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Profiles Section

JFBConnect integrates with 3rd party community components to automatically populate your social network profile data into these systems. We currently support: JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, Kunena, K2, Alpha User Points, HikaShop, AgoraPro and Virtuemart.

If you have one of these 3rd party components installed, and want to automatically import profile information from our supported networks into your new users' accounts, read on. If not, proceed to the next step.


1) The Social Profile plugins are automatically installed on your system based on the supported 3rd party extensions that are already installed for your site. JFBConnect won't install unnecessary plugins.

2) If you add a new supported 3rd party component after JFBConnect has been installed and wish to install the associated JFBConnect Social Profile plugin, you can find it in the "Packages" directory of the main JFBConnect zip file you download from this site. Simply use the "Extensions->Install/Uninstall" or "Extensions->Extension Manager" menu item in the administration area. Use the "Upload Package File" section, select the desired profiles' zip files from the "Packages" directory (example: ), and click "Upload File & Install". Note: Only install the profile plugins for the third-party components you have installed and want to integrate with; installing all of the plugins is likely not necessary for your site.

3) Next, navigate to the Plugin area by going to "Extensions->Plugin" manager. You will need to install and enable the desired socialprofiles plugins. 

  • Enable "Social Profiles - JomSocial" for JomSocial
  • Enable "Social Profiles - Community Builder" for Community Builder
  • Enable "Social Profiles - EasySocial" for EasySocial
  • Enable "Social Profiles - Kunena" for Kunena
  • Enable "Social Profiles - K2" for K2
  • Enable "Social Profiles - Alpha User Points" for Alpa User Points
  • Enable "Social Profiles - Hikashop" for HikaShop
  • Enable "Social Profiles - AgoraPro" for AgoraPro
  • Enable "Social Profiles - Virtuemart" for Virtuemart
  • Enable "Social Profiles - Virtuemart2" for Virtuemart2
  • Enable "Social Profiles - Joomla" for Joomla's associated profile system

4) Next, navigate to the JFBConnect Profiles area by going to "Components->JFBConnect->Profiles and then clicking on the desired 3rd party component name. You will need to configure the integration in each of the Profiles' tabs. (Note: Only enabled socialprofiles plugins will show up on the Profiles page.)

You will see a page similar to that below, though your fields in the lower section will likely be different.


Integration Options

  • Always Import Profile Data: Set to "Yes" to import users' avatars/field data each time they log in. If set to "No" the import will only occur on registration.
  • Import Avatar: Set to "Yes" automatically to import the user's social network avatar into the user's 3rd party profile.
  • Skip CB Activation (Community Builder Only): Set to "Yes" to automatically activate new users with Community Builder. If set to "No" and activation is enabled in Community Builder, the user will need to activate their account. The user will first need to log out of the site and then activate. Otherwise, the activation will fail.
  • Skip Terms of Service (Community Builder and JomSocial Only): Set to "Skip" so new users will not be required to accept the Community Builder/JomSocial Terms of Service. If set to "Show" and Enable Terms & Conditions is enabled in Community Builder/JomSocial, the user will need to accept the terms and conditions before the account is successfully created.
  • Import Social Network Status (JomSocial Only): Set to "Yes" to import the user's status into JomSocial each time they log in. If set to 'Yes' JFBConnect may request the additional Facebook permission "Facebook Status".
  • Show Profile Fields: If set to Required, any custom fields will be shown on the Login/Registration page if they are set as required and published. If set to All or None, all fields will be shown or hidden, respectively. Any hidden field values will still be imported into their mapped profile fields. This setting only applies if the Registration Flow setting is set to "Normal Registration". Note: The only profiles that support custom fields are currently JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, and Virtuemart.
  • Show Imported Fields: If set to 'Show', any fields that will be imported from the social network will be shown on the Login/Registration page. If set to 'Hide', these fields will be hidden, but their values will still be imported into their mapped profile fields. This setting only applies if the Registration Flow setting is set to "Normal Registration".

Field Mapping

JFBConnect allows you to map social network profile fields into some default fields in Kunena, K2, Agora, HikaShop and AlphaUserPoints and Virtuemart or any text area, text field or date field that you've created within JomSocial, EasySocial or Community Builder. The left-hand column shows all available 3rd party fields to which you can automatically import social network profile data into. On the right, use the drop-down to select the profile data field that you want fetched into the 3rd party field.

When done, click "Apply Changes" and proceed to the next step.

Further Integration With 3rd Party Extensions

In addition to importing profile information, there are some other ways to integrate JFBConnect into Community Builder, EasySocial, JomSocial, Kunena, and other 3rd Party Extensions. We highly recommend if you're using any of the profile plugins to also look at the "Common Support Questions Area for 3rd Party Integration" to learn any specific details for integration with your system of choice.