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Topic-icon Authentication failure

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7 years 8 months ago #42108 by Norvell
After registering a new user on the website via Linkdin everything works just fine for some time (a couple of hours to a day or two). After that the user is not able to login anymore. We have detected following error in Joomla log: JLinkedAuthentication FAILURE: Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet.

We are using:
Joomla 2.5,
JLinked 2.1.0
Community Builder integrator 5.0.1
Community Builder 1.9

Can you please help us to resolve this issue.
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7 years 8 months ago #42113 by alzander
Replied by alzander on topic Authentication failure
The error in the log isn't specifically from JLinked. Joomla will show an error like that when there is an authentication problem from all of the authentication plugins (meaning that the user can't login). The error will come from whichever plugin is ordered last (highest number). So, it's not really a JLinked authentication problem, it's an issue that none of the plugins were able to authenticate the user.

As for the issue, are you trying to login with LinkedIn credentials at this point, or Joomla credentials?

One last note is that JLinked 2.1.0 is about 9 months old. Since then, we released JLinked 2.2 (in late September) and discontinued JLinked altogether. All of the LinkedIn functionality is now a part of JFBConnect, along with the already existing Facebook, Google and Twitter integration.

I'm not sure if there are any authentication issues that have been fixed since 2.1.0, but it's possible that you're running into some conflict with changes in LinkedIn's authentication system that have since been corrected. I'd recommend upgrading when possible.

The topic has been locked.
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