Ever Want to Charge For Features on Your Site?


Pay2Upgrade For Joomla!We often get proposals from clients that go like this, "We found components a, b, and c which contains all the features v, w, x, y, and z that we need on our site. Can you implement this? Oh, by the way, we need to charge users for features w, y and z."

Almost always, the component does not contain any sort of payment system for upgrades, and our response is, "We can do it, but it will take time and money." Soon, that will be a phrase of the past.

SourceCoast will be launching our next big component shortly, PayToUpgrade. What will this component do? Take the following scenerio involving core Joomla components (Articles and Users) as well as Mosets HotProperty:

* User Joe creates an account on site.

* Joe creates a property in HotProperty. Usually, this would then go to the admin for approval.

* Instead, Joe is offered to automatically publish his property for $10.

* After that, your site offers Joe a way to promote his property by writing an article about it. First, Joe must upgrade himself to be an Author on your site, for $2.

* Joe's now an Author and writes his article using the front-end article editing features.

* When done, he can automatically publish his article, for just $5.

* After publishing, Joe is given the great option to promote his article to the front page for just $15!

All of the prices and options are configurable. Each can be enabled or disabled on your system at will. Payment and upgrades are automatic. Monetizing your site is about to became a whole lot easier.

We are currently seeking beta testers. If you have a feature on your site that you've always wanted to charge for, we want to know. We have multiple upgrade plugins ready to go, but want more, and would like your feedback in this development process. Please use contact us for more information!

Alex Andreae

Alex co-founded SourceCoast Web Development in 2008. Based in sunny Florida, SourceCoast develops extensions for integrating your Joomla powered website with popular social networks. He has spoken at more than a dozen Joomla User Groups and Joomla Days, including the Joomla World Conference in both 2012 and 2013. Topics have included social networking for Joomla, running a business around Joomla extensions, and Joomla development.

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