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1 week 22 hours ago #68971 by trohal1
I relly like your login menu and would like to replicate it as the default looks ugly as sin.  I really don't want multiple buttons on my menu.
We don't need the social buttons.  We are also using kunena if that helps.  We will soon be using "membership pro" so the profile is important.
how can I replicate your system? 
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6 days 22 hours ago #68972 by mel
If you're talking about the look and feel of the modal popup, the sourcecoast theme is included with the SCLogin module. You can select the theme in the settings area of the module.

If you're talking about how the menu behaves (like after you're logged in), we describe the behavior in our common support questions for "How can i open the SCLogin Modal Popup with a regular link?" > Add a menu item section.