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JFBConnect v9.1.76
JFBConnect v9.1.55
JFBConnect v9.0.244
JFBConnect v9.0.215
JFBConnect v9.0.197
JFBConnect v9.0.192
JFBConnect v9.0.190
JFBConnect v9.0.181
JFBConnect v9.0.170
JFBConnect v9.0.152
JFBConnect v9.0.150
JFBConnect v9.0.138
JFBConnect v9.0.134.RC2
JFBConnect v9.0.118.RC1
JFBConnect v9.0.47beta
JFBConnect v9.0.40beta
JFBConnect v9.0.33beta
JFBConnect v9.0.25beta
JFBConnect v8.4.6
JFBConnect v8.4.4
JFBConnect v8.4.3
JFBConnect v8.4.2
JFBConnect v8.4.1
JFBConnect v8.4.0
JFBConnect v8.3.2
JFBConnect v8.3.1
JFBConnect v8.3.0
JFBConnect v8.2.3
JFBConnect v8.2.2
JFBConnect v8.2.0
JFBConnect v8.1.0
JFBConnect v8.0.6
JFBConnect v8.0.5
JFBConnect v8.0.4
JFBConnect v8.0.3
JFBConnect v8.0.2
JFBConnect v8.0.1
JFBConnect v8.0.0
JFBConnect v7.2.6
JFBConnect v7.2.5
JFBConnect v7.2.4
JFBConnect v7.2.3
JFBConnect v7.2.2
JFBConnect v7.2.1
JFBConnect v7.2.0
JFBConnect v7.1.2
JFBConnect v7.1.1
JFBConnect v7.1.0
JFBConnect v7.0.4
JFBConnect v7.0.3
JFBConnect v7.0.2
JFBConnect v7.0.1
JFBConnect v7.0.0
JFBConnect v6.5.3
JFBConnect v6.5.2
JFBConnect v6.5.1
JFBConnect v6.4.2
JFBConnect v6.4.1
JFBConnect v6.4.0
JFBConnect v6.3.0
JFBConnect v6.2.4
JFBConnect v6.2.3
JFBConnect v6.2.2
JFBConnect v6.2.1
JFBConnect v6.2.0
JFBConnect v6.1.2
JFBConnect v6.1.1
JFBConnect v6.1.0
JFBConnect v6.0.6
JFBConnect v6.0.5
JFBConnect v6.0.4
JFBConnect v6.0.3
JFBConnect v6.0.2
JFBConnect v6.0.1
JFBConnect v5.2.2
JFBConnect v5.2.1
JFBConnect v5.2.0
JFBConnect v5.1.2
JFBConnect v5.1.1
JFBConnect v5.1.0
JFBConnect v5.0.2
JFBConnect v5.0.1
JFBConnect v5.0.0
JFBConnect v4.3.4
JFBConnect v4.3.3
JFBConnect v4.3.2
JFBConnect v4.3.1
JFBConnect v4.3.0
JFBConnect v4.2.5
JFBConnect v4.2.4
JFBConnect v4.2.3
JFBConnect v4.2.2
JFBConnect v4.2.1
JFBConnect v4.2.0
JFBConnect v4.1.2
JFBConnect v4.1.1
JFBConnect v4.1
JFBConnect v4.0.3
JFBConnect v4.0.2
JFBConnect v4.0.1
JFBConnect v4.0
JomSocial Plugin v3.4.2
JFBConnect v3.4.1
JFBConnect v3.4.0
Community Builder v3.3.2
JFBConnect v3.3.1
JFBConnect v3.3.0
JFBConnect v3.3RC1
JomSocial Profile Plugin
JFBConnect v3.2.1
Kunena Profile Plugin
JFBConnect v3.2
JomSocial Plugin v3.1.1
Kunena Plugin v3.1.1
JFBComments v3.1.1
JFBConnect v3.1.2
JFBConnect v3.1.1
JFBConnect v3.1.0
JFBConnect v3.0.3
Plugins / Modules
JFBConnect v3.0.2
JFBConnect v3.0.1
JFBConnect v3.0.0
JFBConnect v3.0RC2
JFBConnect v3.0RC1

JFBConnect v9.1.76 for Joomla 4.X/5.X (03/05/2024)

  • Enh: SCLogin - Passkey login (jfbconnect-2446)
  • Enh: Login / Register view - show password for existing users, minimum requirements for new users (jfbconnect-2378)
  • Enh: Administrator - Toggle Inline Help in administrator area (jfbconnect-2452)
  • Bug Fix: Twitter - Fix exception on refresh_token call after 2 hours causing Unauthorized error (jfbconnect-2449)
  • Bug Fix: Twitter - Revoke token on logout (jfbconnect-2450)
  • Bug Fix: Twitter - Prevent refetching scopes on login to prevent "Something Went Wrong" (jfbconnect-2451)
  • Bug Fix: Twitter - Handle back button press from "Something Went Wrong" gracefully (jfbconnect-2446)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Multi-factor authentication for J4 broken (jfbconnect-2445)
  • Bug Fix: Autotune - Error check doesn't handle if subdirectory check if administrator not located in same subdirectory as frontend (jfbconnect-2453)
  • Bug Fix: Administrator - Dark mode - settings don't show easily (jfbconnect-2447)

JFBConnect v9.1.55 for Joomla 4.X/5.X (11/27/2023)

  • Bug Fix: Providers - Twitter OAuth2 apps fail to log in with Bad Request Token (jfbconnect-2420)
  • Bug Fix: Providers - LinkedIn - Update scopes and endpoints for OpenId access (jfbconnect-2429)
  • Bug Fix: Core - Login Redirection does not redirect to non-default languages properly (jfbconnect-2434)
  • Bug Fix: Language - Joomla 4 - Language prefix (jfbconnect-2170)
  • Bug Fix: Core - Login/Register view - privacy and terms inconsistent styling from com_users (jfbconnect-2432)
  • Bug Fix: Core - Login / Register view - form elements inconsistent with com_users (jfbconnect-2433)
  • Bug Fix: Core - Login Register view should follow com_users captcha setting (jfbconnect-2422)
  • Bug Fix: Language - Hungarian language missing language formatting strings (jfbconnect-2430)
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Deprecated Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated in openGraph.php (jfbconnect-2436)
  • Bug Fix: Core - PHP 8 Deprecated: Function strftime() is deprecated (jfbconnect-2428)
  • Bug Fix: Core - PHP 7 error for easytag str_ends_with (jfbconnect-2414)
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - PHP deprecation warning in Channels (jfbconnect-2425)
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - PHP deprecation warning for Open Graph plugin hasDefaultTags (jfbconnect-2424)
  • Bug Fix: Channels - Channels - Error on edit channels if provider plugin is disabled (jfbconnect-2438)
  • Bug Fix: Administration Area - Admin - Meta spacing (jfbconnect-2421, jfbconnect-2398)
  • Bug Fix: Core - JED Checker compatibility (jfbconnect-2331)
  • Enh: Core - Joomla 5 Support (jfbconnect-2427)
  • Enh: Core - Upgrade Bootstrap 5.3.2 (jfbconnect-2417)
  • Enh: Providers - Social login provider - image refresh for SVG and PNG (jfbconnect-2437)
  • Enh: Providers - Google: Login in popup with Identity services (jfbconnect-2149)
  • Enh: Login / Register view - add block button as option for Register and Login buttons (jfbconnect-2431)
  • Enh: Core - Loginregister Register should be a button, not input to be consistent with com_users (jfbconnect-2426)
  • Cleanup: Core - Remove Bootstrap2 support (jfbconnect-2440)

JFBConnect v9.0.244 for Joomla 3.10+ and 4.X (04/08/2023)

  • Bug Fix: OpenGraph content plugin can match/post on extra incorrect objects, found on multilingual site (jfbconnect-2401)
  • Bug Fix: Twitter authentication - error "0 Class "JFBConnectUtilites" not found" (jfbconnect-2409)
  • Bug Fix: Twitter authentication - token issues with standalone apps - Call to a member function getStatusCode() on bool (jfbconnect-2411)
  • Bug Fix: Fix Exception with Joomla 4 redirection for alias menu item (jfbconnect-2396)
  • Bug Fix: Display dates in the admin area in server time (jfbconnect-2405)
  • Bug Fix: JFBConnect including Bootstrap css file even though Include Bootstrap option is set to None (jfbconnect-2408)
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 4 - Limit JFBConnect on Joomla 4 to only include Bootstrap 5 (jfbconnect-2400)
  • Bug Fix: PHP 8 Deprecation notices (jfbconnect-2395)
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Cannot redirect user to a registration form of some EasySocial profiles (jfbconnect-2392)
  • Bug Fix: Social Meta - Meta Configuration Settings - sort skip components by Display Name (not extension name) (jfbconnect-2397)
  • Bug Fix: Social Meta - Meta Configuration Settings - skip components width (jfbconnect-2398)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Show Forgot Username / Password styling and element classes (jfbconnect-2403)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Bootstrap 5 buttons and borders shouldn't be transparent (jfbconnect-2404)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - FontAwesome icons don't show up on Joomla 3 if Bootstrap 5 enabled in JFBConnect (jfbconnect-2407)
  • Enh: Upgrade to Graph v16 (jfbconnect-2367)

JFBConnect v9.0.215 for Joomla 3.9+ and 4.X (09/07/2022)

  • Bug Fix: Core - Registration view shows social login buttons even if Social Registration is disabled (jfbconnect-2365)
  • Bug Fix: Core - User language not set during automatic registration (jfbconnect-2389)
  • Bug Fix: Channels - Facebook Channel Group does not set limit of group list (jfbconnect-2387)
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Social Profiles - EasySocial points duplicated on user registration with JFBConnect (jfbconnect-2376)
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Meta Configuration > Skip Components not selected properly after saving (jfbconnect-2386)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - CSS doesn't work with new multiple modal fix (jfbconnect-2361)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Show password button width wiggles when toggling state (jfbconnect-2368)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Forgot buttons not vertically aligned (jfbconnect-2369)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Remember Me incorrectly set if Hide Unchecked is selected (jfbconnect-2370)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Login Modal Popup on Mobile devices in Portrait mode - does not fit on screen (jfbconnect-2372)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Inputs without forgot buttons have a flat edge (jfbconnect-2375)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Avatar fetching causes "Empty oauth2 access token" error (jfbconnect-2388)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - "Show the 'Show Password' button" setting not respected in Joomla 4 (jfbconnect-2390)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - User Menu - Menu item alias broken for Joomla 4 (jfbconnect-2363)
  • Enh: Providers - Facebook Graph API 13/14 changes (jfbconnect-2364)
  • Enh: Core - Social Button alignment in Joomla login / register views (jfbconnect-2366)
  • Enh: SCLogin - Add style classes for forgot buttons (jfbconnect-2367)
  • Misc: Widgets - Remove deprecated FB save button (jfbconnect-2382)

JFBConnect v9.0.197 for Joomla 3.9+ and 4.X (02/01/2022)

  • Bug Fix: Open Graph, PHP 8 and Joomla 4 - "Cannot access offset of type string on string" php error (jfbconnect-2362)

JFBConnect v9.0.192 for Joomla 3.9+ and 4.X (12/7/2021)

  • Bug Fix: Uninstalling a provider deletes entire SourceCoast media directory (jfbconnect-2357)
  • Enh: Pinterest Authenticate and Profile import with v5 Beta API (jfbconnect-2356)

JFBConnect v9.0.190 for Joomla 3.9+ and 4.X (11/23/2021)

  • Bug Fix: JFBCLogin easy-tag doesn't work if Facebook provider plugin disabled (jfbconnect-2353)
  • Bug Fix: JFBConnect appends JFBCSocialShare div to all pages even if JFBCSocialShare module is not enabled (jfbconnect-2355)
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 4 - Open Graph content articles don’t get proper tags set (jfbconnect-2350)
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 4 - Open Graph category objects getCategories exception thrown (jfbconnect-2351)
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 4 - Open Graph content plugin sets incorrect images for intro and full images (jfbconnect-2352)
  • Bug Fix: Strict order of parameters for implode statement in PHP 8.0+ (jfbconnect-2346)
  • Bug Fix: JFBConnect Backend > Providers - PHP exception in backend provider area for configuring each provider (jfbconnect-2348)
  • Bug Fix: JFBConnect Backend > Providers - Enabling plugin from backend doesn’t work if caching enabled (jfbconnect-2349)
  • Bug Fix: JFBConnect Backend > Providers - Autotune toolbar button doesn't launch from Providers submenu (jfbconnect-2354)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Fixes for Joomla 3 styles on sites without JFBConnect installed (jfbconnect-2343)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Fixes for Joomla 3 modal popup (jfbconnect-2344)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Remove .sourcecoast namespace from .modal-backdrop for modal styles (jfbconnect-2345)

JFBConnect v9.0.181 for Joomla 3.X and 4.X (10/21/2021)

  • Bug Fix: Installation / Providers - Remove deprecated JFBConnect files on upgrade of JFBC8.x to JFBC9.x that may cause error for some provider plugins (jfbconnect-2334)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - SCLogin doesn't respect JFBConnect's bootstrap loading parameter (jfbconnect-2336)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - user dropdown menu doesn't pop up properly in Joomla 4 (jfbconnect-2339)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - add unique IDs to each element (jfbconnect-2337)
  • Bug Fix: Update links for information on providers in JFBConnect backend (jfbconnect-2340)
  • Bug Fix: Social Login - New User and Returning User Redirection to menu items causes error in Joomla 4 (jfbconnect-2335)
  • Bug Fix: Providers - Google import error forJoomla\Registry\Registry::loadArray() (jfbconnect-2333)
  • Bug Fix: Providers - Azure provider returns avatar link that results in 401 Unauthorized in beta (jfbconnect-2341)

JFBConnect v9.0.170 for Joomla 3.X and 4.X (09/17/2021)

  • Bug Fix: Class 'Route' not found error in Frontend Account View page (jfbconnect-2328)
  • Bug Fix: Channels - LinkedIn channel exception for "Too few arguments to function JFBConnectUtilities::getResponseBody()..." (jfbconnect-2319)
  • Bug Fix: Channels - LinkedIn not retrieving company name properly in SCSocialStream (jfbconnect-2321)
  • Bug Fix: Channels - LinkedIn "Link to Post" incorrect in SCSocialStream (jfbconnect-2322)
  • Bug Fix: Channels - LinkedIn "Empty oauth2 access token" error on frontend SCSocialStream (jfbconnect-2323)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - jfbcJQuery is not defined error if JFBConnect not installed (jfbconnect-2325)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin modal render styles conflict with some templates (jfbconnect-2326)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin pointing to incorrect bootstrap css file with move from BS4 to BS5 (jfbconnect-2327)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - default theme padding causes social buttons to go off modal in Bootstrap 5 (jfbconnect-2330)
  • JED Checker compatibility

JFBConnect v9.0.152 for Joomla 3.X and 4.X (08/26/2021)

  • Bug Fix: Curl fatal exception on PHP v7.1 and earlier versions of PHP (jfbconnect-2317)

JFBConnect v9.0.150 for Joomla 3.X and 4.X (08/24/2021)

  • Enh: Facebook Embedded Comments - deprecated. Remove by 9/6/2021 (jfbconnect-2312)
  • Enh: Facebook Quote Plugin - Deprecated. Remove 9/6/2021 (jfbconnect-2313)
  • Bug Fix: Update Instagram oEmbed graph version (jfbconnect-2315)
  • Bug Fix: Compatibility with JED Version Check Tool (jfbconnect-2316)

