Kunena Facebook Integration

Kunena is an excellent forum for Joomla. To get the discussion really going, you need social integration. By adding social network integration to Kunena, you'll be adding a way for users to sign-up to your site more quickly while automatically setting their avatar and profile information. No more empty profiles or default avatars. Make your Kunena discussions come alive using Facebook and other social networks. 

Social Registration and Login for Kunena

By using social integration from JFBConnect, when users click the Login with Facebook (or other social providers) buttons, they can be immediately logged in. No separate usernames and passwords to remember for your site, just easy access.

With our easy to use interface, you'll be able to select exactly how their initial profile is filled out using information from their social network.


No Activation Required

No one wants spammers on their site, so it's common to require email activation. That's one extra step that's slowing down real users from posting in your forums and engaging on your site.

JFBConnect offers flexibility that's perfect for Kunena. With JFBConnect, you can skip activation and immediately log in users who are registering through social networks. Users from social networks have already had email checks and countless other spam-checks by Facebook and other social providers themselves, so more checks on your site aren't required. You can still require activation for Joomla registrations, so you get the best of both worlds!

Easy Integration

JFBConnect comes with our Enhanced Joomla Login Module, which makes adding social logins extremely easy. Simply replace your existing login module with the SCLogin module and you'll get improved styles, horizontal layouts, and modal login popups to choose from.

Facebook Kunena Login

Additionally, you can easily add the "Login with Facebook" button to your Kunena template in a few easy steps.

Kunena Facebook Login

Tailor Social Integration to your Joomla Site

Want an automatic registration process where the username, password and profile are automatically imported? No problem.

Want to give the user more flexibility to set their own username or maybe edit their profile during registration? You can do that too.


JFBConnect lets you choose between a 1-click registration process, where, once a social user logs in, their Joomla and Kunena user is created automatically. This option is great for breaking down any hurdles for registering on your site and automatically logging the user in quickly with no forms, while still getting information from their social profile into Kunena.

Alternatively, you can enable a short registration form where a minimal amount of information is asked from the user (username, password, and any other fields in Kunena that can't be imported from social networks) while automatically grabbing additional information from social networks (email, interests, etc).

With these 2 options, you can customize your registration process for what works best on your site.

Open Graph Tags for Kunena

Describe your Kunena topics to Facebook and other social providers. By setting the Open Graph title, description and image for each topic, when it's shared on Facebook, you'll get larger visibility and more engagement. JFBConnect can help you set these tags automatically while having flexibility to custom set tags for each topic or page on your site.

Other Non-Kunena Related Features

A quick list of other benefits you'll have by using JFBConnect:

  • It just works! JFBConnect has been focused on social integration for Joomla for more than 4 years, and is used on thousands of sites for just that purpose. It's not a bullet-point feature, it's what we do!
  • All the social widgets: Like, Comments, Page Plugin, Recommendations, etc
  • Automatic social buttons in Joomla Content or K2 Articles - Add FB Like, Comment box, Google +1, LinkedIn Share, and Twitter Share to all your content!
  • Invite-a-friend functionality that works!
  • Open Graph Tags to describe each page of your site when shared on Facebook
  • Open Graph Actions to automatically posting activity to a user's Facebook Timeline