View Post Activity

Posts can automatically or manually be posted to your configured channels. JFBConnect provides the ability to see post history in a couple of convenient ways.

Front-End Activity Log

When you login to the front-end of your Joomla site as a user in a group with the "Post on Social Network" permission in JFBConnect, you'll see the following Social Toolbar in the lower left corner of every page:

social toolbarYou can then view the posting activity for the current page on the front-end using the "Post Activity" button in the social toolbar. Manual and automatic posts will be displayed in the activity list, along with any error messages for posts that failed.

post activity_frontend

Backend Activity Log

In the backend, go to the JFBConnect > Channels > History tab. Please note, if you delete activity from the activity log in the backend, an autopost can be recreated if the content is published/saved again in the future.

post activity_backend