JFBConnect v9.0.138 for Joomla 3.X and 4.X (08/16/2021)

  • Bug Fix: Facebook doesn't log in properly with Show Login Credentials in popup with Joomla 4 (jfbconnect-2310)
  • Bug Fix: Facebook Business provider missing avatar in channel streams (jfbconnect-2309)

JFBConnect v9.0.134.RC2 for Joomla 3.X and 4.X (08/02/2021)

  • Compatibility with Joomla 4 RC 5
  • Enh: Move Google, Twitter and LinkedIn Providers into base JFBConnect package
  • Enh: Styling: Overview area (jfbconnect-2304)
  • Enh: Styling: Providers dashboard listing (jfbconnect-2308)
  • Enh: Move provider language strings to provider plugin language file instead of component (jfbconnect-2301)
  • Enh: Providers - Azure Photo support for beta API (jfbconnect-2204)
  • Bug Fix: Amazon Login buttons may be missing or duplicated with AmazonPay plugin (jfbconnect-2306)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - sourcecoast theme doesn't have enough spacing between elements (jfbconnect-2307)
  • Bug Fix: Styling: Joomla 4 Profile mapping area styling (jfbconnect-2188)
  • Bug Fix: Styling: Revamp Social Meta area for Joomla 4 (jfbconnect-2191, jfbconnect-2192)
  • Bug Fix: [High Priority] Facebook Channel created with 8.x can throw an error when 9.x is installed (jfbconnect-2305)

JFBConnect v9.0.118.RC1 for Joomla 3.X and 4.X (07/12/2021)

  • Enh: Joomla 4 - Compatibility with Joomla 4 RC 3 (jfbconnect-2258)
  • Enh: Joomla 4 - Upgrade Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5 css (jfbconnect-2257)
  • Enh: Joomla 4 - Upgrade FontAwesome to 5.15.3 (jfbconnect-2280)
  • Enh: Joomla 4 - Update SCLogin themes for CSS and Joomla 4 changes (jfbconnect-2299)
  • Enh: Joomla 4 - Limit JFBConnect on Joomla 4 to only include Bootstrap 5 (jfbconnect-2300)
  • Enh: Facebook - multiple apps for Business Mode or Consumer Mode (jfbconnect-2185)
  • Enh: Facebook - Update Facebook Graph API version (jfbconnect-2286)
  • Enh: Channels - Show test feeds even if channel is unpublished (jfbconnect-2287)
  • Enh: Install - Automatically enable Facebook and Facebook Business providers from 8.4.6 upgrade (jfbconnect-2263)
  • Enh: Install - update minimum required version of Joomla (jfbconnect-2266)
  • Enh: Admin - Rearrange submenus (jfbconnect-2259)
  • Enh: Admin Provider Menu - All available social providers (jfbconnect-2262)
  • Enh: Admin Provider Menu - Add submenu for Facebook (jfbconnect-2261)
  • Bug Fix: Install - Version check on installation of JFBConnect provider plugins for JFBConnect v9.x and above (jfbconnect-2239)
  • Bug Fix: Install - Provider plugins cannot be uninstalled if JFBConnect is removed first (jfbconnect-2249)
  • Bug Fix: Install - Uninstall on Joomla 4 has errors/missing language strings (jfbconnect-2289)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Register button color for sourcecoast theme hard to see (jfbconnect-2238)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - remember input element tag closed too early (jfbconnect-2240)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Two-Factor Authentication broken with 3.9.27 release (jfbconnect-2247)
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - PHP Deprecation notice displayed during OTP check if Error Reporting set to Development (jfbconnect-2251)
  • Bug Fix: Autotune - Facebook App site url recommendation is http (jfbconnect-2293)
  • Bug Fix: Facebook - Fix Facebook Page Tab throwing an error getType on null (jfbconnect-2241)
  • Bug Fix: Facebook - PHP warning in base_facebook.php (jfbconnect-2275)
  • Bug Fix: Provider - Allow providers to execute custom code onBeforeRender. Fixes Facebook Page Tab PHP exception. (jfbconnect-2283)
  • Bug Fix: Provider - Azure AD tenant ID in OAuth (jfbconnect-2243)
  • Bug Fix: Channel - Prevent caching of stream in admin area (jfbconnect-2288)
  • Bug Fix: Channels - Prevent authentication loops if scope not granted (jfbconnect-2290)
  • Bug Fix: Channel - show warning in admin area when FB post is skipped in preview for privacy (jfbconnect-2291)
  • Bug Fix: Channel - PHP exception for Twitter streams when application setup incorrect (jfbconnect-2298)
  • Bug Fix: Modules - JFBCSocialShare buttons can be unclickable (jfbconnect-2234)
  • Bug Fix: Meetup - GroupStats PHP error when group no longer accessible (jfbconnect-2297)
  • Bug Fix: User Map - PHP Deprecation Notice in Usermap List (jfbconnect-2250)
  • Bug Fix: Admin - Social Examples - provider selector not working properly (jfbconnect-2271)

JFBConnect v9.0.47beta for Joomla 3.X and 4.X (03/02/2021)

  • Bug Fix - Javascript Init should be done always instead of only if Facebook provider enabled
  • Bug Fix - Only provider plugins should cache their own list of easy-tags, instead of component, to prevent incorrect list
  • Bug Fix - JFBConnect backend and frontend should share cache
  • Bug Fix - Easy tag not removed properly if JFBConnect Provider plugins not enabled
  • Bug Fix - SCLogin version is not updated properly by build system

JFBConnect v9.0.40beta for Joomla 3.X and 4.X (02/18/2021)

  • Bug Fix: Social Stream - exception if no provider plugins enabled
  • Bug Fix: Account settings menu view may not include ItemId properly
  • Bug Fix: Channel select user popup does not display for Joomla 4 Beta 7
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin modal popup does not display for Joomla 4 Beta 7
  • Bug Fix: Exception if no provider plugins enabled
  • Bug Fix: Too few arguments to function JFBConnectProviderWidgetLogin::__construct() exception
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin modal does not respect setting to hide close button

JFBConnect v9.0.33beta for Joomla 3.X and 4.X (02/03/2021)

  • Bug Fix: Missing margin for login buttons on Joomla Login pages
  • Bug Fix: Autoloader not properly finding LinkedIn Channel class
  • Bug Fix: Azure Photo - access token error
  • Bug Fix: Windows Live - remove links to broken API links
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - fix backdrop interfering with modal display
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - fix autofocus username missing script
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - fix missing username input id for Bootstrap 2
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - not all available Connect buttons displaying
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - SourceCoast theme updates

JFBConnect v9.0.25beta for Joomla 3.X and 4.X (01/15/2021)

Major Features

  1. Joomla 4.x compatibility
  2. Bootstrap 4 compatibility
  3. Social Network Providers moved into their own plugins
  4. Remove jq-bootstrap javascript and jquery javascript to use Joomla's
  5. Facebook javascript not included unless Facebook provider plugin enabled


  • Enh: Account menu - Front end view upgraded for viewing/breaking/adding connections to a user's social networks
  • Enh: SCLogin - center option for Social Login buttons
  • Enh: SCLogin - greeting name option for first name
  • Enh: Login/Register View - button classes for provider specific styling
  • Enh: Social Widgets - Facebook Group Plugin
  • Enh: Provider - Discord - generate first and full names
  • Enh: Provider - Beta version of Pinterest OAuth2 authentication
  • Bug Fix: Autoposting - Get autopost text is hardcoded to X characters instead of using Open Graph objects
  • Bug Fix: Autoposting - incorrect URL is used for article content languages
  • Bug Fix: Provider - Discord requests updated for new API changes
  • Bug Fix: Provider - Meetup profile thumb avatar not returning correctly
  • Bug Fix: Provider - Twitch authentication failing from missing client Id in header
  • Bug Fix: Provider - Github: Deprecation notice for authentication via URL query parameters
  • Bug Fix: Provider - Windows Live: remove avatar and profile url request due to deprecated endpoints
  • Bug Fix: Provider - Azure: temporarily remove Azure avatar as it's not available on Microsoft 1.0 Graph API yet, only beta
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - change default from article to website
  • Bug Fix: Social Login - provider button classes
  • Bug Fix: JFBCSocialShare - iframe version doesn't show same count for FB likes
  • Bug Fix: JFBCSocialShare - current URL does not always match JFBCContent plugin for JFBCSocialShare
  • Bug Fix: Social Widgets - updated parameters from Facebook
  • Bug Fix: Social Widgets - remove deprecated color parameter from PinIt
  • Bug Fix: Social Widgets - exception for SCPinterestShare
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - modal title doesn't respect module's hide title option
  • Bug Fix: Autotune - remove Page Tab URL

JFBConnect v8.4.6 for Joomla 3.X (09/07/2020)

  • Enh: Graph 8.0 compatibility changes: Instagram oEmbed
  • Enh: Add option to remove link from Facebook Group and Page posts
  • Bug Fix: Remove fbclid from from query strings
  • Bug Fix: Instagram- Fetch long-lived access token
  • Bug Fix: Remove old config table file

JFBConnect v8.4.4 for Joomla 3.X (07/24/2020)

  • Bug fix: PHP 7.4 error on installation
  • Bug fix: Autotune compatibility with PHP 5.3 autoloader error
  • Bug fix: Warning for Strict Standards: Declaration of JFBConnectPoint::remove()

JFBConnect v8.4.3 for Joomla 3.X (05/29/2020)

  • Channels: Facebook - Manage_pages/Publish_pages removed and replaced with pages_show_list and pages_manage_posts
  • Bug Fix: EasySocial Social Profiles - JFBConnect not respecting proper single sign-on registration type for activation

JFBConnect v8.4.2 for Joomla 3.X (05/08/2020)

  • Bug Fix: Providers - Yahoo - "unable to retrieve your Yahoo account information". This occurred with new OpenID apps, caused by token name change

JFBConnect v8.4.1 for Joomla 3.X (05/05/2020)

  • Enh: Add new component setting for form Login and Register buttons. SCLogin settings take priority but fall back to JFBConnect settings when not set
  • Enh: EasyTags - JFBCLogin handle language strings for text parameter
  • Enh: EasyTags - Instagram oEmbed 'url' changed to 'href' for consistency. Backwards compatible
  • Enh: Social Widgets - Add Playlist widget
  • Bug Fix: Social Widgets - Subscribe widget won't render properly
  • Bug Fix: Autotune - warning for Javascript Inclusion when Customer Chat widget enabled
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - JFBConnect not working with new EasySocial activation settings
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Incorrect table name in Custom DB plugin throws error
  • Bug Fix: PHP not properly escaped for Registration description in Login / Register view
  • Removed: Remove Requests from JFBConnect

JFBConnect v8.4.0 for Joomla 3.X (02/13/2020)

  • Remove Joomla 2.5 code/support
  • Remove the deprecated "Send Email Notification on New Likes" setting
  • Enh: Add Registration description to Login / Register view
  • Enh: Updated social login icons
  • Bug Fix: LinkedIn Channel - empty list of Companies with valid Channel Owner
  • Bug Fix: LinkedIn Profiles - profile data not importing correctly with v2 API / Developer Program
  • Bug Fix: Social > "Addresses to Notify" does not save properly
  • Bug Fix: Pixel ID incorrectly added to page scripts
  • Bug Fix: Social > Sharing buttons show under category title in blog view

JFBConnect v8.3.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (01/22/2020)

  • Yahoo social directory End-of-life / full support for OAuth2
  • Enh: Autotune - add link to force refresh of subscription status
  • Enh: Social Login - add support for SVG images for social login buttons
  • Enh: Facebook - Add Facebook Pixel Code
  • Enh: Facebook - Add support for data deletion request from Facebook application

JFBConnect v8.3.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (11/19/2019)

  • Bug Fix: Fatal error in JFBConnect backend > Channel edit area
  • Bug Fix: Event and Gaming add-ons: Warning for missing file

JFBConnect v8.3.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (11/09/2019)

Major Features

  1. Instagram - Add support for new applications using Instagram Basic Display API / Facebook applications.
    1. Existing applications will continue to work using older API (until removed by Instagram in 03/2020) but need to turn off "Use New API" option in JFBConnect backend.
  2. Azure - Add support for Azure Active Directory authentication.
    1. Existing Windows Live applications are still supported using 'Social Profiles - Windows Live' plugin.
    2. New Azure applications will use 'Social Profiles - Azure' plugin in JFBConnect.


  • Enh: Facebook - change minimum version call to 3.3 for Graph API for compatibility with Messenger
  • Enh: JFBCSocialShare module - Add Desktop Only, Mobile Only or Both option for when to display
  • Bug Fix: User Map - hide broken images in Usermap area if unable to fetch from social networks
  • Bug Fix: Like button widgets missing language strings for Like/Recommend actions

JFBConnect v8.2.3 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (7/30/2019)

  • Enh: Add Messenger Popup feature
  • Compatibility changes with Meetup API version 3. Mid August deadline
  • Bug Fix: EasyTags - Pinterest easy-tag not always getting rendered properly with newlines after JFBC v8.2.2
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - LinkedIn Avatar URL added back into profile import (note: please reimport network settings in Autotune)
  • Bug Fix: Channels - Graph API v3.3 or later apps removed support for fields (name, link, description, caption)
  • Bug Fix: Content Plugin - PHP warning for catid

JFBConnect v8.2.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (5/20/2019)

  • Bug Fix: installation error for missing utilities file

JFBConnect v8.2.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (5/17/2019)

  • Bug Fix: Spaces in last names causes username creation issues
  • Bug Fix: Remove fb-root tag from Facebook Javascript initialization
  • Bug Fix: Respect 'System - Privacy Policy' plugin on mini-registration view
  • Translate installation results screen
  • Compatibility changes for new Add-On package (Twitch,, Discord)

Gaming Add-On Package (5/23/2019)

    • Twitch
    • Discord

JFBConnect v8.1.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (4/4/2019)

LinkedIn changes for 5/1 Developer Program Updates

      • Switch to using r_liteprofile permission
      • Available profile fields are firstName, lastName, and profilePicture
      • Remove deprecated social plugins. Only LinkedIn Share and Follow Company are still available
      • Warning on LinkedIn Channel - functionality is only available for those applications in the LinkedIn Marketing Developer Program
(Developer Program Updates Blog Post)

Misc Updates

  • Compatibility updates with Facebook Graph API v2.9
  • Bug Fix: Mini-registration view warning on not accepting terms when 'User - Terms & Conditions' plugin is enabled.
  • Bug Fix: "get() on undefined error" on installation

JFBConnect v8.0.6 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (2/20/2019)

  • Update Facebook and Google social login button images to meet branding guidelines

JFBConnect v8.0.5 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (1/16/2019)

  • Google+ shutting down. Remove Google+ API calls and social widgets

JFBConnect v8.0.4 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (11/17/2018)

  • Bug Fix: Authentication - Google authentication failing with lower-case response headers
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Set domain for og:image tags that were set with a relative path
  • Bug Fix: Channels - add administrator user group permissions to manage channels
  • Bug Fix: Admin - Channels - Remove autopost options for Facebook personal profile (no longer supported by FB)
  • Bug Fix: Social Toolbar - hide posting option for Facebook personal profile (no longer supported by FB)
  • Bug Fix: Social Share - fix warning for Pinterest PinIt button
  • Bug Fix: Admin - Configuration - sort providers alphabetically
  • Bug Fix: Admin - Social Meta - Strip img tags from skip components list options

