Our New Extension Site Is Live!

jyelpSourceCoast is very excited today to launch our new extension site! With this launch, we're introducing two great new extensions, JYelp and PayToUpgrade. These additions extend the SourceCoast portfolio of user and social-oriented products, including the ever popular JFBConnect Joomla Facebook integration component.

These new extensions, available immediately, raise the standards for interacting with your users.  They allow for more engagement with your site by pulling information in and even letting user's have more power, through a robust payment system, to actually create content for you!

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VVT For Joomla! 1.5.17 and New SetMetaData Changes

We just updated the JED with Version Verification Tool 1.4 which has support for Joomla! 1.5.16 and 1.5.17.

We also uploaded the latest version of SetMetaData 1.2 with http-equiv and infinite data parameter support.


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Ever Want to Charge For Features on Your Site?

Pay2Upgrade For Joomla!We often get proposals from clients that go like this, "We found components a, b, and c which contains all the features v, w, x, y, and z that we need on our site. Can you implement this? Oh, by the way, we need to charge users for features w, y and z."

Almost always, the component does not contain any sort of payment system for upgrades, and our response is, "We can do it, but it will take time and money." Soon, that will be a phrase of the past.

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Custom Admin Access and Content Plugins Everywhere Released

The Custom Admin Access and Content Plugins Everywhere extensions have been submitted and approved on the JED. We want to send a big thank you out to Pierre Gazzola for helping us make them available!

The first extension is very useful to limit backend features (on a demo site, for example). The second is a handy plugin to allow your content plugins to function on non-article pages. Check out the listings for more information.

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Version Verification Tool Released

The Version Verification Tool, which has been out for a few months was recently submitted and approved by the JED. This great tool is essential for any Joomla admin or developer to verify the integrity of the core Joomla files. The package contains signatures of all Joomla files from version 1.5.0 to 1.5.15 (and will be updated as new ones arrive), which makes it a snap to tell if your system has been modified before you upgrade, develop, or go bug-hunting. Additionally, as some malware is silently inserted into core files, this provides a quick and easy check to see if you've been compromised.

Check it out, and please leave a positive review if you like it!

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Joomla Facebook Connect v2.5 Now Available

Version 2.5 of JFBConnect is now available. This version brings some great improvements along with much tighter integration between Community Builder and Facebook Connect:

* New user registration and returning user login messages can now be sent to your user's wall with a link-back to your site (API for 3rd party devs as well!)
* Community Builder default fields are now used when importing a profile

* Ability to always import profiles (every login, not just on registration)
For a full list, see the JFBConnect Changelog.

In the short period after it's release, we found a few bugs which rapidly moved the versions to 2.5.3.  Since then, things have settled down and we are now recommending all previous owners to upgrade.  Of course, we're always monitoring our support forums, so if you run into issues or need assistance, let us know!

Finally, if you enjoy, we'd always love a great review in our Joomla Facebook JED Listing!

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Limit Article Edit and Force Password Change are on the JED

Two MORE of our new free, GPL extensions have been approved and are listed on the JED.  Both of these extensions were created for users on the Joomla forums to help them with their sites.  Hopefully others will find them useful as well!
Limit Article Edit
This plugin will only allow users with Publisher access level or higher to edit and save Published articles. Users that do not have a high enough access level will be redirected back to the article with an error message.
Force Password Change
This plugin will check the user's lastvisitDate to see if it is "0000-00-00 00:00:00" (meaning the user has never logged in). If this is the case, the user will be redirected to the edit user profile page and will not be able to go to any other page until they update their profile.
If you have an extension idea that you can't find, let us know on the forums.  We love the new ideas people are providing!

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Accepted to the Joomla Resources Directory

Yay!  We met the requirements and were just listed on the Joomla! Resources Directory.  Fortunately for us, we already complied with all of their requirements, except the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.  It feels good to be listed among only 163 other resources that Joomla considers worthy of listing, and only 62 in the "Services" category for which we're listed.

If you've worked with us previously, or like our extensions, we'd love for you to leave a positive comment!

Don't worry, now we'll put our heads down and go back to coding instead of continuing to pat ourselves on the back.

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SetMetaData and Article Access Updater are on the JED

Two of our new free, GPL extensions have been approved and are listed on the JED.  Both of these extensions were created for users on the Joomla forums to help them with their sites.  Hopefully others will find them useful as well!

setMetaData System Plugin


A very simple system plugin that allows the user to set up to five different meta data values.

Article Access Updater Content Plugin

A plugin that will fire when articles are displayed and apply rules to update the article access level based on section, category, and time since the article was created.

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JFBConnect v2.1 is out

This new release of the popular Joomla Facebook integration extension has the much requested feature of integration with Community Builder as well as a registration form for allowing new users to select their Joomla username and password for your site.

The following is a list of new changes:

  • Added Community Builder support to import profile fields and avatar (similar to JomSocial)
  • Added a 'quick' registration form to let a user select their own username, password, and set their email address
  • JFBCLogin module got an overhaul allowing most features to be hidden to allow for you to display it how you want
  • JFBCLogin module now much more easy to override in your template. You shouldn't have to modify the default.php file anymore, so future revisions won't overwrite your customizations
  • Many minor bug-fixes
For more info, see the JFBConnect changelog.

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