JFBConnect provides multiple ways to let your users push content back to social networks with Facebook Likes and Comments, Twitter sharing, Pinterest sharing and other features. Additional social features let you integrate content from your social networks into your site, like Facebook Page streams.

Content Plugin

The JFBConnect Content plugin adds options to automatically add the Facebook Like, Pinterest, LinkedIn Share and Twitter Share social sharing buttons and the Facebook Comments box to your Joomla articles or K2 Items. You'll be able to control the location, categories, and display options from an easy to use interface.

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Social Network Modules

JFBConnect installs many modules for sharing or integrating social features from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more into your Joomla site. This section provides information and a demonstration of each of these modules.

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Easy Tags

Easy Tags is JFBConnect's method to let you easily add social features anywhere on your site, like articles, your template, a sidebar or 3rd party extension, through tags like {JFBCLike}. Once inserted, JFBConnect will automatically replace the tags with their social network sharing feature, for example, the Like button.

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