Style Classes

More recent versions of SCLogin have introduced some additional parameters for styling elements in the module. Instead of creating your own template override to add custom classes to the button elements, you can use our Styles parameters instead.

Register / Login Buttons

Set the classes for Register and Login buttons to match your site styles. To do this, open your SCLogin module and navigate to the Styles tab. If you're using JFBConnect, you can leave these two settings blank and the values from JFBConnect will be used instead. Otherwise, suggested values would be 'btn-primary' for the Login button and 'btn-secondary' for the Register button. 

SCLogin - Register and Login classes

Form Buttons

If you're showing the login form, SCLogin can also display a Forgot User button, Forgot Password button, Show/Hide Password button and a User Icon. These parameters are found in the styles tab as well. The suggested values for these would be the FontAwesome icon classes.

SCLogin - Icon Classes