Table of Contents

SCLogin v8.4.3
SCLogin v8.4.1
SCLogin v8.3.2
SCLogin v8.0.5
SCLogin v8.0.4
SCLogin v8.0.3
SCLogin v8.0.0
SCLogin v7.2.5
SCLogin v7.2.3
SCLogin v7.2.2
SCLogin v7.2.1
SCLogin v7.2.0
SCLogin v7.1.2
SCLogin v7.1.0
SCLogin v7.0.3
SCLogin v7.0.1
SCLogin v7.0.0
SCLogin v4.5.3
SCLogin v4.5.2
SCLogin v4.5.1
SCLogin v4.4.2
SCLogin v4.4.1
SCLogin v4.4.0
SCLogin v4.3.0
SCLogin v4.2.4
SCLogin v4.2.3
SCLogin v4.2.1
SCLogin v4.2.0
SCLogin v4.1.2
SCLogin v4.1.1
SCLogin v4.1.0
SCLogin v4.0.6
SCLogin v4.0.5
SCLogin v4.0.4
SCLogin v4.0.3
SCLogin v4.0.2
SCLogin v4.0.1
SCLogin v3.2.2
SCLogin v3.2.1
SCLogin v3.2.0
SCLogin v3.1.2
SCLogin v3.1.1
SCLogin v3.1.0
SCLogin v3.0.3
SCLogin v3.0.2
SCLogin v3.0.1
SCLogin v3.0.0

 SCLogin v8.4.3 for J3.X (05/29/2020)

  • Enh: Toggle password to view input password

 SCLogin v8.4.1 for J3.X (05/05/2020)

  • Enh: Add module setting for form CSS Login and Register buttons

 SCLogin v8.3.2 for J2.5 and J3.X (1/22/2020)

  • Bug Fix: Consistent CSS styling for Instagram social login buttons

 SCLogin v8.0.5 for J2.5 and J3.X (1/16/2019)

  • Bug Fix: SCLogin DOM elements with non-unique id
  • Bug Fix: Double tooltip in SCLogin

 SCLogin v8.0.4 for J2.5 and J3.X (11/17/2018)

  • Enh: Add option for link to Joomla user profile

 SCLogin v8.0.3 for J2.5 and J3.X (08/20/2018)

  • Bug Fix: Remember Me breaks when OTP activated

 SCLogin v8.0.0 for J2.5 and J3.X (06/04/2018)

  • Facebook avatar no longer clickable to open user profile link

 SCLogin v7.2.5 for J2.5 and J3.X (03/13/2018)

  • Bug Fix: Horizontal placement of modal conflict with some templates

 SCLogin v7.2.3 for J2.5 and J3.X (12/28/2017)

  • Bug Fix: User menu doesn't use default value for 'Display in Menu' if unset in menu item

 SCLogin v7.2.2 for J2.5 and J3.X (10/08/2017)

  • Bug Fix: User menu displaying menu items even if they're designated to hidden
  • Bug Fix: Add fallback Joomla avatar if Custom Registration Link selected

 SCLogin v7.2.1 for J2.5 and J3.X (06/21/2017)

  • Enh: Fall back to Joomla avatar if Social Avatar is not present
  • Bug Fix: Add required tags to username and password in Joomla user login form

 SCLogin v7.2.0 for J2.5 and J3.X (03/28/2017)

  • Compatibility with JFBConnect 7.2.0
  • Update tooltip text

 SCLogin v7.1.2 for J2.5 and J3.X (12/27/2016)

  • Bug Fix: Add option to toggle autofocus for username element

 SCLogin v7.1.0 for J2.5 and J3.X (11/18/2016)

  • Enh: Autofocus cursor to username element
  • Enh: Add menu item images to User Account menu when logged in
  • Enh: Update styles to grow modal view correctly for mobile view
  • Bug Fix: Update styles to scroll modal window for modal

 SCLogin v7.0.3 for J2.5 and J3.X (8/23/2016)

  • Updated translations

 SCLogin v7.0.1 for J2.5 and J3.X (6/15/2016)

  • Enh: Add ability to show post text to social buttons

 SCLogin v7.0.0 for J2.5 and J3.X (4/27/2016)

  • Enh: Add option to show K2 avatar
  • Enh: Two Factor Authentication - check for Site Section setting in plugin
  • Bug Fix: Two Factor Authentication - OTP check fails with Joomla 3.5
  • Bug Fix: Login with Community Builder can fail
  • Bug Fix: Logout while on EasySocial profile page fails

 SCLogin v4.5.3 for J2.5 and J3.X (12/18/2015)

  • Bug Fix: SCLogin fails with older versions of JFBConnect

 SCLogin v4.5.2 for J2.5 and J3.X (12/16/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Redirection with Joomla user login/logout incorrect with Joomla 3.4.6