JFBConnect v8.0.3 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (08/20/2018)

  • Bug Fix: Channel - Add option to specify which access levels are autoposted for Joomla and K2 Content
  • Bug Fix: Channel - Facebook Page selection of pages may be truncated
  • Bug Fix: Channel - Facebook Profile channels unable to save
  • Bug Fix: Channel - Hide autopost attributes from Facebook Profiles channel
  • Bug Fix: Channel - Update permissions messages for channels to be clearer

JFBConnect v8.0.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (07/24/2018)

  • Bug Fix: Scope Review - fix warning for user locations
  • Bug Fix: Scope Review - some channel scopes missing
  • Bug Fix: Scope Review - Create Quick Icon for Scope Review on Overview page
  • Bug Fix: Facebook Privacy - Remove Facebook user_status requests from JomSocial and EasySocial social profiles plugins
  • Bug Fix: Facebook Privacy - Facebook Like Tracking Removed from javascript/points plugins
  • Bug Fix: Social Widgets - Margin style of Google+ button
  • Bug Fix: SCSocialStream - Facebook social stream not showing author

JFBConnect v8.0.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (07/05/2018)

  • Enh: New Scope Summary page
  • Bug Fix: Google birthday scope hardcoded
  • Bug Fix: Twitter first_name & last_name can respond with weird values
  • Bug Fix: EasySocial avatar always not loaded properly
  • Bug Fix: Account view - missing language string Unlink
  • Bug Fix: Remove Facebook tracking for Likes

JFBConnect v8.0.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (06/04/2018)

Facebook Privacy Changes

  1. Remove publish_actions scope. Affects User Profile Channels (can no longer post to profiles, but can read) and Open Graph Actions (no longer supported by Facebook)
  2. Channels - Facebook Groups: Removed user_managed_groups scope and moved to Groups API and groups_access_member_info/publish_to_groups scopes. All applications must go through review process to use Groups API
  3. Channels - Facebook Groups: removed fields from /group/feed and /group/feed?fields=comments that are no longer supported
  4. Channels - Facebook: posts, comments, and picture posts will no longer return user's profile information
  5. Social Profiles - support Facebook Graph API v3.0 user default fields and remove deprecated profile fields
  6. Social Profiles - fix Facebook cover photo import for applications of Graph API v2.12 and earlier. Cover photo no longer available for Graph API v3.0 and later. All apps will no longer support cover photo as of January 8, 2019
  7. Social Profiles - new scopes required for some profile fields
  8. Autotune Configuration Tool - updated to fetch social network profile fields for which fields / scopes are available from each network

Google Sign In

  1. Change Google+ authentication to Google Sign In - Google OAuth 2.0 API
  2. Remove fallback to OpenID data if no Google+ profile available
  3. Support userinfo.profile, and scopes

Misc Updates

  • Enh: Channels - Increase Twitter character count for posts
  • Enh: Social Widgets - Add Twitter Moments widget
  • Enh: Social Widgets - Update parameters for Twitter Follow and Twitter oEmbed widgets
  • Enh: Social Widgets - Add Google Share button widget
  • Enh: Social Widgets - Update parameters for Like button widget
  • Enh: Social Meta - Add selectable list of Open Graph Object types instead of edit box for type. Must run Autotune to fetch available list of types.
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - EasySocial - Avatar not loaded properly for newer EasySocial versions
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - K2 - fatal error on clean install of K2 for importing social avatar
  • Bug Fix: Channels - FB Page from field not returning "from" field in API v2.6-2.8
  • Cleanup: Social Meta - Remove custom Open Graph Object types
  • Cleanup: Social Meta - Remove Open Graph Actions
  • Cleanup: SCSocialWidget - remove JFBCFan deprecated widget

JFBConnect v7.2.6 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (04/20/2018)

  • Bug Fix: Facebook - Remove deprecated profile permissions / data for profile import
  • Bug Fix: Provider - Yahoo OAuth2 can to get profile data
  • Bug Fix: JFBConnect sending email on new user with EasySocial despite settings
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - fails to get initial profile data for loginregister - "Upgrade to latest API version"
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - properly support ar_AA language for Facebook

JFBConnect v7.2.5 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (03/13/2018)

  • Bug Fix: Open Graph plugins - Twitter Description/Title may be missing
  • Remove LinkedIn Share Count from SCSocialWidget/Easy-tag: No longer supported by LinkedIn
  • Remove JFBCSend Button from SCSocialWidget/Easy-tag: No longer supported by Facebook
  • Remove JFBCFollow Button from SCSocialWidget/Easy-tag: No longer supported by Facebook

JFBConnect v7.2.4 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (02/06/2018)

  • Bug Fix: Facebook login conflict with Joomla 3.8.4
  • Bug Fix: Fix authentication issues on multilingual sites
  • Bug Fix: Fix bug with JReviews not autoposting when publish state changes on front-end
  • Bug Fix: Twitter Open Graph description and title tags may be duplicated

JFBConnect v7.2.3 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (12/27/2017)

  • Bug Fix: Autoposting doesn't work first time Joomla article is created/saved in Joomla 3.8
  • Bug Fix: Autoposting PHP warning with JReviews prevents submission if error reporting enabled
  • Bug Fix: Autoposting URLs need language added. K2 router requires language for to generate proper SEF URL

JFBConnect v7.2.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (10/08/2017)

  • Enh: Social Profiles - Store EasySocial permalink
  • Enh: Update minimum version Graph API calls to 2.5
  • Bug Fix: Compatibility with Joomla 3.8 for SSL certificate error
  • Bug Fix: Change config table name for better compatibility with other extensions
  • Bug Fix: Social Meta - Backend SQL error

JFBConnect v7.2.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (06/21/2017)

  • Enh: Social Meta - add option to turn off all Open Graph tags from JFBConnect
  • Enh: Configuration - Add option to disable Social Registration
  • Enh: Social Widgets - add Twitter Timeline widget
  • Enh: Social Profiles - AltaUserPoints plugin
  • Bug Fix: Long lived token not fetched correctly for Facebook channels
  • Bug Fix: Prevent Javascript insertion and tag replacement more thoroughly to fix issues with AMP based pages
  • Bug Fix: Yahoo OAuth2 and continued compatibility with older OAuth1 applications
  • Bug Fix: Pulling Facebook status can get private statuses/posts
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Community Builder fields are not imported properly sometimes
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Virtuemart 3 state is not populated when country is chosen
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Google avatar shouldn't be imported if default avatar
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Content Plugin errors with JReviews / Joomla 3.7
  • Bug Fix: Social Meta - "Skip Components" setting can overwrite other extensions' tags for Open Graph
  • Bug Fix: SCSocialStream - add image alt tags
  • Remove LinkedIn Recommend Widget

JFBConnect v7.2.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (03/28/2017)

  • Enh: Limit registration to specific domain only
  • Enh: Social Meta - Exclude Open Graph tags from specified extensions
  • Enh: JFBCSocialShare module - setting to turn off in mobile layout
  • Enh: Provider - - New social widgets
  • Enh: Social Profiles - LinkedIn - import company / position fields separately
  • Enh: Social Profiles - JomSocial - Location field type
  • Enh: Social Profiles - Community Builder - language string for required fields
  • Bug Fix: Facebook login failure with Graph API update
  • Bug Fix: Autopost - K2 incorrect URLs
  • Bug Fix: Email notifications of new users to all users with receive system emails, not just those with correct permissions
  • Bug Fix: Adding Pinterest PinIt in in JFBConnect > Social area can incorrectly parse tags
  • Bug Fix: Compatibility / fix fatal errors with Kunena 5

JFBConnect v7.1.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (12/27/2016)

  • Enh: Open Graph JomSocial - Add og:description and og:title tags for Profile type
  • Bug Fix: Fatal error for Joomla 3.6.5 with login / registration when Automatic Registration is disabled
  • Bug Fix: Language switching on some configurations can cause Facebook login to not work properly
  • Bug Fix: PHP deprecation warnings
  • Bug Fix: Channels - manual post activity doesn't show in social toolbar if Open Graph plugins are disabled
  • Bug Fix: User Map - LinkedIn profile link going to 404 not found page on LinkedIn

JFBConnect v7.1.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (11/18/2016)

  • Bug Fix: Fatal error for determining og:url with certain extensions
  • Bug Fix: Error in Open Graph - JReviews plugin for listing all reviews

JFBConnect v7.1.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (11/18/2016)

Major Features

  1. Twitter retrieval of email addresses. This allows for automatic registration when logging in with Twitter credentials. Note: this will require updating Twitter application settings to work.
  2. Set User Group that new user will be added to during registration
  3. Compatibility with Joomla 3.6.4
  4. Improved Twitter Card support


  • Enh: Add ability to set which Joomla groups new users will be added to
  • Enh: Retrieve email address for Twitter, allowing for automatic registration
  • Enh: Social Widget - Add new Quote social plugin to JFBConnect > Social section
  • Enh: Social Widget - Add support for large buttons to social sharing buttons in JFBConnect > Social section
  • Enh: Social Meta - Add setting to limit to only one og:image tag
  • Enh: Social Meta - Add setting to add og:image width and height tags
  • Enh: Social Meta - fix site and creator fields for Twitter Cards for easier input with or without @
  • Enh: Social Meta - only add creator field when required for Twitter Card type
  • Enh: Open Graph - Add support for rel=canonical tags to use for og:url tag
  • Bug Fix: Autopost - Encode special characters for posts/tweets
  • Bug Fix: Autopost - Language switcher causing problems to determine full URL
  • Bug Fix: Autopost - Post to homepage has an empty URL in backend activity list
  • Bug Fix: Autopost - Manual post on front-end should refresh the post activity list
  • Bug Fix: Social Widget - Encode comment and like email notification titles
  • Bug Fix: Social Meta - Twitter Card tags still get set even if in Skip Tags
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - fix fatal errors & compatibility with JReviews / Joomla 3.6.4

JFBConnect v7.0.4 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (09/21/2016)

  • Bug Fix: Compatibility with JReviews for Joomla 3.6

JFBConnect v7.0.3 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (08/23/2016)

  • Enh: Providers - retrieve email address for Github, allowing for automatic registration
  • Enh: Social Profiles - Virtuemart 3 support
  • Enh: Widgets - Add Facebook Embedded Comments widget
  • Enh: Widgets - Add Facebook Save widget
  • Enh: Widgets - Update options for Facebook social widgets (Size, mobile_iframe, etc)
  • Enh: Autopost - Add filtering in backend for post activity
  • Enh: Autopost - Make URLs more SEO friendly when SEF URLs are enabled
  • Enh: Channels - Add ability to disable re-tweets in Twitter social stream
  • Enh: Channels - Add ability to toggle Facebook page/group image sizes in channel streams
  • Bug Fix: Autopost - EasyBlog admin approval not respected for auto-publishing
  • Bug Fix: Autopost - Do not post for Special/Super Users published items
  • Bug Fix: Autopost - jfbcsystem should only perform autopost activity check for valid extensions.
  • Bug Fix: Channels - SCSocialStream http/https image link for Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - K2 front-end edit and creation errors when Open Graph plugin enabled
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - tag conflicts with EasyBlog images
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - "Built-In Facebook Object" unchecked when unpublishing OG Object
  • Bug Fix: SCSocialWidget - Javascript errors / tooltip problems when changing prover/widget
  • Bug Fix: EasySocial - JFBConnect + Easysocial profile link displays email elements even when Real Name is selected for alias
  • Bug Fix: PHP - Fix PHP notice for channels

JFBConnect v7.0.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (06/15/2016)

  • Bug Fix: Fatal error with og:image tags when Twitter Cards enabled

JFBConnect v7.0.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (06/15/2016)

  • Enh: Open Graph - Additional Twitter Card tag configuration in JFBConnect backend > Open Graph > Configuration section
  • Enh: Open Graph - K2 categories need root option
  • Enh: Open Graph - Add og:title options for Content (article and category) and K2 (item and category) objects
  • Enh: Social Profiles - Add link to original post in status imports for Facebook/Twitter
  • Enh: SCSocialWidget - Change Tabs parameter to checkboxes for Page Plugin widget
  • Bug Fix: Facebook De-Authorization not working
  • Bug Fix: Facebook Reconnect button should show if user has de-authorized app
  • Bug Fix: Twitter authentication support when behind proxies
  • Bug Fix: Autopost - do not show unsupported object type in channel selection
  • Bug Fix: Autopost - fix activity list bug where not all autopost activity from editing Joomla articles in backend show up
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - EasyBlog - PHP error for Title Type field

JFBConnect v7.0.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (04/26/2016)

Major Features

  1. Autoposting are now supported for Joomla Articles, EasyBlog Posts, JomSocial Groups and Events, and K2 Items. When creating a channel, select the enabled Open Graph plugins/objects and JFBConnect will post to the channel when content is created.
  2. Facebook personal profiles can now be selected as a channel type. Push content to your personal profile or pull in your profile to our SCSocialStream module.
  3. Compatibility with Joomla 3.5.1
  4. Compatibility with JomSocial 4.1.6
  5. Database query performance improvements


  • Enh: Remove duplicate query when loading social profiles
  • Enh: Providers - retrieve email address for, allowing for automatic registration
  • Enh: Open Graph - add a Root category in objects for Joomla articles, K2 items and EasyBlog posts
  • Enh: Open Graph - EasyBlog - update cover image as image option
  • Enh: Open Graph - EasyBlog - add option to use page title or blog post title
  • Enh: Open Graph - JomSocial - add object and create action for events
  • Enh: Open Graph - JomSocial - add create action for groups
  • Enh: Social Profiles - Community Builder - Add canvas image import
  • Enh: Social Profiles - Community Builder - Add * for required fields
  • Enh: Update Twitter Share and Follow parameters
  • Enh: Update Pinterest PinIt button options
  • Enh: Add indexes to user_map table
  • Enh: Query reduction for logged in users
  • Enh: SCSocialStream - add images to Twitter posts
  • Bug Fix: Facebook comment notifications can lead to a page with no comments
  • Bug Fix: Detect if LinkedIn API key is not set and update Javascript properly
  • Bug Fix: Authentication breaks when channel is setup and user changes password on social network
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - removing association objects from actions can sometimes fail
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - using image from text doesn't work with scheme-less URLs
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - avatar / cover fetching can fail if SSL root certificates aren't up to date
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - problem with validation for JomSocial required fields when Registration Component set to JFBConnect
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - JomSocial Terms and Conditions window does not popup with new version of JomSocial and Registration Component set to JFBConnect
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Community Builder - registration can fail if required fields aren't populated
  • Bug Fix: Channels - posting to Twitter Channel has PHP warnings if posting fails

JFBConnect v6.5.3 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (12/18/2015)

  • Installs SCLogin v4.5.3
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Community Builder registration when email verification enabled

JFBConnect v6.5.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (12/16/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Fatal errors in backend and modules if JFBCSystem plugin not enabled
  • Bug Fix: Facebook comments widget numposts HTML incorrect

JFBConnect v6.5.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (12/11/2015)

