JFBConnect v9 Upgrade Guide

If you've previously installed JFBConnect on your site and are upgrading to JFBConnect v9, these instructions provide up-to-date information on steps to take to ensure a smooth upgrade.

Facebook Consumer vs Facebook Business

In JFBConnect v8 and lower, there was only one Facebook configuration area. That section took your Facebook Application API and Secret key and all users that authenticated logged into that application.

Starting in 2019, Facebook started separating the App creation process into "Consumer" and "Business" apps with different features. JFBConnect v9 now boths supports both of these types of apps. You can choose to use both or each individually based on your integration needs. The features of each are:

Facebook Consumer Apps Provide:

  • Full user authentication and profile import. A consumer app allows for additional profile information to be imported from Facebook.
  • Social widgets, including the Like & Share buttons, Facebook Comments, LikeBox and other tools
  • Posting content to an admin's Facebook profile page

Facebook Business Apps Provide:

  • Basic user authentication and profile import. A limited set of profile information is available for each user.
  • Posting content and displaying the feed from Facebook Pages and Groups
  • Facebook Page Tab support for showing your website within your Facebook Page

Steps to Upgrade Facebook

  1. If you already had Facebook integration enabled on your site, continue to use the same API/Secret keys in the "Facebook" configuration area. 
    1. Facebook user IDs are specific to each application. Do not create a new application for the 'Facebook' configuration area or existing users will need to re-register and authenticate their accounts.
    2. If your current Facebook Application is a 'business' type, continue to use it. In the Facebook Developer area, we recommend contacting Facebook to request changing your Business app to a Consumer app.
  2. If you need any features from the Facebook Business section above, you will need to create another Facebook Application. The steps are similar to the consumer version of Facebook with the exception of choosing a "Business" app type. For full details, view the setup guide for Facebook Business Apps. Please make sure to follow the steps for redirect URI in the setup guide. The Redirect URI is different for Facebook Consumer versus Facebook Business.
    1. Enter your new API/Secret key into the Facebook Business configuration area of JFBConnect
    2. If you previously had any Facebook Channels setup to post to or fetch feeds from Groups or Pages, you will need to reconfigure those and re-authenticate with your Facebook account to the new Business App you created. 

Additional Social Networks

JFBConnect v9 comes packaged with Facebook, Facebook Business, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google social network integration. If you previously used other networks not included, you will need to:

  • Download the additional social network plugins from the "My Downloads" section of our site.
  • Install each social network plugin on your site using the Extension Manager.
  • Enable the plugin(s).
  • Check the Providers configuration area of JFBConnect to make sure your previous settings are still configured properly.

If your subscription to JFBConnect has expired and you have purchased a new subscription for JFBConnect v9, you will need to separately purchase the add-ons for any additional social networks you wish to integrate with.