Facebook for JomSocial Questions

JFBConnect provides powerful social integration for JomSocial. To see what JFBConnect offers, see the JomSocial Features Integration page. The topics below will help ensure a smooth integration between the 2 extensions.

How To Configure JomSocial When Using JFBConnect

JomSocial v3.0 adds 1-click integration with JFBConnect. To enable, navigate to the Configuration -> Facebook Connect section in JomSocial. In there, you'll find the "Use SourceCoast JFBC", as seen in the image below:


Once enabled, the social login buttons from JFBConnect will automatically be added to the JomSocial home and login pages. For JFBConnect v5.1 (available in late August 2013) or higher, Facebook and Google+ login buttons will be added. For JFBConnect v5.0 or lower, only the Facebook login button will added.

How to Configure JFBConnect for JomSocial

Once JFBConnect integration with JomSocial has been enabled, you need to setup JFBConnect's integration. There are a lot more options available for user regsitration and login when using JFBConnect, giving you maximum flexibility over registration flow on your website. If you haven't already, you should go through the full JFBConnect Configuration Guide, specifically the section on User Configuration.

After JFBConnect is configured, you can customize the JomSocial profile integration features. The following steps will guide you through the process:

  • Enable the Social Profiles - JomSocial plugin in the Joomla Plugin Manager
  • Navigate to JFBConnect -> Profiles in the administrator area of your website
  • You will see settings like below. Each setting has a tooltip explaining the functionality.

JomSocial Facebook Configuration

JomSocial 2.8 (Or Lower) Instructions

Should I use JomSocial's Facebook integration when using JFBConnect?

No. Facebook sends information to your site while a user is connected. There should only be one Facebook Connect extension running on your site to receive these messages, or else problems can arise. When using JFBConnect, you should disable JomSocial's Facebook Integration by removing the API/Secret keys from the "Facebook Connect" tab in their configuration area. 

How Do I Use JFBConnect's "Login With Facebook" Button in JomSocial?

This question is usually asked when by users who want to add the "Login With Facebook" button to the JomSocial homepage. If you want to add the button to a different page, the steps below still apply, but you will need to find the correct template file.

Main JomSocial Landing Page

The landing page for JomSocial, when a user is not logged in, is generate by the frontpage.guests.php template file. To add JFBConnect's "Login With Facebook" button to this file:

  • Edit /components/com_community/templates/<YOUR JS TEMPLATE>/frontpage.guests.php
  • Add the text {JFBCLogin} wherever you want the Login With Facebook button to appear

A good spot is directly below the following line (toward the bottom of the file, where JomSocial normally places it's Facebook login button):

<?php echo $fbHtml;?> 

JomSocial Registration Page

Another common page to add the Login With Facebook button is the main registration page. To do so, edit /components/com_community/templates/<YOUR JS TEMPLATE>/register.index.php 

You can add the {JFBCLogin} text anywhere, but a good recommendation is at the top right before the table that starts the registration form, or at the bottom (where JomSocial puts it's Login With Facebook button) after the $fbHtml text.

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