  • Enh: Add 'Generated Password Length' parameter
  • Enh: Github email address can be pulled in for Automated Registration
  • Enh: Facebook Channel - add option to post as admin or as user
  • Enh: Add autocomplete tags to Login / Register forms
  • Enh: Change CSS id to class for each login button
  • Enh: Open Graph Content - add option to set where og:title is coming from
  • Enh: Add YouTube to SCFindUs module
  • Enh: Update FB social plugins parameters
  • Bug Fix: URL encoding escape codes for FB for SEF vs Non-SEF URLs
  • Bug Fix: Posting to FB page fails with newer Open Graph applications
  • Bug Fix: Account Settings menu item - linking Facebook account sometimes doesn't work
  • Bug Fix: Posting to FB page can show success even if failed
  • Bug Fix: EasySocial SQL error on new user creation
  • Bug Fix: OpenGraph plugin compatibility with SH404SEF
  • Deprecated: Remove Activities and Interests from Facebook profile fields
  • Deprecated: Remove Facebook Shared Activity widget
  • Deprecated: Standardize Easy-Tag format for Facebook and LinkedIn easy-tags. Example JFBCLike -> SCFacebookLike, JLinkedShare -> SCLinkedInShare. Old tags will still work, but are deprecated

JFBConnect v6.4.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (08/24/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Facebook page and group stream data not being returned correctly with newer Graph API v2.4 applications.
  • Bug Fix: Facebook user_groups deprecated for older applications/not available for Graph API v2.4 applications. Use user_managed_groups instead
  • Bug Fix: Facebook statuses deprecated for older applications/not available for Graph API v2.4 applications. Use feed instead and request user_posts permission
  • Bug Fix: Facebook channels - link to post incorrect
  • Bug Fix: Usermap - Facebook profile links not being saved w/ Graph API v2.4
  • Bug Fix: Update check doesn't work in Joomla 3.4+
  • Bug Fix: JomSocial SocialProfiles - Required fields missing * on registration

JFBConnect v6.4.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (07/04/2015)

  • Enh: SCFindUs - Add Flickr
  • Enh: FB Page Plugin - Add new options
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - EasyBlog v5 - Fatal error
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - EasyBlog - og:image tags set incorrectly/not at all
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Twitter Cover - Fetch "Header" image instead of "Background"
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - CB - Profile view doesn't need to be required
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - JomSocial birthday import for versions 3.X and 4.X
  • Remove deprecated Social Plugins for Facebook

JFBConnect v6.4.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (05/14/2015)

Major Features

  1. Compatibility updates with LinkedIn API changes made May 12th
  2. Compatibility updates with Facebook Graph API v2.3
  3. Facebook widget updates for breaking changes going into effect in late June


  • Enh: New Facebook Page Plugin widget
  • Enh: Facebook Like-Box automatically replaced with new Facebook Page plugin
  • Enh: New Facebook Embedded Videos widget
  • Enh: Remove utm_content from shared URLs
  • Enh: LinkedIn API update changes. Profile import abilities much more limited
  • Bug Fix: LinkedIn Share url needs to be encoded - Fixes issues on some UTF8 URLs
  • Bug Fix: Channels setup - Permissions being requested repeatedly / can't setup
  • Bug Fix: Facebook like / share not aligned properly
  • Bug Fix: Facebook Comments broken width on mobile with old version
  • Bug Fix: Facebook Page posts can be attributed to user instead of admin
  • Bug Fix: JFBCSocialShare - Share button doesn't work if Like button not enabled
  • Bug Fix: __DIR__ is used, but only available on PHP 5.3+

JFBConnect v6.3.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (03/18/2015)

Major Features

  1. Joomla 3.4 Compatibility Updates
  2. Yahoo Authentication and Profile Import
  3. Front-end social connection management interface
  4. Social Stream updates - Links to post, poster avatar, enable/disable post comments
  5. Content Plugin updates - Intro text, positioning and FB share button options
  6. Improved error logging to files to help debug hard to find issues


  • Enh: Add Yahoo authentication
  • Enh: Front-end method for users to connect additional social networks, edit settings
  • Enh: Add logging capabilities to JFBConnect for debugging
  • Enh: Login/Register styling updates
  • Enh: JFBCContent plugin - add ability to show FB Share button without FB Like button
  • Enh: JFBCContent plugin - positioning of social buttons
  • Enh: JFBCContent plugin - Intro text for Comment and Social Sharing buttons
  • Enh: SCSocialStream module - add link to post
  • Enh: SCSocialStream module - add poster avatar
  • Enh: SCSocialStream module - add ability to turn off comments display in SCSocialStream module
  • Enh: Social Profiles - EasySocial registration URL
  • Enh: SCFindUs module - Add Instagram
  • Bug Fix: Fix SSL certificate problems and add option to disable SSL Certificate validation
  • Bug Fix: Fix "Unable to retrieve account information" error for Windows Live / Amazon
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 3.4 bindData strict standards warning
  • Bug Fix: Alternate registration flow creates mapping rows with incorrect provider names
  • Bug Fix: Handle mail errors for new users more gracefully
  • Bug Fix: Jfbconnect.css file not always loading
  • Bug Fix: Login/Register horizontal mode doesn't work for 3.x
  • Bug Fix: Channels - Can't select user when adding a channel
  • Bug Fix: Channels (Facebook) - Problem showing posts from albums
  • Bug Fix: Channels (LinkedIn) - Add job updates and new product & fix php notice if return updates is 0
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph (JomSocial) - Group join action fails
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph (K2) - Set title to article title
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles (HikaShop) - Invalid field missing field name
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles (HikaShop) - Textarea not shown in login/register view
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles (HikaShop) - Values entered for unmapped fields are not saved properly
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles (HikaShop) - Values entered for fields and edited in login/register views are not saved properly
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles (HikaShop) - Zones not supported properly
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles (EasySocial) - Registration Component of EasySocial does not import birthday properly
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Some LinkedIn profile fields not importing properly
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - LinkedIn Share url needs to be encoded
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - JFBCContent plugin buttons can have backgrounds from template
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - Remove Instagram oEmbed maxheight

JFBConnect v6.2.4 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (12/15/2014)

  • Enh: Channels - Improve channel setup and configuration process
  • Enh: Channels - Add ability to preview stream in backend
  • Enh: Channels - Add option to show Facebook page posts by normal users instead of just admins
  • Enh: Open Graph - add ability to skip specified tags
  • Enh: Social Profiles - add new Google profile fields
  • Bug Fix: Channels - login not prompting properly for permissions
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - Remove discontinued Meetup widgets
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - og:description not set properly for Content plugin
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - PHP warnings for Content plugin
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - JomSocial photo posting gives "Invalid Parameter" error
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - JomSocial posting album object instead of photo
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - JomSocial plugin missing og tags on photo page
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - JomSocial images/other tags not using full URLs
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - EasySocial update image and description tags for album and photo pages
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Import for various social profiles may fail to create user depending on social network date format changing
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Facebook import without education being set throws warning and does not import other fields
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Requests do not award points properly into Alpha User Points
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - LinkedIn telephone import into JomSocial fails
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Windows Live import issues with birthday, emails, gender
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Remove deprecated "Alpha User Points Integration" from Social/Misc configuration area

JFBConnect v6.2.3 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (10/31/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Community Builder: with the new CB v2.x, creating and mapping new users throws error and creates users without activating/enabling accounts correctly
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph/Easy Tags - SCOpenGraph aren't inserted on page correctly
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph/Easy Tags - Head data that's not easy tags can be stripped
  • Bug Fix: Channels - Social Toolbar shows/breaks K2 Front-end editing
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Facebook Friend Count not importing into JomSocial
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - K2 plugin causes warnings in K2 front-end editor
  • Bug Fix: Core - JFBConnect User plugin can throw a fatal error on logout

JFBConnect v6.2.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (10/03/2014)

  • Bug Fix: JFBCSocialShare - Social widget easy tag not rendering in JFBCSocialShare when admin key is blank
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Javascript trigger action should use base url
  • Bug Fix: SCSocialWidget - settings tooltips not displaying properly
  • Translation: Updated French translation for component

JFBConnect v6.2.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (09/30/2014)

  • Bug Fix: JFBCSystem plugin can cause AJAX requests to fail
  • Bug Fix: Amazon widget javascript files need to be loaded with current scheme

JFBConnect v6.2.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (09/29/2014)

Major Features

  1. Amazon, Meetup & Windows Live authentication, profile and avatar import
  2. Point rewards for social sharing or Facebook requests when using Alpha User Points, EasySocial or JomSocial
  3. New Profile Plugins for HikaShop and Alpha User Points
  4. Big performance improvements - Faster parsing of Easy-Tags, Option to not load the Bootstrap CSS and better inclusion of other CSS files
  5. Twitter embedded Tweet widget & Easy Tag
  6. Instagram embedded image/video widget & Easy Tag

View the JFBConnect v6.2 Blog Post


  • Enh: Add Amazon integration
  • Enh: Add Meetup integration
  • Enh: Add Windows Live integration
  • Enh: Providers - Only show social network providers in the "Statistics" area that are enabled
  • Enh: Providers - Twitter: Prevent permissions prompt for returning users
  • Enh: Social Profiles - Add Alpha User Points integration
  • Enh: Social Profiles - Add HikaShop integration
  • Enh: Social Profiles - Add 3rd party points integration (EasySocial, JomSocial, AlphaUserPoints)
  • Enh: Core - Always make jfbconnect.css load in head section instead of inline
  • Enh: Core - Add option to not include Bootstrap.css
  • Enh: Widgets - Add Twitter oEmbed functionality with Embedded Tweets widgets
  • Enh: Widgets - Instagram embed image/video widget
  • Enh: Widgets - Add LinkedIn Alumni Tool widget
  • Enh: Widgets - Refactor Easy Tag scanning for improved performance
  • Enh: Widgets - Add new "Find Us" module
  • Enh: Widgets - SCSocialStream - Add ability to show comments to posts
  • Enh: Channels - Select All when posting to channels from front-end
  • Bug Fix: Providers - Warning for provider images on new install
  • Bug Fix: Easy Tags - Easy Tag key checking not working with uppercase letters in keys
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - PHP notice when no custom Open Graph tags are set
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Activity menu item redirects to incorrect login page
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Potential fatal error when going to Open Graph activity on front-end
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Facebook: restore 'Total Field Count' profile field
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Custom DB: Add checks to make sure Custom DB plugin is configured properly
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - Stream module throws error when LinkedIn channel user token is expired
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - Modules need to support HTML for intro text
  • Bug Fix: Autotune Recommended always shows
  • Removed: Facebook Recommendations Bar
  • Removed: LinkedIn Apply removal/cleanup
  • Removed: Facebook Breaking Change 8/14 - Liked field of page tabs

JFBConnect v6.1.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (08/11/2014)

  • Bug Fix: FQL queries removed from Graph API v2.1 for user profile fetch. Newer applications could not import profile data from Facebook via this method. This functionality was also deprecated for existing applications
  • Enh: SCSocialStream module - make all thumbnail links nofollow
  • Bug Fix: SQL error in Autotune on Joomla 3.2.0-3.2.1
  • Bug Fix: Postgre query abstraction updates
  • Bug Fix: Postgre 6.1 SQL update files uses hard-coded table prefix
  • Bug Fix: SCSocialStream module - warning can throw a warning for LinkedIn if no posts are returned from LinkedIn
  • Bug Fix: SCSocialStream module - horizontal scrollbar can show sometimes when it shouldn't
  • Bug Fix: LinkedIn Apply button removed. No longer supported by LinkedIn.

JFBConnect v6.1.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (07/14/2014)

  • Enh: Social Profiles - EasySocial import existing Facebook connections
  • Enh: SCSocialStream - make links nofollow
  • Enh: SCSocialStream - add height parameter
  • Bug Fix: Facebook profile links don't work with Graph API v2 apps
  • Bug Fix: Login/Register page does not properly load the CSS file in Windows environments
  • Bug Fix: Admin - Page Tab/Canvas settings not properly refreshed after saving
  • Bug Fix: Admin - Links in Open Graph configuration are incorrect for Russian language
  • Bug Fix: Usermap - Github shows wrong avatar and profile link in UserMap area
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - JomSocial status updates are always reported from Facebook
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - JomSocial fields with 'gender' type imported incorrectly
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Fatal error during JomSocial login on some pages
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - EasyBlog Open Graph plugin needs title and automatic tag insertion
  • Bug Fix: SCSocialStream default styling not showing up correctly

JFBConnect v6.1.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (06/27/2014)

Major Features

  1., Instagram and Github authentication and profile import integration
  2. SCSocialStream module - Show posts from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all in one fully customizable stream.
  3. Customizable login buttons - Easily set order of providers and image to use
  4. Joomla Update Manager - Upgrades now 1-click in admin area
  5. Add "Preview" button to Social Toolbar to test the sharing of your content using SocialDebug
  6. Improved 3rd party extension compatibility that include their own social widgets
  7. Option to force all sharing widgets to http or https to avoid reduced Like counts
  8. New character counter in social posting feature
  9. New caching system for faster login and social widget performance


  • Enh: Add integration
  • Enh: Add Instagram integration
  • Enh: Add Github integration
  • Enh: Allow customization of Login buttons, providing easier mechanism to set up differently throughout JFBConnect or SCLogin.
  • Enh: New SCSocialStream module to display Facebook Page/Group, Twitter Stream, and LinkedIn Company posts
  • Enh: Add caching to store Social Network data for performance improvements, with options for caching duration
  • Enh: Add option to force scheme (http or https) for social widgets and content plugin
  • Enh: Generate newer high-encryption passwords when using automatic registration
  • Enh: Remove automatic update of user's email address to the social network they are logging in with
  • Enh: Social Toolbar - Add option to disable Social Toolbar on front-end
  • Enh: Social Toolbar - Add character counter when posting via the Social Toolbar
  • Enh: Social Toolbar - Add preview button to Social Toolbar to test your page tags with the Social Meta Checker Tool
  • Enh: Add ability to update JFBConnect from Joomla Update Manager
  • Enh: Add custom permissions to LinkedIn authentication
  • Enh: Add option to disable Facebook button (while still showing other share buttons) in the Content Plugin
  • Enh: Add option to force parsing of XFBML tags for improved 3rd party support
  • Enh: Open Graph - Default og:title to article title always for Joomla content
  • Enh: Improved auto-detection of social network providers and widgets
  • Enh: Social Profiles - add Facebook 'locale' field
  • Enh: Remove unnecessary Twitter OAuth settings
  • Bug Fix: Core - Update Facebook getUserScope function to support Graph API v2
  • Bug Fix: Core - Registration language strings confusing when set to registration only
  • Bug Fix: Core - OAuth2 PHP warning when checking token
  • Bug Fix: Core - Remove old https compatibility code for LinkedIn
  • Bug Fix: Core - Automatic registration setting has green for "No" and red for "Yes"
  • Bug Fix: Core - Fix Google fatal error when fetching avatar on login
  • Bug Fix: Core - Installation fails on specific PHP versions
  • Bug Fix: Autotune - authorization failed message appears twice
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - K2 commenting hangs when OpenGraph K2 plugin enabled
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Detect if no Google+ profile image is set and skip import if necessary
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Cache avatar URLs to prevent additional requests to social networks
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Profile plugins are retrieving Facebook default avatar instead of using the Social profile's default avatar
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Joomla socialprofile doesn't import birthday from FB correctly for Joomla 3.3
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Don't load the JomSocial core.php file until required
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - JomSocial: award standard points for new user registrations when using social networks
  • Bug Fix: Content Plugin - Fatal error in Content Plugin if System plugin not installed
  • Bug Fix: Content Plugin - Social area still displays old values after Apply Changes
  • Bug Fix: Content Plugin - Pinterest button only shows if other buttons are displayed
  • Bug Fix: Content Plugin - Pinterest box count styling does not match other buttons well
  • Bug Fix: Content Plugin - Social buttons do not display in category view at bottom position in articles with read more links
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - LinkedIn Member and Company profiles hover shows in the wrong location

