JFBConnect offers multiple methods for letting users register on your Joomla site with different social network providers. Options include an automatic process where the user's account is automatically created or a mini-registration mode where the user can select a username, password or other optional profile data to use on your site.

Login/Logout Settings

The "Login / Logout" configuration area provides multiple settings to control the user experience when registering or logging into your site. This section controls things like where a user should be redirected after logging in, if they should be automatically logged in when visiting your site, or if a popup message notifying them that a login is in process.

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Auto Account Creation

With automatic registration when new users sign up on your site, a username will automatically be assigned to them; their email address and full name will be imported from the social network, such as Facebook or Twitter, that they are logging in from. Additional options include the ability to generate a password for the user, configure the automatic username that is created, and whether email activation is still required.

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Mini Registration

New users registering with a social network will be presented with a 'Mini Registration' page which asks for some information, but is generally less than the normal process on your site would be. This is because JFBConnect can automatically generate some values (username, password) or import profile information (email address, location, etc). You, the admin, can choose what information the user can customize when registering.

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Login Button

The Social Login buttons are what powers the single-sign on functionality of JFBConnect, making social network login for Joomla a simple task for your users. As with the rest of JFBConnect, we've given you the power to integrate this button in numerous, extremely simple ways to fit your site's design and function.

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Customize Login Button

JFBConnect allows you to customize the social network login buttons. By default, JFBConnect provides an icon button for each social network and a bigger button with the icon and social network name. However, sometimes these don't fit in well with the theme of your site and it's now easier to replace these files. By taking advantage of this mechanism, any changes made to your login buttons will persist through upgrade of JFBConnect installations.

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User Map

The User Map area is where you can see the connections that users have made on your site between their Joomla account and the social networks that JFBConnect supports.

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