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7 years 11 months ago #58621 by aymabo

I got the message below from Facebook. Can you please advise me how to deal with that?
Is it just a matter of upgrading JFBC to the latest version?

Many Thanks


Hi Ayman,
Drivertodriver has been making recent API calls to Graph API v2.0, which will reach the end of the 2-year deprecation window on Monday, August 8, 2016. Please migrate all calls to v2.1 or higher in order to avoid potential broken experiences.
We recommend using our new Graph API Upgrade Tool to see which of your calls are affected by this change as well as any replacement calls in newer versions. You can also use our changelog to see the full list of changes.
You can view this and other Developer Notifications related to your app, Drivertodriver, in the App Dashboard.
The Facebook Team
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7 years 11 months ago #58629 by francescocurci
Hi, I received the same message, but when I went to the tool
it says Upgrade from: 2.0 Upgrade to: v2.6
and there is this message
Your app hasn't made enough calls to the Graph API to show any info, or there are no changes for the methods you selected between v2.0 and v2.6

In any case I can't find a way to confirm the update, there is no buttons or something to confirm the upgrade.
Today I installed the jfbconnect_v7.0.2.

I also hope for a your suggestion.

By the way, I'm very happy about the new auto-posting tool, I will study and use it.
Best regards
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Support Specialist
7 years 11 months ago #58635 by alzander
Replied by alzander on topic Facebook Graph API v2.0
We just created a blog post explaining the situation, what it means and how JFBConnect is affected. In general, if you're using a recent version of JFBConnect, you shouldn't need to do anything.

Read the Facebook Graph API v2.0 Deprecation Explained .

I hope that helps, but please let us know if you need anything else.

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