Facebook offers some unique integrations with your site, such as Page Tabs and Facebook Messenger. Learn more about those features here as well as how to go through App Review smoothly.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook has launched a customer chat widget for Messenger. It allows your customers to message directly from your Joomla website to your Facebook Page. By combining interactions from the Messenger App and the plugin on your page, you'll be able to engage with your customer and keep them drawn into your site.

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Facebook App Review

When you create a Facebook application, users can authenticate and JFBConnect can fetch their email address, first name, last name and a few other basic details about the user. To get additional information about the user's profile or do more advanced features, you'll need to go through the Facebook App Review process to show why you want those permissions for your site.

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Facebook Page Tabs

Showing your site (or parts of it) in Facebook can be a huge boon to getting more traffic and more users. By using the Facebook Tab integration features of JFBConnect or higher, you're letting your users see your site through Facebook's "walled garden", which adds a layer of trust and also adds enhanced social integration options for better engaging with your users. The below guide takes you through the steps of setting up a Facebook Page Tab views for your site and Facebook Application.

If you already have a Facebook Page, you can show your site within Facebook.com. It's great for 'familiarity' for your users as they aren't leaving the walled gardens of Facebook, and it can be a great way to create promotions or get newsletter signups. 

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Facebook SSL Certificates

Facebook requires an SSL Certificate to be installed on your Joomla site if you want to show your website in a Facebook Page or to send Facebook Requests. By using https URLs, Facebook is able to transmit sensitive information about the visitor that can't be sent over a non-secure connection. This guide will show you how to obtain and install an SSL certificate covering multiple server types.

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