Login/Logout Settings

The "Login / Logout" configuration area provides multiple settings to control the user experience when registering or logging into your site. This section controls things like where a user should be redirected after logging in, if they should be automatically logged in when visiting your site, or if a popup message notifying them that a login is in process.

Login Redirection Settings

The settings below control where the user is redirected to after initial registration or after returning and logging into your site. In both cases, the first option in the selection drop-down is 'Same Page'. If 'Same Page' is selected, the user will be returned to the page they originally clicked the social network login button from.

New User Redirection:

This is the location where the user will be redirected to on initial registration with a social network. All subsequent log-in redirections are set through the Returning User Redirection setting. This is useful for a "New User Welcome" page or to send the new users to the JFBCRequest module (if installed) to invite their friends.

Returning User Redirection:

Set this to the location where the user will be redirected to when they return to your site and login again.


Set this option to specify whether the social login buttons will be shown on the Joomla user login page.

Redirection Troubleshooting:

  • Please note that these two redirection settings are related to creating users and logging in with social network credentials only.
  • If you are using the SCLogin module and want to redirect after a normal Joomla user is logged in, please use the SCLogin module parameters > Login View Settings > 'Joomla Login Redirection URL' setting.
  • If you want to redirect after logout with the SCLogout module, use the SCLogin parameters > Logout View Settings > 'Joomla Logout Redirect URL' settings. This setting should be used regardless of if the user is logged in via a normal Joomla user or logged in via social network credentials.
  • There may be 3rd party extensions on your site that may interfere or override redirection on user login. Please review your System, User and Authentication plugin settings if you encounter any errors on user creation and login.

Facebook Login Settings

Auto Login Facebook Users:

When enabled, if a user returns to your site who is currently logged into Facebook and has already connected that Facebook account to your Joomla site, they will be automatically logged in.

Logout of Joomla Only:

Set this option to specify whether a logged in user will be logged out of both Joomla and Facebook.com or just Joomla only when they choose to log out of your site.

Show "Logging In" popup:

Set this option to specify whether to show a popup notifying the user that the login process is occurring.

Show "LogIn Credentials" in Popup:

Set this option to specify whether to show the login credentials in a popup or to be redirected to the social network to login.

Facebook Login Settings Troubleshooting:

  • Some users have reported issues with the Login Credentials being shown in a popup on mobile. Please try setting "Show 'Login Credentials' in popup" for mobile if you encounter this issue.