Social Streams

You can show the feeds from any Channels you've created using the SCSocialStream module. The streams are fully controllable in both output HTML and styles, giving you maximum flexibility over how your Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Twitter Stream or LinkedIn Company feed show in your site.

Before you can use the SCSocialStream module, please make sure you've read over the Creating a Social Channel documentation.

Setting up the SCSocialStream Module

The SCSocialStream module is responsible for configuring how you want the news feeds to show. Using it, you can combine the feeds from multiple channels you've created into one combined feed.

The options in the module are as follows:

  • Channel Selection - These are the Social Channels you've created that you want to display in this module. Simply add a check for the channels that you wish to display. If you don't see a specific channel that you have created, make sure that channel is enabled in the JFBConnect component.
  • Show Provider - When enabled, this will display the icon of the social network of the feed post.
  • Show Date/Time - Enable to show the time/date that each post was created.
  • Show Link Info - If there is a link or additional details in each post, this option allows you to set how those extra details are shown.
  • Post Limit - Set the maximum number of posts to display in the module.
  • Date/Time Format - Set the format of dates shown in posts. Formatting goes by the PHP Date function.
  • Height - Set a forced height for the module. The posts will be scrollable within the height of the module.


The output from the feeds is completely customizable, allowing you to control the exact HTML and CSS that is used. To change the output, you'll need to edit files in the following directory:


That directory will contain the following files:

  • facebook.php - Generates the HTML output for Facebook Page and Facebook Group posts
  • linkedin.php - Generates the HTML output for LinkedIn Company Page posts
  • styles.css - Contains the CSS for the Social Stream module
  • twitter.php - Generates the HTML output for Twitter streams

If you need more flexibility in the output, you can create facebook_page.php and facebook_group.php files to control the HTML individually for those types of posts.

In general, we'd also recommend that you create a template override for your theme. This way, if you upgrade JFBConnect, any changes will not be lost. To do this, simply

  1. Create a new directory:
  2. Copy the files listed above (facebook.php, linkedin.php, styles.css and twitter.php) from the media directory to the newly created template override directory