JFBConnect v6.0.6 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (05/09/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Core - Facebook Graph API updates break fetching of user permissions
  • Bug Fix: Core - Pagination in Requests notification area doesn't work
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - JomSocial status updates not posting to Facebook in JS 3.0+
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - JFBCShare widget 'layout' parameter doesn't work properly

JFBConnect v6.0.5 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (04/28/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Core - Twitter OAuth1 library can conflict with the built-in Joomla class
  • Bug Fix: SocialProfiles - Some LinkedIn profile data not importing correctly
  • Bug Fix: SocialProfiles - JomSocial profile plugin can cause a fatal error in the admin area
  • Bug Fix: SocialProfiles - EasySocial Avatar and Cover Albums created with incorrect user permissions

JFBConnect v6.0.4 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (04/11/2014)

  • Enh: Login / Register - Add option to hide 'Name' field during registration
  • Enh: Administration - Add ability to filter Social Examples by provider type
  • Enh: Open Graph - Increase default word count from 10 to 50 when no object is created
  • Bug Fix: Fix fatal error when two JFBCSocialShare modules on same page
  • Bug Fix: Autotune - Whitelist IP gets set to "Disabled" and throws an error when saved
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - EasySocial: Cover photos are re-imported
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - EasySocial new user emails don't have the auto-gen'd password
  • Bug Fix: Content Plugin - Like buttons not all the correct layout
  • Bug Fix: Content Plugin - K2 social buttons show up when in the 'Print' view
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Some metatag descriptions can include partial Easy-Tags
  • Bug Fix: Easy-tags for new Google/Twitter not parsed correctly
  • Bug Fix: Administration - Add Widget examples for Login buttons
  • Bug Fix: JFBCSocialShare module - LinkedIn ShowZero parameter broken
  • Bug Fix: JFBCSocialShare module - Google Annotation and Size parameters don't work
  • Bug Fix: SCSocialWidget module - Add login buttons
  • Bug Fix: SCSocialWidget module - Should default to "Global" setting for Show Powered By Link
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 3.3 compatibility update: Strict standards warning for JRegistry::bindData
  • Task: Remove deprecated JFBCSubscribe easy-tag

JFBConnect v6.0.3 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (03/21/2014)

  • Enh: Add Twitter widgets for Follow, HashTag and Mention features
  • Enh: Add Google widgets for Community Badge, Embedded Posts, Follow button, Page Badge, and Person Badege
  • Bug Fix: Authentication - Check for and delete previous mappings for user on login & connect
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - EasySocial v1.2 compatibility updates
  • Bug Fix: Channels - Channels: Blank comment shows "null" in Facebook feed
  • Bug Fix: Channels - General cleanup of Channels feature
  • Bug Fix: Core - Add large z-index to the social toolbar
  • Bug Fix: Core - Google image broken in User Map admin area
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - SCSocialWidget shows fatal error when JFBCSystem plugin is disabled
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - Google +1 attributes are set incorrectly
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - Facebook Comments - Default "Mobile Optimized" to "Off"
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - Javascript LinkedIn reconnect button doesn't ever show images
  • Bug Fix: Widgets - Javascript Connect buttons for Login tags don't show images on some pages

JFBConnect v6.0.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (03/05/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Improved UTF-8 support for descriptions
  • Bug Fix: EasyTags - Google, Twitter and LinkedIn Login tags do not render or logout correctly
  • Bug Fix: EasyTags - Some LinkedIn easy tags not rendered correctly
  • Bug Fix: JFBCSocialShare - JFBConnect.css not included with JFBCSocialShare when 'Show Facebook Share' is set to hide
  • Bug Fix: JFBCSocialShare - Facebook like button popup can be hidden
  • Bug Fix: Configuration - Include JQuery should be enabled by default
  • Bug Fix: Installation - Installer can fail to install sub-packages in some environments

JFBConnect v6.0.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (02/19/2014)

Major Features

  1. LinkedIn Integration (see our migration guide if using JLinked)
  2. Channels / Social Posting - Easily post to Facebook Pages/Groups, LinkedIn Company Pages and Twitter Streams
  3. Twitter Card tags
  4. SCSocialWidget module - new unified module to display all available social widgets from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  5. Speed improvements - Reduced load size, optimized loading of Javascript, streamlined code, and lots of other minor changes for a big boost
  6. Unified Joomla 2.5 / 3.x installer


  • Enh: Add LinkedIn provider support
  • Enh: Upgrade LinkedIn integration to use OAuth2
  • Enh: Create JLinked importer/migration tool
  • Enh: Add 'Channels' - posting content to social networks
  • Enh: Add SCSocialWidget for all available social widgets
  • Enh: Add Twitter Card support
  • Enh: Add option for Facebook popup or redirect to FB on login
  • Enh: SocialProfiles - Community Builder - get user's avatar using API
  • Enh: SocialProfiles - allow import of registration date for Twitter
  • Enh: Open Graph - add EasySocial Open Graph plugin
    • Open Graph tags in content
    • Auto-post to user's Timeline when they create a photo album
  • Enh: Add alt tag to Pinterest button
  • Enh: Performance improvement - Set xfbml to false if no social widgets load on page
  • Enh: Updated translations from Transifex
  • Enh: Add ability to require additional scope from specific users
  • Enh: Add Postgre SQL schema update support
  • Enh: Easy-Tags - add image options to JFBCAction
  • Enh: Easy-Tags: Add more Twitter Share parameters
  • Enh: Easy-Tags: Speed improvements for tag replacements
  • Enh: Default 'Powered By' to disabled
  • Bug Fix: Duplicate username when 'Automatic Registration' enabled can throw fatal error
  • Bug Fix: Improper MySQL error can cause issues in jReviews
  • Bug Fix: Improve intermittent Twitter login issues due to rate limiting
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 3.x warning during authentication when open_basedir is set
  • Bug Fix: Filtering by provider in Administration UserMap area throws error
  • Bug Fix: EasySocial SocialProfiles - Fix PHP warning on new user avatar import
  • Bug Fix: JomSocial SocialProfiles - Datepicker doesn't work in JFBConnect registration view
  • Bug Fix: JomSocial SocialProfiles - posting status in JomSocial hangs when 'Push Social Network Status' enabled
  • Bug Fix: Profiles - import connection button doesn't show in Joomla 3.x
  • Bug Fix: Edited Requests don't save changes
  • Bug Fix: Sending requests to all users from administration area fails
  • Bug Fix: JFBCAction php error if no og_capabilities are saved
  • Bug Fix: Namespace validation improvements
  • Bug Fix: SCOpenGraph easy-tag without a key is still being used even if Social Render Key is set
  • Bug Fix: Hide Open Graph actions and objects if associate plugin is disabled
  • Bug Fix: Fix multiple strict standards warnings
  • Bug Fix: fix multiple PHP notices during installation

JFBConnect v5.2.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (12/16/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Session expiration can lead to a 500 error
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Community Builder birthday field doesn't save in automatic registration mode
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - EasySocial badges and points not awarded on new registration
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph Debugger showing on all pages, even when guest
  • Bug Fix: Cover photo uses a hard-code temp directory, not what's set in Joomla
  • Bug Fix: CSRF check on OAuth callback not working properly
  • Bug Fix: New user activation email not sent if "Send new user emails" disabled
  • Bug Fix: JFBConnect menu item strings not loaded properly
  • Enh: Implement Facebook OAuth redirect flow option, instead of just Javascript
  • Enh: Remove the channelUrl Facebook initialization setting
  • Enh: Add initial support for Postgres

JFBConnect v5.2.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (11/15/2013)

  • Bug Fix: JomSocial plugin won't install in some cases
  • Bug Fix: pull-left not set on the loginregister for social buttons
  • Bug Fix: Autotune save fails with 11/12 updates from Facebook API
  • Bug Fix: Autotune Facebook App recommendation strings are white/hard to read
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect labels for Registration Display mode setting
  • Bug Fix: Namespace JForm files to prevent conflicts with other extensions
  • Enh: Add 'show but disabled' option for username and email fields on registration
  • Enh: Add alt and title tags to Social login images
  • Enh: Update Social Share module for show/hide Facebook share button
  • Enh: Update ShareDialog module for new layout and width options from Facebook
  • Enh: Update JFBCFollow for new 'button' layout option
  • Enh: Update Send to Share in config areas for new Share button
  • Enh: Add Application Setup links to the provider configuration tabs

JFBConnect v5.2.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.X (11/08/2013)

  1. Twitter Authentication and Profile Import
  2. EasySocial profile plugin
  3. Joomla User - Profile plugin
  4. Custom Database profile plugin
  5. Registration flow for Joomla, JomSocial and EasySocial
  6. Open Graph debug tool
  7. Social share module for multiple networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Bug Fix: Usermap - getFacebookUserId backward compatible call returns null
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph Content - Should use Full Text Image first, then intro text image
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph Content - mb_split can throw a fatal error
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph JReviews - JReviews description set to 'meta' throws a PHP notice
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph JReviews - fix php warning if no categories/directories
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph Content - Category objects can cause a fatal error
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect redirect to 'same page' when using a registered menu item
  • Bug Fix: utocomplete CSS can conflict with other extension styling
  • Bug Fix: Update Social Network login buttons for transparency
  • Bug Fix: Update Google login button for gradient
  • Bug Fix: Social Network login images should load from path only, not full URL
  • Bug Fix: Add JFBCONNECT_LOGIN_WITH string to JomSocial social buttons on front-page view
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 3 - Loading of jfbcadmin-template.js fails
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Community Builder - Dates throw a warning message JFBConnect registration view
  • Enh: Add Twitter authentication and profile import
  • Enh: Automatically fallback to "Normal" registration mode when auto fails
  • Enh: Add 3rd party registration flow option for Joomla, JomSocial and EasySocial
  • Enh: Add new debug tool for Open Graph tag debugging
  • Enh: EasyTags - Add standardized layout parameters to social buttons
  • Enh: EasyTags - Add 'text' parameter to {JFBCLogin} tag for custom intro text
  • Enh: Social Profiles JomSocial - Add support for new 'gender' type of field
  • Enh: Social Profiles CustomDB - Initial release of new social profile
  • Enh: Social Profiles Joomla - Initial release of new social profile for Joomla User profile
  • Enh: Social Profiles EasySocial - Initial release of new social profile
  • Enh: CSRF checks on Open Graph Actions & Comment/Like notifications
  • Enh: Modules - add Social Sharing module for supported social networks
  • Enh: Modules - add Embedded Posts module
  • Enh: Add login buttons to Registration forms as well as login form
  • Enh: Usermap - Add filters to usermap area

JFBConnect v5.1.2 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 (09/25/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Re-connecting a social network user to a different Joomla account creates a new mapping
  • Bug Fix: Saving a user with too short of a username throws a fatal error
  • Bug Fix: G+ Open ID users don't always have a first/last name
  • Bug Fix: Admin requests attempt to send to G+ users as well
  • Bug Fix: Google +1 sharing button not always displaying
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph asset images should load from front-end not admin area
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph popup links incorrect
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph Automatic Actions still using Mootools event handler
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - getUrlVars can interfere with some 3rd party SEF extensions
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - jReviews directory selection for OpenGraph object not working
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - jReviews PHP warning in Open Graph Object creation
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph Action published string doesn't exist
  • Bug Fix: Facebook Comments improved responsive styles
  • Bug Fix: User logout can have fatal error when using JFusion
  • Bug Fix: Social Content filters should always show
  • Bug Fix: Page Tab - Add to your Facebook Page link doesn't work
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 3.x - Status / Wall tab still shows up, even though it was deprecated
  • Enh: For firlas auto-username, try to get a username at least 6 characters long
  • Enh: With first.last auto-username, don't use the period if no last name exists
  • Enh: Better error handling when curl is disabled or not installed
  • Enh: Language updates

JFBConnect v5.1.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 (08/30/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Better error handling for auto-creation of user that fails
  • Bug Fix: Improved Google+ error handling
  • Bug Fix: Autotune - blank URLs (canvas, page tab, etc) won't save
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph priority is incorrect with tags
  • Bug Fix: Load the en_GB language strings as a backup
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph content plugin can cause modal content to not load
  • Bug Fix: Large avatars in Usermap area
  • Bug Fix: Deprecated JFBCGraph tags broken
  • Bug Fix: Hide Facebook-specific values in Usermap areas for non-Facebook users
  • Enh: Remove mootools loading call from Open Graph automatic actions
  • Enh: JFBCFan Responsive updates
  • Enh: When showing login buttons, show LinkedIn if JLinked installed
  • Enh: Add support icon to overview page

JFBConnect v5.1.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 (08/26/2013)

Major Features

  1. Google+ Authentication
  2. Open Graph action - people, place and message tagging
  3. Switch to JQuery
  4. Facebook requests no longer require SSL
  5. Improved SCLogin module
  6. Improved Autotune
  7. Improved Installation of component, module and plugins
  8. Overhaul of administration area


  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - JomSocial conflicts with Joomla Update Manager
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Open Graph tags with $ in them break
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph Actions - "Undo and Disable" link wouldn't always disable the action
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph EasyBlog - PHP Notice when image isn't set in post
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph EasyBlog - Uncommon PHP error when viewing blog entry
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph PHP Warning
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph Popup - Divs keep building up
  • Bug Fix: Update Facebook Channel file to use proper language setting
  • Bug Fix: Provider Avatar - add SSL for images
  • Bug Fix: CSS update for iframed JFBCSend buttons
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - migrate profile settings
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - Virtuemart Languages not loading
  • Bug Fix: Remove menu_item_root as redirection option
  • Bug Fix: Login Register - empty warning message
  • Bug Fix: Removal of conflicting Open Graph tags fails when they contain HTML
  • Bug Fix: Social Profiles - JomSocial - Fix multiprofile selection when SEF enabled
  • Bug Fix: Autotune migration settings throw an error
  • Bug Fix: Move jQuery/Bootstrap loading to onAfterDispatch instead of Initialise
  • Bug Fix: key=XXX in Easy Tags causes issues with rendering
  • Enh: Add Google Authentication
  • Enh: Open Graph - Add {JFBCAction} tag for user-initiated actions
  • Enh: Open Graph - Add support for Place Tagging
  • Enh: Open Graph - Add support for user messages in actions
  • Enh: Open Graph: Add support for User tagging
  • Enh: Open Graph: Add support for Explicitly Shared actions
  • Enh: Open Graph - Add support for intro and full images in Open Graph content images
  • Enh: Update to newest version of Facebook Javascript library initialization
  • Enh: Integrate latest SCLogin
  • Enh: Remove SSL requirement from Requests
  • Enh: Clean up installation of JFBConnect extensions
  • Enh: Update admin for Bootstrap styling and cleanup
  • Enh: Social settings - Re-organize and add a few options
  • Enh: Add option to disable new user emails
  • Enh: Add Pinterest button for sharing content
  • Enh: Add new Shared Activity module and Easy-Tag
  • Enh: Add new Share Dialog module and Easy-Tag
  • Enh: Change JFBCSubscribe tag to JFBCFollow
  • Enh: Updated language files from Transifex
  • Enh: og:url strip extra query params
  • Enh: Social Profiles - JomSocial - Import cover photo
  • Enh: Social Profiles - Release AgoraPro plugin
  • Enh: Social Profiles - Release Kunena plugin for Joomla 3.X
  • Enh: Add friend_count as import field
  • Enh: Remove JSON library required only in older versions of PHP
  • Enh: Update User Redirections to have "Same Page" option
  • Enh: Hide strip_tags experimental option and make value permanent
  • Enh: Installer - Delete temp files after installation of modules/plugins
  • Enh: JomSocial - Update the "import connections" function for new tables
  • Enh: Autotune ease of use enhancements
  • Enh: Requests - Use additional checks to set request notifications to 'read'
  • Enh: Responsive "You are now logging in" popup