 SCLogin v4.5.1 for J2.5 and J3.X (12/11/2015)

  • Enh: JomSocial avatar should use thumb image
  • Compatibility with JFBConnect v6.5.0

 SCLogin v4.4.2 for J2.5 and J3.X (08/24/2015)

  • Compatibility with JFBConnect v6.4.2

 SCLogin v4.4.1 for J2.5 and J3.X (07/04/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Fix modal that can extend to bottom of screen
  • Bug Fix: Fix JomSocial Link pic to social profile for some configurations

 SCLogin v4.4.0 for J2.5 and J3.X (05/14/2015)

  • Compatibility with JFBConnect v6.4.0

 SCLogin v4.3.0 for J2.5 and J3.X (03/18/2015)

  • Enh: Custom link for Registration button
  • Enh: Add option to not show title for UserMenu
  • Enh: Add option to disable social login functionality
  • Bug Fix: Fatal error for Enable Profile Pic without JFBConnect installed
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin margin for reconnect buttons

 SCLogin v4.2.4 for J2.5 and J3.X (12/15/2014)

  • Enh: Add option for Logout to be a text link

 SCLogin v4.2.3 for J2.5 and J3.X (10/31/2014)

  • Bug Fix: JFBConnect AutoLogin website transparency broken with SCLogin styling

 SCLogin v4.2.1 for J2.5 and J3.X (09/30/2014)

  • Bug Fix: SCLogin styling causes modal to fail in some cases

 SCLogin v4.2.0 for J2.5 and J3.X (09/29/2014)

  • Enh: Add option to 'User Menu' to set title of menu to the user's name
  • Enh: Add caching for avatar and profile links

 SCLogin v4.1.2 for J2.5 and J3.X (08/11/2014)

  • Bug Fix: SCLogin fatal error in settings area on Joomla 3.2.0-3.2.3
  • Bug Fix: Connect account text always shows, even when all networks have been connected
  • Bug Fix: Fatal error in admin area on PostgreSQL sites
  • Bug Fix: Fatal error for deprecated methods - getForgotUser, getForgotPassword
  • Bug Fix: Warnings when connecting with Instagram after creating account with other network provider

 SCLogin v4.1.1 for J2.5 and J3.X (07/14/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Load SC Library in custom fields to prevent fatal errors in backend
  • Bug Fix: Add methods for deprecated getForgotUser and getForgotPassword functions
  • Bug Fix: When JFBConnect is uninstalled, some strings in administration area are untranslated

 SCLogin v4.1.0 for J2.5 and J3.X (06/27/2014)

  • Enh: Allow customization of Login buttons, providing easier mechanism to set up differently throughout JFBConnect or SCLogin
  • Enh: Add options for text-based forgot username/password fields
  • Enh: Add orientation for Top
  • Bug Fix: Fatal errors when JFBC not installed
  • Bug Fix: Forgot Username and Password do not work for outdated EasySocial version
  • Bug Fix: Hidden "Remember Me" option does not work

 SCLogin v4.0.6 for J2.5 and J3.X (05/09/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Update EasySocial register, remember and profile links to use native routing calls

 SCLogin v4.0.5 for J2.5 and J3.X (04/29/2014)

  • Enh: Add a Modal 'Close' button
  • Enh: Add "Remember Me" options for show, hide and hide but enable
  • Enh: Add a language string for "Or login with" for the social buttons
  • Bug Fix: Joomla login width is set too small when social buttons aren't shown
  • Bug Fix: Better detection of jQuery and inclusion of our fallback library

 SCLogin v4.0.4 for J2.5 and J3.X (04/11/2014)

  • Bug Fix: EasySocial forgot password and forgot username links incorrect with EasySocial 1.2

 SCLogin v4.0.3 for J2.5 and J3.X (03/21/2014)

  • Bug Fix: SCLogin theme won't properly override bootstrap CSS when JFBConnect not installed
  • Bug Fix: Javascript re-connect buttons don't align properly

 SCLogin v4.0.2 for J2.5 and J3.X (03/05/2014)

  • Bug Fix: CSS theme override doesn't work on Windows
  • Bug Fix: Tabstops for Joomla login can be incorrect for username/password
  • Bug Fix: Invalid HTML for surrounding div for user intro text

 SCLogin v4.0.1 for J2.5 and J3.X (02/19/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Fix usermap PHP notice on SCLogin load
  • Bug Fix: Fatal error thrown when 'Enable Profile Picture' set to 'Social Network'
  • Bug Fix: Logout redirection can throw SQL error in rare cases
  • Bug Fix: Improved logout redirection under various SEF configurations
  • Bug Fix: Menu links configured to open in new window will now stay in current instead
  • Bug Fix: Improve modal z-index
  • Enh: Add capability for themes to create new 'template' modal view with SourceCoast's stylings
  • Enh: Get Community Builder user's avatar using API
  • Enh: Only perform OTP check on Joomla 3.2+
  • Enh: Placeholder backward compatibility with IE9 and older browsers

