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5 years 1 month ago #61197 by simpre
Hi to the Sourcecoast Support Team,

I have a recruitment website for which I have installed the login component using Facebook, Linked In and Google+. Twitter seems clumsy (not the fault of Sourcecoast as it is an internal Twitter issue on email addresses). The issue I have is that the component allows for a single user flow with a single landing page. After registration I need two options for a landing page depending if the individual is a candidate or a recruiter / employer. The component works but I need to be able to redirect users according to whether they are a candidate or a recruiter.

Is it possible to somehow install a duplicate version which allows a flow for a different landing page such as {JFBCLogin} as something like {JFBCLogin-2} which would enable their landing page to be set differently. I have looked at SC login but can't easily see a resolve this way. It may be that with your advice there is an easier solution using SCLogin?

Appreciate your advice on how to resolve it.
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5 years 1 month ago #61231 by alzander

Twitter seems clumsy (not the fault of Sourcecoast as it is an internal Twitter issue on email addresses).

With the latest JFBConnect, you can import the user's email address. Unsure if that's what you were speaking of, but Twitter did add that functionality a while back and we integrated it into JFBConnect as well.

As for the multiple landing pages, JFBConnect doesn't have a way to do what you're looking for built in. I think I'm missing a step from the above though either way. How do *you* know if the user is a candidate or recruiter? The flow you described above doesn't tell me how you get that information from a user and what you do with it.

If you already have some flows setup or user groups properly being created for users in certain groups, you could redirect all users to the candidate page and make that page redirect recruiters to the right page or something like that. I don't have all the answers, but if you have more details on how JFBConnect would know what the user is to begin with, I may be able to help with some ideas.. but again, this isn't something currently implemented or supported by JFBConnect.

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