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7 years 3 months ago #52628 by alzander
The video is helpful, but I'm still confused on what's happening:
* At the beginning, the warning about the missing factory.php file is shown. Then, about halfway through, that error goes away. You rename the directory, which fixes the error and that seems correct. That seems correct. With the directory improperly named, the file is going to be missing.
* You're disabling things from the "Manage" area of the Joomla installer. The proper way to disable things is from the Plugin Manager or Module Manager. Doing so from the Manage area can cause other problems like you see where the SCLogin module shows "Extension Disabled".
* When you're testing, please set Error Reporting to 'Maximum' as Melissa notes above so that we can see the error.

Are the API / Secret keys still properly set in the Configuration -> Facebook area (or other social network tabs)? If not set there, the social login buttons won't display for that network. That tab was never shown in your screen cast.

Let us know what the blank page error you're getting is and we'll help however we can. Also, feel free to send us super admin credentials through a Private Message so we can login and look at what's happening closer.

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7 years 3 months ago #52660 by qeaou
I sent login details via PM. Can you help?
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7 years 3 months ago #52674 by mel
Please see the PM we just sent. Can you send FTP access as well? The plugins are enabled and causing the white screen on the front-end and back-end currently.
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7 years 3 months ago #52680 by mel
Thanks for the FTP credentials. There seemed to be a conflict with your system plugins. By re-ordering the JFBCSystem plugin first, it seemed to resolve the issue. Please thoroughly review the behavior on your site and let us know if you continue to have problems.

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7 years 3 months ago #52686 by qeaou
That helped indeed,
but now we are back to the very first issue / error:

0 - An error has occurred.
Table config not supported. File not found.

I think we might have turned a full circle here...

Any ideas?
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7 years 3 months ago #52688 by alzander
That error means there's another extension on your site that's using a model called "Config" but not loading using the proper Joomla method which inserts the name of the extension first. A model is what interfaces with the database. Our config model is called:
We've run into issues with other extensions in the past that try to load their model simply using the name "Config", which will cause conflicts with any other extension that uses that name, like JFBConnect.

This would also explain the white page. When JFBConnect goes first, we load the config model and cause the 'other' extension to show a white page. When they are ordered first, JFBConnect has issues.

You'll need to narrow down what plugin (or plugins) are instantiating their model the wrong way. It's very likely that it would be a system plugin. What I'd recommend is going to the Plugin Manager and
* Disable plugins one-by-one.
* Test the saving to see if you get the error.
* If so, continue disabling plugins until the error goes away
* When the error goes away, start enabling plugins until you isolate the specific plugin (or plugins) that cause the issue.

If it's caused by multiple plugins, it's likely they'd all be from the same extension, like the dd plugins you have. I don't know what that is, but there were many plugins that started with dd. It's possible that only when all of those plugins (or another group of plugins from a separate extension) are disabled that the error will go away.

If error reporting worked on your site, things would be much easier as the white page would display an error from the specific extension, but the Error Reporting setting in the Joomla Global Configuration area has no effect, which means either the host has disabled that ability or another extension is specifically turning off error reporting (which is really bad).

Once you narrow that down, we'll be able to help further.

I hope that helps,
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