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When we turn on "Show Facebook Like" on JLinkedShare Module, the FB Like comes with the "Send" button.
We should be able to change this as an option.
Take a look on JLinkedShare module at (top-right corner). Actualy it's a JLinkedShare + a JFBCLike, just to get rid of the "Send Button" :=D

Also, I also recommend for web site administrators to be able to change the "URL to be shared" specific for Facebook. This is because Facebook is VERY confusing: we can have likes on the web site URL, the site page on FB, the app page on FB...

Because I like to have a good number and consistent of likes on FB (and I suppose other webmasters like that, too) I tend to choose either the web site URL or the FB site page and use only that chosen one. On that same example, 0 peolpe like the Webteer site but 4 people like the Webteer page on FB . See what I mean?
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10 years 2 months ago #15281 by alzander
I agree with the suggestions above, but the idea of the extra social integration in either the JFBConnect or JLinked products is meant to be simple, easy integration. For full flexibility, the other products widgets should be used (ex. the {JFBCLike} tag) where you have complete control. In JLinked, for instance, we have the Like button hard-coded, simply because we aren't guaranteed if JFBConnect is installed, which has all our integration libraries and allows us a lot more control of the widgets. We don't want to duplicate all the code in JLinked, but understand a little more control could be useful in each product.

So, with some background, we agree that "Show Send" should be a parameter to add. However, an extra URL just for Facebook likely won't make it in there, as it may just confuse things for a lot of users.. and for those that don't already have JFBConnect, will likely not be trying to sculpt their Like counts as much.

JLinked is still 1.0, and it's our first 'other' social extension, so we're still feeling things out as too. We don't want to overlap too much, but also where could could make for better integration between the products. Things will definitely solidify in future releases of both JFBConnect and JLinked. I'm glad to hear you could easily accomplish what you were looking for though, and any other suggestions are always welcome!

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