The SCLogin module supports the easy inclusion of special CSS files to quickly change the overall appearance of the output. Included is a "Default" theme, which is very similar to the Joomla mod_login looks, and "SourceCoast" which has a similar look to the login popup used on this site.

Read on for information on how to customize these styles or create your own.

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Style Classes

More recent versions of SCLogin have introduced some additional parameters for styling elements in the module. Instead of creating your own template override to add custom classes to the button elements, you can use our Styles parameters instead.

Read on for information on how to set these Style classes.

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SCLogin Downloads

View the SCLogin Changelog for a full list of changes for each version.


Product Version Release Date Compatibility Download Now
SCLogin 9.1.82 2024-03-21 00:00:00 J5 J4

Common Support Questions

Running into issues? While we have excellent support, should you need it, we always recommend checking out this list of common questions. With a little luck, and good work on our part, you'll find your answer right now!

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SCLogin is always improving with new login features, social network integration, bug-fixes and compatibility enhancements. If you're interested in seeing all the changes in the any release of SCLogin, this is the place to look.

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