The Comments plugin lets users comment on any page of your site.

Multiple Ways to Include Facebook Comments in Joomla

The Facebook comment box is a great way to get a conversation going on your site, and get more of your visitors friends to come to the Joomla site. Additionally, using JFBConnect's Open Graph for Joomla, you can customize the title, description and image that shows up in the user's wall when they comment.

Adding comment boxes is a very important way of getting your site recognized and attracting new visitors, and that's why JFBConnect makes adding comment functionality to any Joomla page, content or not, a breeze!

JFBConnect providers multiple ways to include the buttons, as described here.

  • Automatically Add to Articles
  • Add any module to any template position
  • Embed the button with {JFBCComments} or {JFBCCommentsCount} Easy-Tags

An Email For Each New Comment

Want to stay on top of the comments posted on your site? With JFBConnect, you can easily specify one, or many, email addresses that should be notified whenever a new comment is posted, along with a link to the page the comment was posted on.

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