Updated JFBConnect Available - Includes Facebook Send

An updated version of JFBConnect (JED Link), SourceCoast's leading Facebook integration suite for Joomla, is available now. This release adds Facebook's Send button along with multiple minor features and bug-fixes. This is also the first release available from our new dual-release strategy keeping our Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6 versions in sync for features and bug-fixes. With our new build system, we have one code base from which we can build JFBConnect for both Joomla versions. For more information on this release, and our dual development strategy, read on.

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Facebook Email Regarding Upgrading to OAuth

Recently, Facebook began emailing a small subset of JFBConnect user's notifying them that their application may be in violation of Facebook policy by inadvertently leaking some user data. We have researched this situation thoroughly, and feel these emails are in error, but would like to obtain as much information from our users about their configuration as possible. Please read on to learn about our investigation, and how you can help if you've received an email from Facebook.

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Facebook For Joomla 1.6 is Here! JFBConnect v3.3 Released!

Joomla 1.6 Facebook IntegrationJFBConnect has been a powerhouse for Facebook Integration on Joomla 1.5 since early 2009. Now, over 2 years of development and features bring these Facebook features to Joomla 1.6 with the new version 3.3 of JFBConnect. Powerful single-sign on integration, Open Graph support, automatic Likes/Comments in articles with email notifications, and a ton more is at your fingertips with the latest and greatest version of Joomla.

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Facebook for Joomla Just Got Better - JFBConnect v3.2 Out Now!

JFBConnect v3.2 is out now! We've already detailed the major new features in our sneak peak, but there's a few extra goodies in there for everyone! The Facebook for Joomla extension, now over 2 years old has always been a powerful single-sign on registration extension. Now it's your all-in-one Facebook social component as well. (Undecided? See our JED Reviews)

In addition to the Open Graph integration, rich wall posts, custom registration fields, and automatic comments & like buttons in each article, this also has a slew of user-requested features, like: 

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JFBConnect 3.2 Sneak Peek - Tons of Features, Coming Soon!

Rich Wall Posts with Images and URLsThe next version of our Facebook for Joomla (JED) component is coming, and it's going to blow your socks off! With extensive OpenGraph features for promoting your site, a Content plugin to place Facebook Comments & Like into any article, category, or section, email notifications on new Comments & Likes, custom registration fields for Community Builder & JomSocial, and a whole lot more, you'll be set! Read on for a picture tour of the next release, available very soon!

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Updated JomSocial and Kunena Facebook Connect Plugins

Last week we released minor updates to the profile plugins for Kunena and JomSocial to improve their integration with Facebook. Both of these plugins are compatible with JFBConnect v3.1.x, our premiere Joomla Facebook extension (JED Link). You are advised to upgrade if you're using these 3rd party extensions and want to use the features mentioned below.

Facebook for JomSocial

JomSocial Facebook Plugin v3.1.1 - Added an option to update the JomSocial status with the user's current FB status on registration/login.

Facebook for Kunena

Kunena Facebook Plugin v3.1.1 - Fixed a bug where a user's avatar may not be updated when logging back in.


Thanks for using JFBConnect!

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PayToUpgrade v1.6 Out Now! Subscription Extensions Included

blog releaseThe newest version of PayToUpgrade, version 1.6, is now available (JED Listing). This release has numerous enhancements and continues the march of PayToUpgrade in being the easiest way to charge users for features and permissions on your site, and for adding payments to 3rd party components like Mosets Tree, HotProperty, JomSocial, Agora, and more!

The biggest enhancement is the ability for a user to easily extend their upgrade without having to let it expire first. This allows a site owner to help prevent listings from going unpublished, maintain a steady revenue, and keep your users more engaged in your site. In addition, PayToUpgrade has also been updated to fully utilize Joomla's language files, so each page can be easily translated to your language of choice. Additionally, by request of users (where we get many of our development ideas) enhanced filtering options and ease-of-navigation features have been added in the front-end views.

Multiple other features and bug-fixes can be seen in the PayToUpgrade changelog. Or, read on to read about all the new features and the plans for the next version(s) of PayToUpgrade!

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Facebook for K2, Agora, Community Builder, JomSocial and Kunena

joomla-facebook-31JFBConnect, the premiere Joomla Facebook extension just got a whole lot better. v3.1 was recently released, and adds the ability to import user profiles into any of 5 popular community components: K2, Agora, Community Builder, JomSocial and Kunena; with more on the way (see our JED Listing). Now you can easily import avatar, name, email, location, favorite movies, quotes, and about 30 other Facebook fields into any profile fields you want in seconds, every time the user logs in.

This release also has a ton of new features, speed improvements, and bug-fixes. Read on to find out about how to add the Login With Facebook button anywhere on your site, how to post to a user's Facebook wall on registration (great for promotion) or how to add Like, Comments, Friend Invites, or any of the other Facebook social widgets to your site!

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Facebook Comments / Like Content Plugin Now Included In JFBConnect

Joomla Facebook Comments PluginWe're proud to announce the release of a new Comment and Like Content Plugin for the best Joomla Facebook integration suite! (JED Listing)

Now you can easily add a Like button and/or Comment button to every article displayed on your site using JFBConnect. Configuration options include where to show each widget (top or bottom) and which views they should appear in (article, blog, frontpage, etc). With these great settings, it's now even easier to get users to interact, and promote, your Joomla website!

Read on for more information about the different configuration options.

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JomSocial Paid Groups and Paid Featured Membership

JomSocial - Paid Groups and Paid MembershipSourceCoast has just released a JomSocial upgrade plugin for our flexible PayToUpgrade component. This upgrade has 2 options to let you monetize your JomSocial site:

  • Charge users to join or create JomSocial groups
  • Charge users to upgrade themselves to 'Featured' member.
  • More features, including paid profile types, on the way!

As with all PayToUpgrade plugins, you can decide how much to charge and how long the upgrade lasts.

For more information, a video demonstration of configuration, and information about future JomSocial upgrade options, read on!

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JFBConnect 3.0.2 Now Available - All Users Advised To Upgrade

The newest version of JFBConnect is now available (JED).  This is a minor feature, speed-improvement, and bug-fix release.  

Facebook updated their platform yesterday, and this release fixes an incompatibility experienced by some users introduced by that update.  New features include profile importing into Kunena 1.6RC3, in addition to Kunena 1.5. Finally, there were numerous speed improvements throughout to let users access your site even faster!

Check out the full changelog.

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