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I have a custom component. When I enable the Like on my custom component it overrides my graph tags that i already added.

When enabled {JFBCLike ...} The type is changed to "article" and the image is not present even though i specify it using the {JFBCGraph image=...}

I noticed the actions where not being posted because it change my app type to article so i went into libraries/sourcecoast/openGraph.php and in LINE 423

To make this work in function getCurrentPageTypeTag()

I changed
                               $type = "my_app:myobject";
                               return $type;

This makes the Like work however the image Tag is not present. Do you know the reason why its not there?
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The JFBCGraph open tag is no longer supported. Please use {SCOpenGraph image=FULL_PATH_TO_IMAGE} instead.

In your case, I would suggest creating an object in our Open Graph > Objects area. Try using a Custom object here and you should be able to set the object type and the image tag for your custom component. Try this and let me know if you're still having problems.

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