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2 months 5 days ago - 2 months 5 days ago #68457 by Maddieford
Just subscribed to JFBConnect. Trying to create a Social Stream for Business LinkedIn account. AutoTune is giving an error:JFBConnect Remote Error Check. 

Checks performed on: Subdomain.DeveloperDomainURL.comError: 
Uh oh! We could not fetch page due to an unknown error.

LinkedIn API Key & LinkedIn Secret Key are formatted corectly for &

LinkedIn Provider API Key & LinkedIn Secret Key are also formatted corectly. 

Please help me get this off the ground!
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2 months 18 hours ago #68465 by mel
1. First, sometimes our automated tool has issues fetching the page, but it doesn't necessarily mean there's an issue with functionality. Autotune in general is used to check Facebook application connectivity, so unless you're running into an error with functionality working on the front-end, it's usually ok to ignore that error.

The full error coming back from Autotune is usually "Not Acceptable! An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security." It seems like mod_security (an Apache firewall addon) is blocking our automated tool from scanning your page. Mod_security, in general, tries to prevent 'bad' requests (malicious, automated, and various other kinds). It may be detecting our tool is automated (not a real browser) and denying it. You'll need to investigate your mod_security logs, or disable it, to let the Autotune tool perform its checks. Additionally, we recommend testing your page with other automated checkers.

2. However, in your case, when I attempted to log in via LinkedIn, I see the following error "The redirect_uri does not match the registered value" Can you please verify that you've set up your LinkedIn application according to our Application Setup Guide . Once this error is resolved, then the channel can be set up following our Quick Start Guide for "View Social Network Streams" and "Post Content to Social Networks"

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