Auto Account Creation

With automatic registration when new users sign up on your site, a username will automatically be assigned to them; their email address and full name will be imported from the social network, such as Facebook or Twitter, that they are logging in from. Additional options include the ability to generate a password for the user, configure the automatic username that is created, and whether email activation is still required.

To enable the Automatic Registration process, in the "User" section of the "General" configuration tab, set the "Enable Automatic Registration" parameter to 'Yes'. Below is a description of the other settings available in this mode:

Automatically Link Users by Email

Enabling this setting will automatically connect a new user to an existing user on your Joomla site if their email addresses match their social network email. This is great for sites with lots of existing Joomla users to make adding Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks a smooth process.

If the email address is already taken in the system, the user will be directed to the "Mini Registration" page where they can choose to login to an existing account or to create a new account with a different email address. In this case, a blank email address field will be shown for the user to manually enter a new email address, regardless of the Email Field on Registration setting. If the user then tries to enter the taken email address, an error will be shown to the user to enter a new valid email address.

Skip Joomla User Activation

This setting allows additional control for User Activation. If you have enabled new user account activation in Joomla (in the User Manager - Options), enabling skip here will automatically activate all new social network users. If set to No here, then the New User Account Activation setting in the User Manager Options will be used for all new social network users. 

Auto Username Prefix

When automatic registration is used, a Joomla account is automatically created for your users. This setting lets you control what the username will be for each user as follows:

  • fb_, g_ - This will create a username like fb_12345 or g_12345 where fb or g is the social network used (Facebook or Google) and the number is the user's unique social network ID.
  • first.last - The user's first and last name will be combined with a period. For example, John Smith's username would be "john.smith". If a user already exists on the site with the same username, a number will appended to the end, like "john.smith123".
  • firlas - The user's first and last name will be abbreviated to create a 6 character username. For example, John Smith's username would be "johsmi". Again, if that username already exists, a number will be appended to the end, like "johsmi123".
  • email - The user's email address will be set as their username as well. We generally recommend against using this setting as it can make your user's email address very public as many Joomla extensions will show the user's username.
Generate Random Password

When Automatic Registration is selected, JFBConnect can automatically generate a password for the Joomla user that will be created. The automatically generated username and password will then be mailed to the user on account creation. On return visits, the user can either use these account credentials or their social network credentials to log in to the site. 

Generated Password Length

When "Generate Random Password" is enabled, use this option to specify the minimum length that the generated password will be.

Send New User Email

Choose whether to send the new user email / welcome email to the user.

New User Registration Groups

Select the Joomla user groups that the new user will be added to upon registering. Multiple groups may be selected here.