Open Graph Actions are a way to automatically post activity that user's make on your site to the user's Facebook Timeline. Open Graph Actions work by defining pages on your site as an 'object' (article, image, recipe) and then defining 'actions' (read, upload, cook) that can be taken on those 'objects'.

For a demonstration on setting up an Open Graph Action for a user to share content, see our Tutorial Video:

Setting up Open Graph Actions in Joomla

To setup Open Graph Actions in Joomla, there are a few steps that need to be taken. The process can seem complex, but JFBConnect has been designed to make this process as easy as possible. The steps required are:

  • Enable the Open Graph plugins in your Joomla site
  • Create any custom action or objects you want to use in your Facebook Application. Facebook's pre-defined objects and actions are below, and JFBConnect can create these automatically:
    • Objects such as album, article, author, book, business, course, genre, link, menu (restaurant), menu item (restaurant), movie, music playlist, object, product, profile, radio station, restaurant, song, TV Episode, TV Show, unit, video, and place do not need to be created in your Application first
    • Actions such as news.reads (reading an article), music.listens (listens to a song), or (watches a video) do not need to be created in your Application first
  • Create the Object types in JFBConnect that relate to your Joomla content
  • Create the Actions in JFBConnect that you want to take on your Joomla Objects
  • Test and submit your Actions and Objects to Facebook

Please Note: Do not submit your Action to Facebook for approval until you've read this guide, successfully tested your Action, and your site is live. If you submit too early, your action will not be approved.

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