JFBConnect v5.0.2 for Joomla 3.0 (07/26/2013)

  • Enh: Compatibility updates for Joomla 3.1.4

JFBConnect v5.0.1 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 (07/03/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - If category is registered, a fatal error is thrown when category image is used for og:image tag
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Priority for image insertion is incorrect for og:image tag. Should be 1) SCOpenGraph easy tags, 2) Automatic tags and 3) Defaults
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - og:description breaks with &nsbp;
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - og:description issues with UTF-8 characters
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - og:image not found in some article display configurations
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph for EasyBlog - Description being overwritten by Open Graph Content plugin
  • Bug Fix: Community Builder SocialProfiles - fix date saving on registration
  • Bug Fix: JomSocial SocialProfiles - old avatars not deleted when new one added
  • Bug Fix: Virtuemart SocialProfiles - fails to show datepicker
  • Bug Fix: Load SocialProfile plugin group in System library
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Connect button should request permissions
  • Bug Fix: CSS update for iframed social widgets
  • Bug Fix: Z-index issues for Like and Comments
  • Bug Fix: Hide email setting can hide email even if it's already used
  • Bug Fix: Usermap Import Connections doesn't work
  • Bug Fix: Responsive Comments
  • Bug Fix: Prevent social buttons from showing in article modules
  • Bug Fix: Fix redirection options to work with Alias and External Link menu items
  • Bug Fix: articleContent: $slug undefined warning
  • Bug Fix: URL's with key=xxx can interfere detection of key in EasyTags
  • Enh: Update to JomSocial Stream API v2
  • Enh: Update PHP library with AuthSecret_proof
  • Enh: Update affiliate links in modules/component to ShareASale
  • Enh: Update nl-NL translation files
  • Enh: Update cs-CZ translation files
  • Enh: Update it-IT translation files
  • Enh: Add pt-PT translation files
  • Enh: SCLogin - Add Joomla logout redirection
  • Enh: Include SCLogin v3.0.2
  • Enh: Allow Open Graph tags to use ns: for custom tags
  • Enh: Update JFBCFan border options
  • Enh: Automatically format Additional Requested Permissions

JFBConnect v5.0.0 for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 (02/20/2013)

Major Features

  1. Joomla! 3.0 Compatibility
  2. Shared Social Profiles - JFBConnect and JLinked now use the same profile plugins for easy profile import
  3. HTML5 Social Plugins - Faster and more HTML compliant; all Facebook modules and easy-tags have been updated


  • Enh: Add Joomla! 3.0 Compatibility
  • Enh: Shared social plugins for profile import, with migration in installer for old profile plugin settings to new ones
  • Enh: Update Facebook PHP SDK
  • Enh: Implement HTML5 for social modules/easy-tags instead of FBML
  • Enh: Reduce API accesses performed to login
  • Enh: Update several translations
  • Enh: Support downgrades
  • Enh: Set experimental strip tags to on by default
  • Enh: JomSocial profile plugin - Add URL to supported field types
  • Enh: Improve speed to change non-triggered actions in plugin to protected
  • Enh: Add support for Follow social plugin and deprecate old Subscribe social plugin
  • Enh: Compatibility improvements with RokBooster by RocketTheme
  • Enh: JFBCFriends - remove logged-in check
  • Enh: JFBCComments - add new order_by parameter
  • Enh: JFBCRecommendations - add action, ref, max_age parameters
  • Enh: JFBCLike - add ref parameter
  • Enh: JFBCFriends - add action, show_count parameters
  • Enh: JFBCFeed - add filter, action, ref, max_age paramets
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Virtuemart2 setting can throw a fatal error
  • Bug Fix: Joomla Update Manager warnings for JFBConnect.xml
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - Don't trigger onAfterRoute in admin area

JFBConnect v4.3.4 for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 (01/02/2013)

  • Enh: OpenGraph front end menu items can now be created in Menu Manager
  • Enh: Add pagination for OpenGraph activity list page
  • Bug Fix: Fix installation to allow uninstall/re-install
  • Bug Fix: Profile import FB Error message when no fields are mapped
  • Bug Fix: PHP warning for empty 'experimental' parameter
  • Bug Fix: Fix "Delete from timeline" language string
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 1.5 - Mootools fix for OG Action popup
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 1.5 - JDate::format does not exist

JFBConnect v4.3.3 for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 (12/20/2012)

  • Enh: Add Joomla 1.5 support for 4.3
  • Enh: Update administration area translations
  • Enh: Make OpenGraph image insertion more robust for K2 and Joomla content objects
  • Enh: FB API updates - only check for publish_actions if auto-login is enabled
  • Enh: Add color:black to CSS for modal login window
  • Bug Fix: Apostrophe or other odd characters in new user's names causes errors
  • Bug Fix: New experimental setting to remove Like and Comments tags from the head section
  • Bug Fix: OpenGraph JReviews Plugin - OpenGraph causing problems with submitting listings in JReviews
  • Bug Fix: Agora Profile Plugin - attempt to add new user to group twice causes critical error
  • Bug Fix: Fix warnings for jReviews listings
  • Bug Fix: Remove extra quote mark from URL in Twitter Share button if data-count parameter is set
  • Bug Fix: OpenGraph EasyBlog Plugin - don't error out if EasyBlog isn't installed
  • Bug Fix: JFBCRecommendationsBar module should have higher z-index
  • Bug Fix: Update JFBCLike and JFBCComments module z-index

JFBConnect v4.3.2 for Joomla 2.5 (12/06/2012)

  • Bug Fix: Remove fix for "Remove any {JFBCxxx} tags in the head area of page to prevent rendering". On some sites, head section being altered incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Admin area inaccessible if JFBCSystem plugin disabled

JFBConnect v4.3.1 for Joomla 2.5 (12/05/2012)

  • Enh: Hide Timeline links from User Profile if Open Graph features aren't configured
  • Enh: Add check for publish_actions permission to auto-login if Open Graph Actions are enabled
  • Enh: Open Graph read action updates - User can disable reading from the page it occurs on - Added per Facebook Policy req's
  • Enh: Open Graph read action updates - User is notified that the page is in their timeline when they view the page closes - Added per Facebook Policy req's
  • Enh: Add overview of Open Graph andlink to Open Graph Actions documentation in administration backend
  • Enh: Add version checks for Open Graph plugins to Open Graph landingEnh: Automatically load English translation files so strings missing from other files will have default values loaded
  • Enh: Add language translation to JFBConnect administration backend. Currently English and German are provided.
  • Enh: Add more language strings to JFBConnect front-end component
  • page in administration backend
  • Bug Fix: FB Like button hidden by css styles added in v4.3.0. Removed styles
  • Bug Fix: Submenus were not properly being translated in administration backend
  • Bug Fix: Add missing languages to installation package
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph og: tags being set twice when both JFBConnect and JLinked installed
  • Bug Fix: New Open Graph language strings not rendering since they were only included in the English file
  • Bug Fix: Remove any {JFBCxxx} tags in the head area of page to prevent rendering
  • Bug Fix: EasyBlog - Re-release with proper xml file
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph Actions - "User can disable" setting not stored in db on first save

JFBConnect v4.3.0 for Joomla 2.5 (11/21/2012)

Major Features

  1. Open Graph Actions - Push events to a user's Timeline
  2. Open Graph Tags - Large improvements to Open Graph tag markup
  3. Language Translations for Admin area


  • Enh: Add options to hide/auto-generate username and password from registration process
  • Enh: Add email as username option for auto-generated username in registration process
  • Enh: Move "You are now logging in" text to bottom of page for better SEO
  • Enh: Add Recommendations Bar widget
  • Enh: Add page title for Comment/Like email notification
  • Enh: Language Translations for Admin area
  • Enh: Add Turkish translation to component
  • Enh: Add Dutch translation to SCLogin module
  • Enh: Add Swedish translation to SCLogin module
  • Bug Fix: Don't add fb:app_id tag if no app ID set
  • Bug Fix: UTF-8 names cause auto-username issues
  • Bug Fix: CB Plugin: Properly save link type fields
  • Bug Fix: Update namespace declarations w/ FB recommendations and custom OG actions
  • Bug Fix: jfbconnect.css breaking SSL sites
  • Bug Fix: Translation - Portuguese translation fix
  • Bug Fix: Social - Like button "Lucida Grande" font is incorrect
  • Bug Fix: Social - JFBCLogin tag/SCLogin Module - Add Show Faces option
  • Bug Fix: K2 category layout on home page generates the wrong article URLs
  • Bug Fix: Kunena Profile - Previous avatars not being deleted properly
  • Bug Fix: Update requests backend
  • Bug Fix: Fix auto-resizing width for Page Tab
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin Joomla redirect fails for Community Builder
  • Misc: Remove deprecated LiveStream module/tag

JFBConnect v4.2.5 for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5 (09/06/2012)

  • Enh: Update to the latest version of the SourceCoast Library
  • Enh: Cleanup to some legacy code and text strings
  • Bug Fix: Permissions requests not correct not correct for, current_location.state,,, hometown_location.state,
  • Bug Fix: When auto-login is enabled, like/comment notifications break
  • Bug Fix: Able to create a new user with a password that is too short

JFBConnect v4.2.4 for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5 (07/24/2012)

  • New: Improvements to Login / Register view for "Normal Registration" setting.
  • Enh: Add display options for Login / Register view of Horizontal (current default), vertical, or Registration Only (no login section)
  • Enh: Integrate new PHP SDK
  • Enh: Fetch/store long-lived access token for users on login
  • Enh: New CSS file for Login / Register screen to allow easy customization. Template overrideable as well.
  • Enh: Add Portuguese translation
  • Enh: Add Hebrew translation
  • Enh: Add Spanish translation
  • Enh: Profiles - Kunena 2.0: Add Profile support
  • Enh: Profiles - JomSocial: Clean up output fields
  • Enh: Content - Add extra .top and .bottom classes to Content Plugin for flexibility in styling each
  • Enh: SCLogin - Open social profile in new window
  • Enh: SCLogin - Add Virtuemart Login/Register options
  • Bug Fix: Integrate with Login option breaks in RocketTheme templates
  • Bug Fix: Fixed auto-login refresh issues affecting some users
  • Bug Fix: Add .inputbox style to all inputs
  • Bug Fix: Profiles Avatars - Fix for change with Facebook's new CDNs
  • Bug Fix: Profiles - Improve JomSocial tooltips on registration
  • Bug Fix: Profiles - Kunena - Remove unnecessary include statement (PHP warning)
  • Bug Fix: Content - K2: Social buttons don't appear at the top if introtext off
  • Bug Fix: Content - CSS file included twice when set to both
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin - Inputs using _ instead of - in ID's

JFBConnect v4.2.3 for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5 (06/18/2012)

  • Enh: SCLogin - Add options for custom login with FB buttons
  • Enh: Open Graph - Add og:site_name default
  • Bug Fix: Javascript login_custom function not requesting permissions
  • Bug Fix: Verify email permissions in case app is configured incorrectly or authenticated referrals is setup
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - OG image, Like Buttons and Comment boxes not inserted by content plugin for registered articles in Joomla 2.5 with Show Unauthorized Links menu items
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - OG:locale should be lowercase
  • Bug Fix: Autotune - getFieldDescriptors not auto-updating every 7 days
  • Bug Fix: Autotune - Add note to Basic Info page about data collected
  • Bug Fix: cURL - Add check to make sure not in disable_functions list
  • Bug Fix: Auto-login - Switch to auth.authResponseChanged instead of auth.login

JFBConnect v4.2.2 for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5 (05/16/2012)

  • Enh: Add Facebook URL mapping to Kunena profile plugin
  • Bug Fix: Requests = Redirect URL not read properly
  • Bug Fix: FB Requests not recorded properly
  • Bug Fix: Autotune - New app detection not working
  • Bug Fix: Revert getStrippedUrl function to 4.1
  • Bug Fix: Joomla liveupdate - Extension id column is 0, so component update does not show up properly in Joomla Update Manager
  • Bug Fix: Permissions for work/education not requested properly
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph fb_app_id not properly added if JLinked enabled and plugin is ordered before JFBConnect
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 2.5 admin new user emails not sent

JFBConnect v4.2.1 for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5 (05/02/2012)

  • Enh: Add better filtering to User Map administration view
  • Enh: Add mobile parameter to JFBCComments module and easy-tag
  • Bug Fix: Content plugin share buttons (Facebook Like, LinkedIn Share, Google +1, Twitter Share) not showing properly when both JFBConnect and JLinked enabled
  • Bug Fix: Content Plugin - mb_substr method not available for some server configurations
  • Bug Fix: Add missing jimport statement in Autotune
  • Bug Fix: Twitter and Google+1 javascript included twice when both JFBConnect and JLinked enabled
  • Bug Fix: Modal "You are logging in" popup not being displayed in some configurations
  • Bug Fix: Add cache busting to loginFacebookUser url
  • Bug Fix: Alpha User Points xml files incorrect
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 2.5 - SCLogin module was missing parameter for Login Button Size
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 1.5 - Hide JFBConnect toolbar when running AutoTune

JFBConnect v4.2.0 for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5 (04/25/2012)

Major Features

  1. AutoTune - Admin auto-configuration tool for Facebook Application and error checker for common issues
  2. Speed Improvements - Speed up of up to 1s per page, depending on configuration options
  3. Alpha User Points integration - Reward points for Like's, Comments, and sending Requests
  4. Virtuemart 2 Profile Plugin - Import user information directly into Virtuemart 2
  5. Live Update integration - One click updates for the main JFBConnect component inside the admin area
  6. Tighter JLinked (LinkedIn) integration - You must upgrade JLinked to v1.2 with this release due to shared library requirements