 SCLogin v3.2.2 for J2.5 and J3.X (12/16/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Fix JomSocial avatar display when stored in Amazon S3
  • Enh: Add support for Two Factor Authentication

 SCLogin v3.2.1 for J2.5 and J3.X (11/15/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Twitter reconnect button showing even if Twitter is not configured
  • Bug Fix: Custom Twitter image link does not work
  • Enh: Add EasySocial registration component/profile link options

 SCLogin v3.2.0 for J2.5 and J3.X (11/08/2013)

  • Bug Fix: User menu dropdown button does not consistently work
  • Bug Fix: Remove check for invalid locale
  • Bug Fix: Language string for No Google Plus not translated correctly
  • Enh: Open avatar profile link in new window for social networks
  • Enh: Update default styling for forgot password/username buttons

 SCLogin v3.1.2 for J2.5 and J3.0 (09/25/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Google+ custom link image doesn't work
  • Bug Fix: SCLogin / JFBConnect CSS & JQuery optimizations and conflict fixes
  • Bug Fix: CB Joomla login redirection doesn't work
  • Enh: Add language string for Login / Register separator
  • Enh: Use JFBConnect 'Use JQuery' setting when JFBConnect is installed

 SCLogin v3.1.1 for J2.5 and J3.0 (08/30/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Avatar image always shown even if 'Hide' is selected for profile picture
  • Bug Fix: Fall back to English translations for admin area strings
  • Bug Fix: External and Alias items in the User menu don't work
  • Enh: Move getLogoutButton functionality into template file, to be overrideable

 SCLogin v3.1.0 for J2.5 and J3.0 (08/26/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Add call for Bootstrap CSS in Joomla 3 when required
  • Bug Fix: Make modal Login/Register links use language file
  • Bug Fix: glyphicons not included in the 3.0 package
  • Bug Fix: Port not used in redirections
  • Bug Fix: Improved template compatibility for forgot icons and buttons
  • Bug Fix: Change Re-Connect to only show if user has never connected instead of not currently logged in
  • Bug Fix: Modal fix when used on JomSocial 3.0 pages
  • Enh: Responsive modal
  • Enh: Move assets to media/sourcecoast directory
  • Enh: Allow modal to be used on pages without component output / Fix multiple z-index template conflicts
  • Enh: Add option for text logout (instead of button)
  • Enh: Add installer script and check for JFBC greater than v5.1
  • Enh: Redirect users to front-page if they would go a registered item
  • Enh: Add reconnect options to User Menu drop-down

 SCLogin v3.0.3 for J2.5 and J3.0 (07/08/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Fix fatal error for logout redirection when JFBConnect or JLinked are not installed

 SCLogin v3.0.2 for J2.5 and J3.0 (07/03/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Connect button should request permissions
  • Enh: Add Joomla logout redirection
  • Enh: Update affiliate links in modules/component to ShareASale
  • Enh: Update cs-CZ translations
  • Enh: Update pt-PT translations

 SCLogin v3.0.1 for J2.5 and J3.0 (06/14/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Include ItemId in UserMenu links
  • Bug Fix: Make the clearfix style more specific
  • Bug Fix: CSS to ensure modal is always hidden
  • Bug Fix: CSS to ensure proper modal location
  • Bug Fix: Add caching options
  • Bug Fix: Reconnect button does not log in to Facebook
  • Bug Fix: Login button images have an extra slash

 SCLogin v3.0.0 for J2.5 and J3.0 (05/31/2013)

Major Features

  1. Bootstrap styling
  2. Modal Popup view for login
  3. Vertical or horizontal layouts
  4. Side and bottom orientation
  5. Social Network Integration for Facebook and LinkedIn
  6. User Menu Dropdown


  • Bug Fix: Link for Register button in Modal view does not use the 'Register Type' parameter properly; instead it was hardcoded to Joomla registration link
  • Bug Fix: Register button will not hide in Modal view even if turned off in 'Show Register Button' option
  • Bug Fix: Update Facebook and LinkedIn images for transparent backgrounds
  • Bug Fix: Fall back to Joomla register type if selected third-party extension not found
  • Bug Fix: Fix fatal error when JomSocial not installed, but selected in 'Register Type'
  • Bug Fix: Fix fatal error when Community Builder not installed, but selected in 'Register Type'
  • Enh: Add option to show a menu group when the user is logged in, with styling for drop-down or flat-list views
  • Enh: Add Kunena integration for 'Register Type' and User Avatars

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