VirtueMart Facebook Integration

VirtueMart With Facebook Registration Form

With JFBConnect, it's simple to add a social network registration option to your VirtueMart site for your users. This reduces your registration form length by automatically importing information from the user's Facebook profile, like name, email, location, company name, and even interests like movies and books. Using JFBConnect, you'll get even more information about your prospective users without having to worry about scaring them off when they see your registration requirements.

Registration through Social Networks for VirtueMart

To add social registration to VirtueMart, all you need is to use JFBConnect's simple configuration area to setup how you want your registration flow to work; no hacking of VirtueMart core files required!

The following settings are available to let you customize the registration form how you want, by setting up which field will be fetched automatically from each social network, along with options to hide any fields automatically imported as well as showing extra VirtueMart fields that aren't automatically mapped into. With these options, you have the ability to make the VirtueMart registration form as short (or long) as you want it to be!

VirtueMart <-> Social field mapping: This section shows all VirtueMart text-type fields which information from each social network can be automatically imported into. Simply use the drop-down next to each field to select what social field should be imported into the VirtueMart field.
Show only required fields: When disabled, all fields marked for display during registration in VirtueMart will be show to the user. This let's the user fill out their profile more completely, but makes the overall form longer.
Prefill or hide fields imported from Facebook during registration: When set to Prefill, the VirtueMart registration fields will be displayed with their social profile information already filled in according to the mapping above. When set to hide, these fields will be hidden, making the overall form shorter, but the user will not be able to change the information imported from the social network.


Facebook Likes, Comments, and other Social Widgets in VirtueMart

JFBConnect contains all of the social widgets, which lets you easily add Facebook Like buttons, Comment boxes, other social widgets, or any other Facebook integration to your VirtueMart products. You can easily add any of the social widgets using standard Joomla modules to your pages or menu items, or add our easy-tags ({JFBCLike}, {JFBCComments}, {SCTwitterShare}, etc) to your product details or VirtueMart template files.