  • Enh: Add Autotune - the ability to automatically configure JFBConnect/Facebook application and check for configuration errors
  • Enh: Update JFBConnect and JLinked to share library code for profile integration and fix several integration issues. This version of JFBConnect is compatible with JLinked v1.2+ only
  • Enh: Integrate JFBConnect extensions with Akeeba Release System on for Live Update of JFBConnect component and integration with Joomla 2.5 Update Manager
  • Enh: Add option for modal popup to notify that logging through Facebook is processing
  • Enh: Add generate password option for Automatic Registration setting
  • Enh: Alpha User Points integration
  • Enh: Allow "Auto Login" and "Logout Joomla Only" settings to both be enabled
  • Enh: Add option to automatically insert "Login with Facebook" button to com_user login page
  • Enh: Rename user creation settings to Normal/Automatic Registration from Full Joomla User/Facebook User only
  • Enh: Optimize FB JS library to prevent unnecessary user checks, resulting in large speed improvements in page load time.
  • Enh: Add tracking for users that have removed/deleted your Application from their Facebook account
  • Enh: Requests - mark users as not approved if request failed (previously deleted FB App)
  • Enh: Update new user emails for Automatic Registration for clarity of account created
  • Enh: Add check to see if canvas setup is correct when in Requests configuration area
  • Enh: Change version checker for Overview page to use cURL instead of fsockopen
  • Bug Fix: Auto-login does not work on first page load in some cases
  • Bug Fix: trim nonbreaking space in metadescription in JFBCSystem plugin
  • Bug Fix: getting stripped URL for Like tags can return partial non-SEF url
  • Bug Fix: {SCGooglePlusOne} and {SCTwitterShare} tags don't work if no tag options are set
  • Bug Fix: clear up some "strict standards" warnings
  • Bug Fix: Requests - Strip \n from Requests output
  • Bug Fix: Requests - remove users from "Send to All" if app is not approved
  • Bug Fix: Install - Temporarily disable plugins while upgrading during installation in Joomla 2.5
  • Bug Fix: Install - Disable plugins when uninstalling in Joomla 2.5
  • Bug Fix: Canvas/Page Tab - select default template if no template is selected in Canvas configuration
  • Bug Fix: Canvas/Page Tab - "Add to Page" URL is incorrect in Page Tab configuration
  • Bug Fix: Canvas/Page Tab - remove isAdmin check for loading Canvas file in JFBCSystem plugin
  • Bug Fix: Stop page caching on Login/Register page. Prevents erronenous user data from being pre-filled

SC Login module

  • Enh: Add new option for Joomla profile picture. Uses JomSocial or Community Builder avatar if they are selected as registration component
  • Bug Fix: Quality of Facebook avatar is bad for some image dimensions
  • Bug FIx: Update SCLogin module login form HTML to be more similar to Joomla login
  • Bug Fix: Remove unnecessary checks for SEF on redirection


  • Enh: Add settings to control which field data is shown during user registration (All, None, Required fields)
  • Enh: Re-populate registration fields if registration fails
  • Enh: JomSocial - import birthdays
  • Enh: Virtuemart 2 profile plugin
  • Enh: Virtuemart 2 - import birthdays, state, country (not available in the first RC of plugin)
  • Bug Fix: Community Builder - username custom field showing during registration
  • Bug Fix: Community Builder/JomSocial/Virtuemart - Date of Birth can be 1 day off due to timezone issues
  • Bug Fix: Community Builder - add webaddress field to importable fields
  • Bug Fix: JomSocial - validateField not being called properly

Social Widgets

  • Enh: Update width setting for Like button in content plugin to be used only with standard button style
  • Enh: Update for latest Google+1 Javascript changes
  • Enh: Add configurable length for "Use beginning text" option
  • Enh: Add new JFBCFan force_wall setting
  • Enh: Standardize JFBConnect and JLinked easy-tags to use 'href' as the parameter instead of url or href
  • Bug Fix: Update z-indexes for modules/content plugin
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph tags double-included if JLinked/JFBConnect both enabled
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph "Use beginning text" option does not strip double quotes
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph "Use beginning text" option incorrect text for UTF strings
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph breaks with loadposition tag in content

JFBConnect v4.1.2 for Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5 (01/31/2012)

  • Enh: Update to new Facebook PHP library
  • Enh: Canvas/Tab Page - In administrator view, change canvas_name property to namespace property for new Facebook requirements
  • Enh: Community Builder Profile Plugin - Update the "Must Verify Email" and "Must Be Approved" messages to use CB language files
  • Enh: Social - Add jfbconnect.css file whenever the social widgets/easy-tags are added
  • Bug Fix: Joomla 2.5 - Update Javascript to detect/use Mootools 1.4
  • Bug Fix: On Logout, call new PHP library method onDestroySession
  • Bug Fix: Requests - Non-Approved users can't be looked up for sending requests
  • Bug Fix: Requests - Some requests are not showing properly in administration area if they have 0 notifications
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph - use first 100 characters setting doesn't replace JFBCGraph tag properly with newlines
  • Bug Fix: Profile Import - occasional PHP error/incorrect profile import for certain field/value combinations
  • Bug Fix: JomSocial Profile Plugin - Status updates are stored incorrectly
  • Bug Fix: Social Modules - Component parameter option for hiding powered by and affiliate ID were not properly used

JFBConnect v4.1.1 for Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7 (01/11/2012)

  • Enh: Add content plugin option to automatically set description to first 100 characters of article text
  • Enh: Add update server for Joomla 1.7 to component, modules and parameters
  • Enh: Add analytics tracking for Comments
  • Enh: Reorder To and From columns in Notifications tables
  • Enh: Canvas - Add new option for "Use Default" if no template override specified
  • Bug Fix: Increase Requests send limit
  • Bug Fix: Store return URL in return parameter instead of session
  • Bug Fix: Add cache busting to Javascript file
  • Bug Fix: Multiple requests on same page don't work
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin does not work with Community Builder register type
  • Bug Fix: Canvas - allow styles to be set instead of template for J1.7
  • Bug Fix: Fix analytics tracking for Likes
  • Bug Fix: Fix javascript request for Mootools 1.1
  • Bug Fix: Blank thanks URL should not refresh
  • Bug Fix: Add Javascript for Extra social buttons for system plugin tags
  • Bug Fix: Non-mapped required fields not saving properly for JomSocial

JFBConnect v4.1 for Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7 (12/30/2011)

Major Features

  1. Facebook Application Requests - Replaces JFBCInvite module

Facebook Application Requests

  • Allow users to easily invite their Facebook Friends to admin-defined pages
  • Create unlimited requests to be used for different pages or features
  • Application requests can be sent from admin area to all, or individual, users on site
  • Full tracking of which user (both Joomla and Facebook) sent the request
  • Full tracking of which users acted upon request inside Facebook
  • Per Facebook, application requests require a valid SSL certificate installed for your site. For information on obtaining an SSL cert, see our Facebook SSL guide.


  • Enh - Add the ability to send Facebook Application Requests
  • Enh - Replace JFBCLogin with SCLogin module to add cross-integration with JLinked
  • Enh - Add LinkedIn button to Login/Register page (if JLinked is installed)
  • Enh - Update Login module to discontinue use of deprecated fb:profile-pic
  • Enh - Automatically determine required permissions based on configuration settings; remove deprecated permissions fields. Now works with Facebook's enhanced auth dialog box, rolling out in Q1 2012
  • Enh - Update the XFBML namespace tag
  • Enh - Accept custom language locale strings with a hyphen
  • Enh - Add sorting to User Map administrator view
  • Enh - Add Sent/Received notifications fields to User Map administrator view
  • Enh - Add Joomla and Facebook avatar images to User Map administrator view
  • Enh - Remove bundled cert and disable SSL validation settings
  • Enh - Store Facebook access token to DB for later offline use
  • Enh - Install: Switch builder to use .zip files instead of tar.gz for better Windows compatibility
  • Enh - Install: Use new Joomla 1.7 installer and upgrade functions
  • Bug Fix - Fix class conflict if JFBConnect and JLinked are both installed
  • Bug Fix - Translate Powered By text
  • Bug Fix - German language string mistake
  • Bug Fix - Fix fb:locale warning in Facebook Debug Tool
  • Bug Fix - Update to use proper language when using language switcher plugin in Joomla 1.7
  • Bug Fix - Fix logout redirection failure when logging out of registered page
  • Bug Fix - Use redirect/return page in URL if it exists

Profile Profiles

  • Enh - Only take first website during profile import
  • Enh - Don't import blank data for profiles
  • Enh - Update profile integration for current Facebook user fields (work, education, etc)
  • Bug Fix - Copy avatar before creating full avatar and thumbnail with JomSocial profile plugin for compatibility with ImageMagick
  • Bug Fix - Remove duplicate profile connect message
  • Bug Fix - Status is always imported into JomSocial, regardless of "Always Import" setting
  • Bug Fix - Multi-profiles selected as needs approval don't work for JomSocial plugin


  • Enh - Add Google Analytics tracking on Like button
  • Enh - Add new module/tag for Subscribe Button
  • Enh - Add link target field to JFBCRecommendations
  • Enh - Add link target field to JFBCFeed
  • Enh - Add size field to JFBCFriends
  • Enh - Update K2 items to use the item main image, if set, instead of the first article image for og:image tag
  • Enh - Allow users to turn off LinkedIn, Twitter, and GooglePlus buttons individually in the content plugin
  • Enh - Add new tag for Comments Count
  • Enh - Update content plugin to show comments count instead of comment box when Comments number is 0 or blank (Great for blog views)
  • Enh - Allow custom (non og) tags for Open Graph
  • Bug Fix - Set og:type default to website for homepage and article for everything else
  • Bug Fix - K2 Category list menu item does not work with Content Plugin for multiple categories

Canvas/Tab Page

  • Enh - Update Add to Page link in the Page Tab config area
  • Enh - Use setAutoGrow instead of setAutoResize in Canvas views
  • Enh - Update for fluid canvas page widths

JFBConnect v4.0.3 for Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 (10/03/2011)

  • Bug Fix - Updated Admin Overview page to properly work with multiple app domains, recently added by Facebook
  • Enh - Display the Secure Page Tab and Secure Canvas URL's for verification of proper setup for Facebook's Oct 1st requirement to have these configured
  • Enh - Cleanup of some display issues in admin area

JFBConnect v4.0.2 for Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 (09/24/2011)

  • Bug Fix - JFBCContent: Joomla 1.7 URLs can be broken for certain menu types
  • Bug Fix - JFBCLogin: Joomla login when "Registration Component" set to CB in J1.7 would always fail
  • Bug Fix - Add Open Graph namespace to html tag
  • Bug Fix - Rename BaseFacebook classes
  • Bug Fix - K2 2.5 v1.7 - Selecting one category, enables them all?
  • Bug Fix - Improved detection of expired auth tokens, with ability to get new ones automatically. Also prevents a very uncommon PHP Fatal error during login.

JFBConnect v4.0.1 for Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 (09/13/2011)

  • Enh - Add K2 profile import for Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7
  • Enh - Add games field for profile import
  • Bug Fix - Fix duplicate javascript inclusions by content plugin
  • Bug Fix - Fix permissions request for music, movies, books, tv

JFBConnect v4.0 for Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 (09/09/2011)

Major Features: (See full release blog post)

  1. Facebook OAuth2.0 Authentication Support (Required by Facebook in 2012)
  2. LinkedIn Share, Twitter Share, and Google +1 buttons for Joomla articles and K2 content
  3. Speed improvements and overall code optimizations
  • Enh - New Javascript/PHP library support for FB OAuth2 
  • Enh - Component: Reorder registration flow so login occurs after onRegister
  • Enh - Component: Update Spanish translation
  • Enh - Component: Add JFBC JS Activity plugin to overview page
  • Enh - Component: Add link to Facebook terms of service in administration area
  • Enh - Component: Add error check if a JFBConnect version is installed for an unexpected Joomla version
  • Enh - JFBCLogin module: Use CB for logging in when that option is selected
  • Enh - Content Plugin: Add option to show Google +1, Twitter Share and LinkedIn Share buttons with the content plugin Like buttons
  • Enh - Content Plugin: Support for K2 Latest View added
  • Enh - Content Plugin: Separate Comments and Like configuration options for Article/Item versus Blog Views
  • Enh - Content Plugin: Change ordering of Comments and Like display
  • Bug Fix - Component: Update mootools version check for AJAX logic
  • Bug Fix - Component: Fix Redirection link to use full URL, not just Itemid
  • Bug Fix - Component: Update Linter link in administration area for debugging
  • Bug Fix - System Plugin: Change OpenGraph double quotes to single quotes from metadescription and page title
  • Bug Fix - Content Plugin: K2 first image in article does not work for OpenGraph
  • Bug Fix - Content Plugin: K2 alias not being used in the generated URL
  • Bug Fix - Content Plugin: K2 not showing up in Category - Date Views
  • Bug Fix - Content Plugin: Fix for displaying in K2 for some SH404 auto-generated URLs

JomSocial Profile Plugin v3.4.2 (08/14/2011)

  • Fixed bug where on login, multi-profile default profile could overwrite user's original profile type.

JFBConnect v3.4.1 for Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 (08/12/2011)

  • Enh - Add caching to channel page
  • Enh - Set content plugin comments and like default widths smaller
  • Enh - Update profile backend configuration pages
  • Bug Fix - Several issues with K2 content plugin not showing properly, or showing incorrectly as introtext vs fulltext
  • Bug Fix - JomSocial Multiprofile selector not showing when enabled
  • Bug Fix - Reveal page can stick when going to Joomla homepage from Facebook
  • Bug Fix - Comments/Like Notifications not sent in Joomla 1.6 and 1.7
  • Bug Fix - Update administrator css file for Social configuration section
  • Bug Fix - Don't send new user email if there is no email for the user provided (email permissions are not granted)
  • Bug Fix - Change og:type from webpage to website

JFBConnect v3.4 for Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 (8/02/2011)

Major Features:

  1. Content plugin support for Likes and Comments in K2
  2. Facebook Page Tab Integration
  3. Facebook Reveal Page Support
  4. Facebook Canvas Page Support
  5. Automatic Username Options


  • Enh - Add Facebook Canvas/Tab Page integration
  • Enh - Add Reveal Page support for Canvas/Tab Pages
  • Enh - Facebook User Only: Add Auto-Username options
  • Enh - Remove API key and updated authentication to use App ID
  • Enh - Add option to enable or disable new user redirection
  • Bug Fix - Fixed encoding of login link which causes redirect issues with SH404
  • Bug Fix - Fixed decoding of redirect URLs which could improperly add extra characters at the end of the link
  • Bug Fix - Fix error on backend Overview page when JFBConnect cannot connect to Facebook
  • Bug Fix - On logout, check that current page isn't registered when logout redirect is disabled
  • Bug Fix - Add check for New/Returning user Wall status updates to prevent duplicate posts


  • Enh - Add translations for Like/Comment email notifications
  • Enh - Add Italian language file for component
  • Bug Fix - Load Facebook Javascript with user language, not site language
  • Bug Fix - Fix Login using Facebook language string for Spanish
  • Bug Fix - JFBCLogin module and tags: Login and Register submit buttons are not translateable
  • Bug Fix - JFBCLogin module and tags: Cannot replace Logout button text using Language files
  • Bug Fix - Community Builder profile plugin: Load proper language file


  • Enh - Like and Comments: Add K2 Support to Content Plugin
  • Enh - JFBCLogin module: Add pre-text option
  • Enh - JFBCLogin module: Add Virtuemart registration option
  • Enh - Like and Comments: Add username to email notifications
  • Enh - Like and Comments: Add Top/Bottom/Both/None options for display positions
  • Enh - JFBCFan: Add new border color option
  • Enh - JFBCFriends: Add new colorscheme option
  • Enh - OpenGraph: Automatically add AppID OpenGraph tag to all pages
  • Enh - OpenGraph: Automatically add Type OpenGraph tag to all pages (overrideable)
  • Enh - JomSocial Activity plugin: Add ability to push status from JomSocial to Facebook
  • Bug Fix - Remove JFBConnect Tags from meta descriptions

