JFBConnect Action Creation

After you've created Objects within JFBConnect to apply to your pages, you can create Actions that users can take on those objects. Things like "Reading an article" or "Cooking a recipe" can be created using actions and object pairs. This section continues with the "I cooked a recipe" example from previous sections, but the settings are similar for many types of actions.

To begin, go to the Open Graph -> Actions section in JFBConnect. Then click "New" to create a new action that you'll be able to apply to Objects you've created. You'll see a screen like below:

JFBConnect Action Creation

Custom Actions

We'll be creating a "New Custom Action". Custom actions are independent of any specific extension. In our example, the "Cook" action could be applied to any recipe whether that recipe is a Joomla article, K2 item, EasyBlog post, or something else. Similarly, if we want to create a "Read" action, that would work for any Joomla extension. These types of actions are triggered when either:

  • A use clicks a button for a popup and can enter
  • After a set time of viewing a page, like reading an article, listening to a song or watching a video

Extension Specific Actions

These types of actions are triggered when the user does something that's already built-in to supported extensions. For example, if you want to post to a user's Timeline when leaving a review in JReviews, voting on a Joomla article, or other actions that are defined in the Open Graph plugins, you can select those from the options. 

Editing the Action Settings

Once you've created the new Action, you'll see options like in the image below:

JFBConnect Action Settings

Action Settings

  • Title - This is your own custom title for the action used for looking it up in the admin area and for display in the user's Activity Log in the front-end
  • Action - This is the action type you created in your Facebook application. For our "I cooked a recipe" example, our Action is "cook". For Reading an article, use "news.reads"
  • Published - This specifies whether the action is available for use by your users
  • Built-In FB Action - Similar to the same setting in Objects, if you created an action in Facebook, this should be left unchecked. Since we created the 'cook' action, we will not check this box. For an action like 'news.reads', this should be enabled.


These should be enabled however you have enabled them in your Facebook Application. When enabled here, the Open Graph Action popup will display the user entered values like Friend Tagging, User Message, or Place Tagging.

Explicitly Shared is an option that means the user is fully aware that the action will be posted to their Timeline. Since there is a popup that clearly explains the action will be going to Facebook, this setting is ok to be enabled. However, using Explicitly Shared makes the approval process for your Action more rigorous. Additionally, you may not want every post to show in the Timeline. Some actions are 'lightly social', like "I'm interested in xyz" or even "I cooked". In these cases, you may not want the explicitly shared option so that it still goes to the user's Activity Log and can be seen in the news ticker and news feed but isn't guaranteed to display on that user's Timeline. 

Object Associations

In this area, select any objects you've created to which this action can act upon. In our case, we want our "cook" action to be allowed on "recipes", so we check that box.

Basic Settings

  • Unique Action - Select whether the action is unique and can only be performed once per user, or if it's allowed multiple times. The news.reads action must be unique, per Facebook, and should only be posted in a user's activity log the first time they read an article. For our "cook" action, you could choose to only allow a user to cook a recipe once or you could allow them to post that they've cooked it multiple times. 
  • Multiple Action Frequency - When the "Unique Action" setting is set to "Allow Multiple", this setting will determine how often an action can be posted to a user's Facebook Activity Log
  • User Can Disable - When enabled, a user can disable this action in the JFBConnect Open Graph Settings area from every posting on their behalf from your site. This should be enabled on extension-specific actions, like voting on an article and leaving a review or on automatic actions like Reading an Article. For our example of "I cooked a recipe", since the user will be specifically clicking the button popup and choosing to post the message, there is no need to allow them to disable it. They already have the choice.

Automatic Actions

These settings determine how the action is triggered. Almost all actions you create will be "Manual" actions, in that the user needs to do something on your site for them to post. For consumption actions, like "reading an article", "watching a video", or "listening to a song", those actions would be automatic as they trigger a set amount of time after a page has loaded:

  • Action Type - Manual if the user has to 'do' something for the action to happen. Automatic when the action should be triggered after a set time of viewing a page. Please note that only FB Built-In Actions that are meant for 'consumption of content', like news.reads, videos.watch, songs.listens, etc should be of type Automatic
  • On Page Load Timer - When an action is automatic, this value will determine how many seconds after the page has loaded for the action to trigger. For the news.reads action, and others, Facebook requires the user to be viewing the page for at least 10 seconds. We'd recommend a value of 20 or higher, just to be safe of Facebook's requirements

Whew! Lots of settings, but hopefully not too complex. From here, your actions are ready to be triggered by your users.

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