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First of all my apologies for asking these questions as i do realize they fall outside of the normal flow but thought i'd ask in case you were willing to help me with them.

Let me first perhaps explain my situation at the moment:

On my site i use the component improved ajax login, i've seen some other posts related to this and my initial intention was to try and swap out their linked in functionality with the one from Jlinked thus integrating the two. I think some changes were made to the component after those posts as so far I wasn't able to get that working. Not being able to do that i thought i'd switch tactics and add a button to the actual edit profile page itself which could call the linked in login and import the profile that way with a side effect that people that chose to create a normal account or have another social network as their login to still couple their linked in as well.

In order to do that i simply placed the login button on that page:
<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="jlinked.login.login();"><img src="/images/ProfileSync.png"></a><br /><br />

This did allow me to make the actual link between Jlinked / LinkedIn and Joomla as it stores the user connection in the right table. The only difference is that normally that is followed up by a second screen in which the user is asked to couple their joomla account (or create a new one) which also has the import of profile information.

My initial thought was to override / extend the javascript method login and call the method loginMap(), please correct me if this isn't the right method to begin with, and add that mapping step to where the authentication bit is in the login (with the commented out //alert bit) but I don't seem to be able to get that working, hence these questions here..

1) Is it possible in some way to call the mapping of the profile fields through javascript or other means directly after calling the login so that i can do the sync with linked in outside of the normal registration process
2) Is there any update/news on integration with that improved ajax login so that i could possibly still do it that way ?

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,
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