Profile Plugins

  • Enh - JomSocial: User status will import last FB status message instead of last wall post
  • Enh - JomSocial: Add Terms and Conditions options for Full Joomla User registration, with ability to skip
  • Enh - Community Builder: Enable rich tooltips
  • Enh - Community Builder: Add IP addr to new CB user
  • Bug Fix - detect temp directory instead of hardcoded path
  • Bug Fix - JomSocial: Fix warning on login
  • Bug Fix - Community Builder: Add Terms and Conditions options for Full Joomla User registration, with ability to skip
  • Bug Fix - Community Builder: Registration completes even if non-mapped required fields are not filled out
  • Bug Fix - Virtuemart: Error if Virtuemart not installed and plugin enabled
  • Bug Fix - Virtuemart: Virtuemart middle name does not import properly

Community Builder v3.3.2 for Joomla 1.6 and v3.2.3 for Joomla 1.5 (6/16/2011)

  • Enh - Add option to skip or use Terms & Conditions during new user registration

JFBConnect v3.3.1 for Joomla 1.6 and v3.2.2 for Joomla 1.5 (6/3/2011)

  • Note: Language string names have been updated in this version. If you have any template overrides or separate language files, please update them accordingly.
  • Bug fix - JFBCSystem plugin body tag search improvements
  • Bug fix - JFBCInvite resizing broken
  • Bug fix - Fix JFBCLogin language string names
  • Bug fix - Remove extra query string parameters for Comments, Like, Open Graph hrefs (modules and easy tags)
  • Bug fix - Add default button size for getLoginButton call
  • Bug fix - Fix login redirection to Registered menu items in Joomla 1.6
  • Bug fix - Default FB avatar detection updated
  • Bug fix - Auto-approve avatars needed for Community Builder
  • Bug fix - Redirect on login can break on some SEF extensions
  • Bug fix - warning on installation for JFBCSocial plugin
  • Bug fix - reformat some language files to UTF-8
  • Enh - Add Channel URL
  • Enh - Generate href when not provided in JFBCComments tag
  • Enh - Add search for UserMap view in the backend
  • Enh - Create new Send button module
  • Enh - Integrate Send button into JFBCLike module, content plugin and JFBCLike easy tags
  • Enh - Add Italian language support in JFBCLogin module
  • Enh - Add Spanish translation for component

JFBConnect v3.3.0 (5/6/2011)

  • Stable release of JFBConnect for Joomla! 1.6
  • Bug fix for Content Plugin activated in admin area media manager
  • Bug fix for incorrect user link in admin area User Map page
  • Bug fix for available versions shown in backend Overview page
  • Bug fix for JomSocial profile plugin - add check for valid Facebook status before importing into JomSocial
  • Bug fix for JomSocial profile plugin - Prevent duplicate field import into JomSocial

JFBConnect v3.3RC1 (4/29/2011)

  • Initial release of JFBConnect for Joomla! 1.6. Community Builder and JomSocial profiles are supported in this release

JomSocial Profile Plugin v3.2.2 / JFBCInvite v3.2.2 (4/25/2011)

  • JomSocial Profile Plugin - Fixed "CStringHelper Not Found" error that occurred in some configurations
  • JomSocial Profile Plugin - Fixed duplicate fields that could be created when "Show Required Fields at Registration" was enabled
  • JFBCInvite - Fixed resizing bug that was introduced in 3.2.1

JFBConnect v3.2.1 / Minor updates to social modules (4/13/2011)

  • Change login link to be SEF friendly (fixes sh404SEF issue)
  • JFBCContent plugin: Add option to find and use first image in article as og:image tag
  • JFBCContent plugin: Add option to display Like button at Top and Bottom
  • JFBCSystem/All modules: Update social widgets to use "class" instead of "id"
  • JFBCComments/JFBCContent plugin/JFBCSystem tags: Add comment box color scheme (supported by Facebook 4/13)
  • Language: Move error strings to language file
  • Language: Add updated French language file
  • Language: Add updated Hebrew language file

JFBCComments v3.2.2 / Kunena Profile Plugin v3.2.1 (4/11/2011)

  • FB Comment module - Fixed canonical URLs for replies to comments directly from the Facebook wall
  • FB Comment module - Added legacy mode option to use old 'xid' parameter type
  • Kunena Profile Plugin - Fixed support for Kunena 1.5

JFBConnect v3.2 (4/7/2011)

For more information on the main features in this release, see our Blog Post.


  • Enhanced wall posts with URL, Image, and Message on registration & login
  • Add full support for Open Graph tags per page or throughout site
  • Allow admin approval of new users or skip Joomla activation
  • Add new user email notification for Facebook-only users
  • Added option to show required profile fields on the registration section of the Login/Registration form.
  • Add middle name import and fix full name import to take advantage of Facebook's "Full Name Appears As" field
  • Prevent auto-mapping if user already has a mapping
  • Include the JFBCContent plugin on component installation
  • Remove the JFBConnect User plugin and Joomla User plugin ordering requirement
  • Add customizable permissions to configuration
  • Add AJAX checking to configuration settings to reduce configuration issues
  • Add language override setting
  • Change minimum password length to 6 characters and add JavaScript validation
  • Unpublish JFBCSystem plugin when JFBConnect extension is uninstalled
  • Additional checks to ensure that uninstalling component doesn't cause errors if modules/plugins are still enabled
  • Added compatibility for PHP <5.1.3 (Requires 5.0+ now)
  • Update Overview page to add green check to JFBConnect and add JFBCContent plugin


  • Add admin email notifications for Comments and Likes
  • Add configuration options to make pages into Open Graph objects
  • JFBCContent plugin: add settings for frontpage, article, section blog and category blog
  • JFBCContent plugin: add settings for Inclusion/Exclusion for Articles, Categories and Sections
  • Update example/demonstration area to describe available Social plugin tags and usage
  • Update social modules to latest available Facebook options
  • JFBCLogin: add size option
  • JFBCLogin: add show logout button option
  • JFBCLogin: add option to show username or fullname for greeting
  • Fix bug where content tags appear on Contacts page
  • Update JFBCComments for improved Comments Box and deprecated XID
  • Fix bug for Comments tag - href incorrect in blog view
  • JFBCContent plugin: prevent firing in administrator area
  • JFBCContent plugin: Standardize hrefs to always be consistent for articles
  • JFBCSystem plugin: Add render key for System tags to prevent user-entered tags from rendering
  • JFBCSystem plugin: Make social tags case-insensitive
  • JFBCSystem plugin: Add support for False/0 and True/1 for social tag values
  • Add social tags for remaining social modules
  • JFBCSocial plugin: Move functionality to JFBCSystem plugin. This plugin is now deprecated


  • Update new Facebook profile fields
  • Separate Facebook locations into separate fields
  • Pull in gender for Agora profile
  • Fix bug that prevented empty Facebook fields from being imported
  • Better checks in profile plugins to prevent firing if component not installed

JomSocial Profile Plugin v3.1.1 (3/1/2011)

  • Enh: Added option to update the JomSocial status with the user's current FB status on registration/login

Kunena Profile Plugin v3.1.1 (2/22/2011)

  • Bug: Fixed updating of avatar on returning user login

JFBComments module v3.1.1 (2/19/2011)

  • Enh: Add ability to hide the Like button in the comments module

JFBConnect v3.1.2 (1/24/2011)

  • Enh: Add language strings
  • Bug: Fix returning user login redirection when Auto Login of FB Users enabled
  • Bug: Remove duplicate profile mapping message
  • Bug: Login/Register: If hiding email field, check if email exists. If not, show anyways
  • Bug: Fix the status message update logic
  • Bug: Fix { JFBCLogin } not working correctly if only JFBC functionality on the page
  • Bug: JFBCSocial plugin - fix showFaces=false for JFBCLike tag
  • Enh: JFBCFan module - add height parameter for frame

JFBConnect v3.1.1 (1/6/2011)

  • Bug fix: Prevented error on insertion of Javascript into non-HTML pages (AJAX, RSS feeds, etc)

JFBConnect v3.1.0 (1/4/2011)

New Features:

  • Added/Fixed logout redirection
  • Added new Extension Check area to overview page with version numbers of all installed/available extensions
  • Added { JFBCLogin} tag for easily putting the blue button anywhere on your site
  • Moved login parameters to main component from JFBCLogin module (allows easier insertion of Login button on other pages)
  • Added "Email Field on Registration" to show/hide the email field on the registration form (Full Joomla User setting only)
  • Pre-fill the email field on the registration form with the user's Facebook email address (Full Joomla User setting only)

New Profile Integration System:

  • Plugin based system for easier adding/updating of profile integration. Plugins available for:
    • JomSocial (compatible with previous 'built-in' integration)
    • Community (compatible with previous 'built-in' integration)
    • Kunena (compatible with previous 'built-in' integration)
    • K2 - New!
    • Agora - New!
  • Ability to import into date fields
  • Ability to import Joomla/Facebook connections from other components (JomSocial only for now)
  • More coming soon (have suggestions, let us know!)
  • Added support for the import of the following fields:
    • Profile blurb, music, books, movies, tv, activities, interests, college attended, high school attended


  • (Speed) Removal of 2nd unnecessary AJAX call for optional permissions
  • (Speed) Drastically reduced database queries per page
  • (Speed/Compatibility) Changed Facebook API Javascript inclusion code, use asynchronous loading always
  • Use /tmp directory to store avatars downloaded from Facebook before importing
  • Overhauled JFBConnect Javascript for easier extension and new feature development (lots of cool stuff coming)
  • Joomla 1.6 groundwork (not compatible yet!)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed "Verify Password" field functionality on registration form
  • Changed requirement for password to be at least 4 characters
  • Fixed Automatic User Mapping by Email address on sites with custom database prefix

Language Files:

  • Included system messages and cleaned up files in general.
  • Added the following languages:
  • Chinese - Thanks Tommy C!
  • Hebrew - Thanks Amir!
  • German - Thanks eWort!
  • French - Thanks Argancel!

JFBConnect v3.0.3 / JFBCSocial v3.0.5 (11/19/2010)

  • JFBConnect Component - Fix for avatar import issue introduced in overnight update by Facebook
  • JFBCSocial - Added check to ensure main component is installed to prevent errors if component is uninstalled.

JFBCSocial Plugin v3.0.4 / JFBCContent Plugin v3.0.0 (11/17/2010)

  • Enhancement: Add new content plugin to show comments and like box in article views. An upgrade to the new 3.0.4 JFBCSocial plugin is also required for this new plugin to fully function.
  • Enhancement: Add ability to hide the like box that comes with the comment view

JFBCSocial Plugin v3.0.3 / JFBCLike Module v3.0.1 (10/28/2010)

  • Bug fix: for non-SEF URL's, query string was not being used correctly and only base URL was set.
  • Bug fix: when retrieving parameters for JFBCLike url and JFBCShare shareToLike, the URL's were incorrectly split up in some cases, causing URL's to be incomplete

JFBConnect v3.0.2 (09/29/2010)

  • Bug fix: Resolved a "Facebook API 100 Error" during login introduced by the 9/29/10 Facebook platform update. Only affected certain JFBConnect configurations.
  • Enhancement: Added support for profile importing into Kunena 1.6
  • Enhancement: Added a new JFBConnect System plugin. Currently helps to resolve some IE social module issues. Will have new features in near future.
  • Enhancement/Speed Improvement: Removed 2nd (optional) permission redirect request when not required. 1 less round-trip to Facebook on login/registration.
  • Enhancement/Speed Improvement: Updated to asynchronous loading of Facebook Javascript libraries for improved page load times.
  • Bug Fix (component): Removed erroneous call to logoutFacebookUser when proper connection to Facebook could not be acquired (rare).
  • Bug Fix (component): Removed some possible warnings from the backend overview page when the Facebook API settings were not configured.
  • Bug Fix (JFBCSocial plugin 10/14/2010): Fix bug where Facebook Javascript not properly included.

JFBConnect v3.0.1 (09/19/2010)

  • Enhancement (All): Multi-Lingual Support - Load Facebook Javascript libraries based on the currently selected language in Joomla.
  • Enhancement/Speed Improvement (component): No longer require mootools on every page
  • Enhancement/Speed Improvement (component): Removed additional AJAX request for optional FB permissions during login
  • Enhancement (component): Added a "Disable SSL Verification" option in the Facebook Configuration area. To be used on servers with out of date SSL root certificates.
  • Enhancement (component): Replaced cURL method to fetch avatar. Solves issues on some server configurations.
  • Bug fix (component): Resolved issues when Facebook profile has no avatar
  • Bug fix (JFBCLogin): Prevent fatal error if JFBConnect is not installed

JFBConnect v3.0.0 (09/06/2010)

  • Bug fix (JFBConnect component/JFBCLogin module): Auto-login redirect and logout issues
  • Bug fix (JFBCInvite module): fix for automatic resizing of Width
  • Bug fix (JFBConnect component): Security hardening based on feedback from Brian Teeman
  • Bug fix (JFBConnect component): Better image quality for imported avatars
  • Bug fix (JFBConnect component): Fix for JSON decode not included in PHP5.0-5.2
  • Bug fix (various modules): div text input could not be blank
  • Enhancement (JFBConnect component): Setting for accounts to be automatically mapped if a user from Facebook logs into the site using the same email address as an existing user
  • Enhancement (JFBCFan module): Add parameter for Page ID instead of hardcoding value to App ID
  • Enhancement (JFBCLike module): Add parameter for the URL to like instead of hardcoding value to the current page
  • Enhancement (JFBCComments module): Add ability to generate unique ID per page instead of using passed in parameter

JFBConnect v3.0RC2 (08/16/2010)

  • New JFBCShare module: Let your users share your content on their Facebook wall
  • New JFBCSocial plugin: provides the ability to embed the JFBCLike, JFBCComments and JFBCShare functionality in page content using a system plugin
  • Bug fix (JFBCInvite): Fix bugs with module not sending out the invites to users properly
  • Bug fix (Social modules): Update Social modules to not require users to be logged in
  • Bug fix (Component): Fix mapping current users failure
  • Bug fix (Component): Fix log out of Joomla only bug
  • Bug fix (Component): Remove unused Request and Clear Request buttons out of Usermap administrative area
  • Bug fix (Component): Rename Facebook class to avoid conflicts with other extensions using the Facebook PHP SDK.
  • Enhancement (Component): Add CSS selectors to loginregister form for easier styling

JFBConnect v3.0RC1 (08/09/2010)

  • Integration of Facebook Graph API
  • Auto-login
  • Speed improvements
  • Better administrative debugging capabilities
  • Analytics (active users per day/month/etc)
  • Enhanced support for 3rd party integration
  • New JFBCLike module: Add a "Like this" button to every page on your site with a few clicks
  • New JFBCRecommendations module: Give your users personalized suggestions for other pages on your site they may like
  • New JFBCComments module: Add a comment box to any page!
  • New JFBCFeed module: Show users what their friends are doing on your site through likes and comments (above)
  • New JFBCFan module: Add a "Fanbox" to your site
  • New JFBCFriends module: Show profile pictures of a user's friends who are already active on your site
  • New JFBCLiveStream module: Let your users share activity and comments in real-time
  • Bug fix (component): respect Joomla's return URLs
  • Bug fix (JFBCLogin): Add Dutch Translations
  • Bug fix (JFBCLogin): Fix/clarify remapping of Joomla users to Facebook users