Triggering an Action

After your Objects and Actions are configured, the next step is to actually let your users trigger them. There are 3 ways for an Open Graph Action to trigger on your Joomla site: Timed (consumption) actions, component actions, and user action. All are explained below.

Timed/Consumption Actions

Timed actions are those that trigger automatically after the user has remained on a page for a certain amount of time and 'consumed' the content of that page. They could have read an article, watched a movie, listened to a song or other similar events that take place while the user is simply on the page. 

How to Trigger Consumption Actions

These actions are triggered by using the "Automatic" action type and setting a "On Page Load Timer" to the number of seconds to wait before the action is automatically triggered.

Component Actions

A component action is one that is triggered when a user interacts with a component on your site. For example, if you've configured a "Vote" action for Joomla Content, this action will trigger automatically whenever a user votes for content on your site.

How to Trigger Component Actions

Set the action type to "Manual" when configuring the action.

User Initiated Actions

These actions use buttons on your site that the user can click to add the activity to their Timeline. When clicked, a popup window will appear with a message input, friend tagging and/or place tagging, depending on the capabilities you have set for your actions. These types of actions have a much higher social engagement factor and are much more likely to show in the user's Timeline, news feed, and other social channels. Additionally, if you have also set the Explicitly Shared capability, this action (according to Facebook) is guaranteed to show up in the user's Timeline.

How to Trigger User Initiated Actions

These actions need a 'button' on your site for the user to click. To add this button easily to your site, we've created the {JFBCAction ..} easy-tag. To use this, determine the ID of the action you created (this is available in the right-hand side of the action listing or in the top-right corner of the Action Edit view). Then, add the following tag anywhere to your site you want the button to appear.

{JFBCAction id=2 text=My Button Text}

The settings in that tag are:

  • id: The Action ID of the tag, as defined in the JFBConnect Open Graph area
  • text: The text to display in the button. This should indicate to the user what the action is for (I cooked this, I watched this, I use this, I like, Awesome, My Favorite, etc)
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