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4 years 2 months ago #63538 by fused
Open Graph and K2 was created by fused
Hi all,

My social posts to FB do not seem to be getting the metadata from the K2 items. Have configured the component to auto publish a certain category. Not using variable tags for OpenGraph in the K2 Items. Shouldnt it take the picture from the K2 item and the metadata? I've found your documentation to be to simple to configure corrrectly. Have checked the Open Graph on my FB app but that is not available anymore.

Please assist.
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4 years 2 months ago #63540 by mel
Replied by mel on topic Open Graph and K2
It sounds as if the tags aren't being set correctly if the share image preview and descriptions are not set correctly.

To do this, you'd need to
1. Enable the 'Open Graph - K2' plugin that comes with JFBConnect. When enabled, JFBConnect attempts to set the image/description/etc tags on the page from the K2 item content.
2. If you want further control of what image or text is set, you'd create an object in the JFBConnect backend > Social Meta > Objects area. (You don't need to create one in the FB dev area).
3. After you set the tags, you'd need to manually re-scrape the page to see if the new tags are set up correctly. You can scrape the page using the Facebook Sharing Debugger

If those tips don't help, please provide a specific URL where you're seeing the problem so I can the tags on the page.

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