Facebook for Kunena Questions

Have an issue with Facebook integration into Kunena? Look here for the most common support questions.

How to integrate Social Logins into Kunena

Using JFBConnect, you can add the Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn login features into the little header area of Kunena where it says "Welcome, Guest" and shows a horizontal login form. Please use the instructions for your version of Kunena below:

Kunena 2.x/3.x

Option 1: Template modification

The result of this modification will look like:

Kunena Social Login - Inline

1) Edit the file /components/com_kunena/template/blue_eagle/html/common/login.php
2) At line 61, after the </form> shown below, add the following line with {JFBCLogin}

         <?php endif; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
{JFBCLogin} *** ADD THIS LINE *** </td>


Option 2: Custom HTML Module

This method will put the Social Login buttons on the right side of the login area. It's easier to implement, but may not look as good with all website layouts and Kunena templates:

Kunena Social Network Login

1) In the admin area, go to the Joomla Module Manager.
2) Click "New"
3) For module type, select 'Custom HTML'.
4) For the Position parameter, type in "kunena_profilebox". This position will not show up in the "Select Position" dialog, it must be typed!
5) In the Custom Output editor area, simply add the Easy-Tag below, along with any other text you may want to show:


6) Publish the module and ensure that it's set to display on all menu items.

Note: (Joomla 2.5 only) It's recommended to set the Access parameter to one that will only be displayed to "Public" (Guests). This access level does not exist in Joomla by default, but can be created by going to Users -> Access Levels. That will 'hide' the module when logged in. 

Kunena 1.6/1.7

1) Edit the file /components/com_kunena/template/default/loginbox/login.php
2) At line 58, add the {JFBCLogin} tag below (I left the 2 lines above it so you can make sure you're at the right spot)

   <?php echo JHTML::_ ( 'form.token' ); ?>

This will add the Login with Facebook button directly next to the normal Login button. Please note, these instructions are for the default Kunena template, and may be slightly different for a different template, or a modified default one.

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