Social Managers

JFBConnect allows you to easily set which user groups are able to see the Social Toolbar and push content from your site to the configured social channels. By default, these actions are only available to super administrators on your site.

To allow additional users to be able to see the social meta tags that are set for your page or to push content from your site to social networks, navigate to the JFBConnect -> Overview page. In the top right, click the "Options" button. You will see a list of different permissions for various administration aspects of JFBConnect. To control who can use the social management features, you want to configure the "Post on Social Network" permission.

To add other groups to the allowable list to see and use the JFBConnect social toolbar, select the user group type on the left-side of the menu. Then, in the right-hand side use the drop down next to "Post on Social Network" and choose "Allowed". Then, click "Save".

Once configured, all users in the specified user group will be allowed to push content to any of the social channels you've configured.

Please Note: It's recommended to only give the "Post on Social Network" permission to 'manager' type groups on your site. You should not grant this privilege to all "Registered" users. Due to the power given to control your social network presense across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the ability to post to the channels you configure should only be granted to users you know and trust to respect your brand and follow each social network's terms of service.