JLinked Migration

JFBConnect v6.0 integrated the features of JLinked, our LinkedIn integration extension for Joomla. Within JFBConnect, there is a migration tool that should be used to copy your JLinked settings over and create a smooth transition.

Before You Being

We recommend the following before performing the migration:

  • Create a Backup: There are many changes that will be made to your database and files during this process. As with all large changes on your site, it's highly recommend to take a backup of your current files and configuration before proceeding with the steps below.
  • Test on a Development Site First: Before migrating your live site, test the migration process and ensure that all features from JLinked you used and need are functioning as expected when using JFBConnect.

The JLinked Migration Process

Migrating from JLinked to JFBConnect is meant to be an easy process. JFBConnect has a tool to assist with migrating your settings, but further configuration and checks for common issues will be required for each site. The steps below should take you through the entire migration process.

Install JFBConnect v6.0+

Install JFBConnect using the Joomla Install manager, just like any other Joomla extension. Upon installation, you'll be recommended to run Autotune, the automatic configuration tool for JFBConnect. This tool will take you through the creation of different social network applications to get the proper API and Secret keys.

During this process, please leave the LinkedIn API/Secret key area blank.

Running The Migration Tool

Once installed, navigate to the JFBConnect -> Configuration administrator area. Then, click on the "LinkedIn" tab. At the bottom, you should see a section like shown below:

JLinked to JFBConnect Migration Options

There are 3 steps provided for migrating your JLinked settings to JFBConnect and removing JLinked:

  1. Settings Migration
    Clicking this link will copy over your LinkedIn Application ID and Secret key from JLinked. It will also import all user-mappings stored in JLinked so that your existing LinkedIn users will be able to login using LinkedIn just as they did before.
  2. Uninstall JLinked
    This option will uninstall the JLinked component and associated plugins. The same can be done manually from the Joomla install manager.
    At this point, please test JFBConnect's LinkedIn authentication functionality to ensure everything operates as you expect.
  3. Delete JLinked Database Tables
    When JLinked is normally uninstalled, the database tables are left on your system. This is done to allow for easy upgrading without losing your settings. Since you will no longer be using JLinked, you can use this option to completely remove the old JLinked tables.
    Note: It is recommended to only perform this step after you have tested JFBConnect and are confident that the LinkedIn features you need are working as expected.

Additional Site-Specific Migration Steps

JLinked has many different features. The steps above should be performed on any site that is migrating from JLinked to JFBConnect. The sections below cover migrating specific features that you may also be using.

Profile Import

JFBConnect uses upgraded versions of the "Social Profile" plugins used by JLinked. Your plugins will be automatically upgraded when you install JFBConnect. The field-mappings from LinkedIn to your 3rd party profile extensions will not be saved and will need to be re-configured.

To configure the profile importing options, please navigate to the JFBConnect -> Profiles administration area. In there, you set the field mappings for all social networks, including LinkedIn. Configure the mappings similiarly to how you did it in JLinked.

Switch to JFBConnect Modules

If you were using any JLinked social modules, like the Apply Button, Company Insider, Member Profile or others, you will need to migrate to the JFBConnect equivalent. The old JLinked modules will no longer work. To re-configure these modules, please go to the Joomla Module Manager, and:

  1. Disable the existing JLinked Module
  2. Create a "New" instance of the "SCSocialWidget" module. This module lets you configure any of the social features from JFBConnect for any social network.
  3. In the Settings area, select the Provider of "LinkedIn" and select the Widget Type of whatever JLinked Module you are replacing.
  4. The settings specific to that module should appear and allow you to configure the module in the same way as the previous JLinked module.
  5. When the module is working, you can delete the original JLinked module it's replacing. It's good to only delete it after you're sure the SCSocialWidget module is working as expected. Until you delete it, you'll be able to compare your old and new settings, in case there are issues.

Missing Features

JLinked had the ability to add a Member Profile or Company Info box to the bottom of all Joomla articles. That feature does not exist in JFBConnect. It is planned for a future release, but is not available in v6.0. Should you need this ability, please let us know in our forums so we can discuss and re-prioritize its implementation in JFBConnect.

Test and Report

During the migration process and afterwards, please test that all features are working as expected. If you run into any issues, we'll gladly help resolve them as quickly as possible. Let us know any problems or feature requests you may have in the support forums.

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