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Hi Alzander and Melissa,

Firstly I hope you're both well and thanks for this free extension. It's a great addition to a site combined with the power of social integration from JFBC!!

I've recently setup a Sendy installation with a custom domain inorder that newsletter links appear as a subdomain. I've installed the sendy integration package, published the plugins & module and populated the details of 1 list in the plugin, and the API key and list ID in system plugin.

My module is published but upon hitting subscribe, I get the following error:
"Uh oh! We encountered an error when trying to sign you up:Unable to decrypt string with openssl_decrypt()".

Please can you help?

Many thanks,

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2 years 11 months ago #67211 by alzander
Sorry for the long delay in getting back to this. I missed the post in our forums. The Sendy extension is nice, but not a lot of support requests for it...

As to your issue, that's a new one for us. We're on a slightly older build of Sendy, but I'm seeing that this site is running into an issue with signups in our module at the bottom of our page too.

Let me investigate the issue on our end to see if it's related.

While we do that, can you let us know if you're still having the problem. If so, let us know:
* Your Joomla version number
* Your Sendy version number
* Anything else you think may be relevant.

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2 years 11 months ago #67216 by alzander
We investigated and fixed the issue on our site. It wasn't related to your problem above..

Let us know any details you can and we'll gladly investigate further.

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