. The company associated with the LinkedIn page will need to verify the app.
  5. After the application is created, in the Settings tab in the Additional Settings section, enter domains for the Widgets > Domains and click Update.
  6. In the Auth section:
    1. OAuth 2.0 Settings - Redirect URLs - add all variations of your domain along with index.php, as shown below. Replace with your actual domain name. If you have https enabled on your site, or other ways to access your domain (like www and non-www), add them all here, like:
      If you have multiple ways to access your site (http and https, www and non-www), you need to add all of the possibilities in this box.
      Please note: You will need to enter these values one per text box. Enter the first value, then press the Add redirect URL button. A new textbox will appear. Continue to enter one per box until they are all added.
      LinkedIn Application Settings
    2. Update button - Click update before proceeding.
  7. In the Products section:
    LinkedIn App - Product - Marketing
    1. Marketing Developer Program - If you would like to use JFBConnect's channels feature to post to your Company's LinkedIn feed or pull in feed posts to your Joomla site, you will need to be a member of the Marketing Developer Platform. SourceCoast/JFBConnect has no control over whether you're admitted to the program.
    2. Share on LinkedIn - Select this option. When the modal pops up, agree to the terms and add the product. This scope needs to be approved by LinkedIn.
    3. Sign in with LinkedIn - Select this option. When the modal pops up, agree to the terms and add the product. This scope needs to be approved by LinkedIn.
  8. After the scopes have been approved from Step 7, the OAuth2 Scopes in the Auth section should have the following at the minimum:LinkedIn app - OAuth2 Scopes
  9. In the Application's Auth tab, you should see an "Application Credentials" section which lists your Client ID and Client Secret. These will be used in the JFBConnect backend > Configuration > LinkedIn area to allow for authentication.

The following settings only apply to older applications, as the options are no longer available for new apps:

  1. Settings
    1. Here your Application Status may be set to Development or Live. When Live, the application will be visible for all connections. The initial value for this field is Development, so when you are done configured LinkedIn with JFBConnect on your website, please remember to switch it Live here.
    2. Older apps may require more info such as Business Phone, etcLinkedIn Application - Application Info
  2. Auth - OAuth 1.0a - Leave both of these settings blank. They are unused.
  3. Roles - If your application will be in Development mode, you can add additional Administrators and Developers to this section so that others may test the application.
  4. JavaScript
    1. Valid SDK domains - Any domains you plan to use JFBConnect on. This should always include your website URL, but may contain others.
      *** Please note: If you can access your site at and (with and without www), please make sure you put both addresses in the Javascript API Domain box. Enter each value individually into the text box and click Add. Another text box/Add button will appear for subsequent entries. Multiple domain entries should look like:
      LinkedIn Application - Javascript Domain