PayToUpgrade v1.2 w/ HotProperty and Agora Forum Payment Upgrades

Today marks the release of v1.2 of PayToUpgrade.  With this release, it's even easier to add payments to any component using the premiere payment solution for Joomla.  Also included are new upgrade plugins for HotProperty and the Agora Forum as well as a new module to put subscription information on any page of your site.

What's new?


PayToUpgrade v1.2 brings the most highly requested feature over the last month: emails.

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Version Verification Tool for Joomla 1.5.18 Available

With the new release of Joomla 1.5.18 comes a new release of the (free!) Version Verification Tool. This new update allows you to verify the integrity of all Joomla releases from 1.5.0 to 1.5.18. Great as a sanity check for possible hacking/modification attempts.  VVT also makes upgrading less stressful as you move to 1.5.18, as you can be sure that no modifications have been made that will be overwritten.

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JomSocial Migrator v1.1 Released

JomSocial Migrator, the easy-to-use migration tool to transfer data from Community Builder to JomSocial, has just been updated.  This version brings improved compatibility and testing between the latest releases of both components (CB 1.2.2 and JS 1.6).  An enhanced AJAX migration functionality has been also added to prevent timeouts on very large sites.  In addition to these major improvements, minor bug fixes and enhancements throughout the component are available now.

If you're moving from Community Builder to JomSocial, you need JomSocial Migrator!

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JFBConnect v2.6 - Facebook / Kunena Integration

JFBConnect v2.6, the powerful Facebook Connect extension for Joomla, has just been released.  This version adds Kunena integration to complement the current JomSocial and Community Builder abilities.  Now, your Kunena profiles can be automatically filled in with a user's Facebook profile fields.  The other heavily requested feature is the addition of fetching a user's Facebook email address to populate their profile with.  The major updates in this revision are:

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CommunityACL Payment Plugin Released!

We're proud to announce the immediate availability of a PayToUpgrade plugin for Community ACL.  This plugin quickly lets you create new upgrade variants based on user group, role, and function level.  Each variant can have it's own price and expiration date upon which the user's access permissions are revoked for that group.

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Payment Plugin for Community ACL Around The Corner, Joins JUGA

A PayToUpgrade plugin supporting corePHP's Community ACL component was finalized yesterday and will be available soon (screenshots below).  Utilizing the easy to configure upgrade plugin system of PayToUpgrade, Community ACL joins Dioscouri's JUGA in now having the easiest way to charge user's for different access levels on your site.

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Locked and Loaded for CMS Expo

We just landed in Chicago and are in the Hotel Orrington waiting for our room to be available.  As Silver Sponsors of CMS Expo for the 2nd year, we're excited to see it getting under way!  If you'll be in town for the event, definitely make some time to head by our CMS Market / SourceCoast booth for information, demos, and drawings for some of our great Joomla extensions!

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Our New Extension Site Is Live!

jyelpSourceCoast is very excited today to launch our new extension site! With this launch, we're introducing two great new extensions, JYelp and PayToUpgrade. These additions extend the SourceCoast portfolio of user and social-oriented products, including the ever popular JFBConnect Joomla Facebook integration component.

These new extensions, available immediately, raise the standards for interacting with your users.  They allow for more engagement with your site by pulling information in and even letting user's have more power, through a robust payment system, to actually create content for you!

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VVT For Joomla! 1.5.17 and New SetMetaData Changes

We just updated the JED with Version Verification Tool 1.4 which has support for Joomla! 1.5.16 and 1.5.17.

We also uploaded the latest version of SetMetaData 1.2 with http-equiv and infinite data parameter support.


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Ever Want to Charge For Features on Your Site?

Pay2Upgrade For Joomla!We often get proposals from clients that go like this, "We found components a, b, and c which contains all the features v, w, x, y, and z that we need on our site. Can you implement this? Oh, by the way, we need to charge users for features w, y and z."

Almost always, the component does not contain any sort of payment system for upgrades, and our response is, "We can do it, but it will take time and money." Soon, that will be a phrase of the past.

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Custom Admin Access and Content Plugins Everywhere Released

The Custom Admin Access and Content Plugins Everywhere extensions have been submitted and approved on the JED. We want to send a big thank you out to Pierre Gazzola for helping us make them available!

The first extension is very useful to limit backend features (on a demo site, for example). The second is a handy plugin to allow your content plugins to function on non-article pages. Check out the listings for more information.

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