Facebook has had an App Review process for a few years. While it's been a little tedious to explain why you want specific permissions, it has also generally been smooth sailing. Submit a request, get approval within a few days (or even hours). Done.

That all changed with the Facebook privacy issues earlier this year. Now, they dig deeper and, because of a large queue of submissions, take much, much longer. JFBConnect has been updated to help with the approval process and to improve your chances of getting approved the first time. 

In April, Facebook started making many changes to their platform to improve privacy for their users. Those initial changes, and the reasons behind them, were detailed in our previous blog post, "Facebook is Changing Quickly. JFBConnect is Ready". We will be releasing an updated version of JFBConnect with an incredible amount of updates on Monday, June 4th. We are highly recommending all users upgrade to the latest release to ensure social networking continues functioning on your site.

Due to the amount of changes, we wanted to give a heads up to any administrators on what to be aware of before installation. We want the upgrade process to go as smooth as possible.

Read on for all the details and important information on upgrading.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about Cambridge Analytica and the unauthorized use of user data coming from the Facebook Platform. In response to this, Facebook is rapidly making multiple changes to their platform. JFBConnect integrates with many different social networks, but Facebook is the most used of them all. Because of that, we want to make sure all of our users are aware of the changes we know of, the actions we'll be taking, and how to make sure Facebook integration continues working as expected on your site.

At the beginning of April, Facebook implemented a change that broke authentication for many websites. We identified the change quickly and released JFBConnect v7.2.0 which fixed this problem and added some great new features we've been working like Open Graph tag improvements, more social widgets, K2, JomSocial & Kunena improvements and more. Read on for all the details.

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