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I only want to allow Facebook and Google Plus login using JFBConnect, but I have the following problems;

Apps have been created in Facebook and Google+ to cope with logging into my site.

However, if I try to login using Google+, I go through the permissions and although a Joomla user is created and I do get logged in, the first page it sends me to is "/index.php/component/jfbconnect/#" with an "error 500 - View not found [name, type, prefix]: jfbconnect, html, jfbconnectView".

Following on from this... if I delete this Google+ user from JFBConnect UserMap, remove this user from the Joomla User Manager, and remove permissions for the rooms-a-gogo app in Google+ for this user, and then try to login again using the same Google+ user, a new user is again created in User Manager, but not in JFBConnect UserMap.

OK, so now I try Facebook. If I try login using Facebook, I go through the permissions pop-up, but no new user is created in JFBConnect UserMap nor in the Joomla User Manager, and the website doesn't change page either. Basically nothing happens - no new user, no login. The rooms-a-gogo app does indeed appear in the Facebook profile with "permissions given" but in Joomla nothing happens, and I can't login.

As an aside, how do I choose with User Group these newly created users fall into?
It would be useful to be able to say "Logged in using Facebook? OK, they're group 5" or "Signed in with Google+? They go into group 6".

Help appreciated!
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, the first page it sends me to is "/index.php/component/jfbconnect/#"

That is the incorrect URL. It sounds like you have a 3rd party extension that is incorrectly altering the URLs for JFBConnect. Please go into the settings for that SEF extension and disable URL creation for JFBConnect. All SEF extensions generally have a way to prevent URL creation on a component-by-component basis.

As an aside, how do I choose with User Group these newly created users fall into?
It would be useful to be able to say "Logged in using Facebook? OK, they're group 5" or "Signed in with Google+? They go into group 6".

Currently, we don't have the ability to assign users to a different group. They are all put into the default user's group (usually Registered). It's not a highly requested feature, but we have plans to add a user-group option in a release in 2016.

If you need to change the default user group for all social network users, we can help you do that as it's a minor code change.

I hope that helps get you going,
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I've taken a look at all the plug-ins and add-ons I have installed, just to see if I can spot anything.
URL rewriting is turned off in Global Configuration, SEF is on.

I can PM you my .htaccess file ( don't want it posted on an open forum ).

Here are all the Joomla elements that are installed and enabled...
I've added a comment where I think there may be a conflict?
If you're not aware of any conflicts with these, I will test each one by disabling it and seeing if it helps.

As it's a live site, I can only do this in the late-evening.

Smart Search
Most Read Content
Articles - Newsflash
Random Image
Articles - Related Articles
Who's Online
Smart Search Module
Feed Display
Administrator Menu
User Status
Admin sub-Menu
Multilanguage Status
Content - Email Cloaking
Content - Load Modules
Button - Image
Button - Pagebreak
Button - Readmore
Search - Categories
Search - Contacts
Search - Content
Search - Newsfeeds
Search - Weblinks
System - Debug
System - SEF : This is just the standard SEF component that comes with Joomla 2.5.
User - Joomla!
Content - Joomla
System - Highlight
Smart Search - Categories
Smart Search - Contacts
Smart Search - Content
Smart Search - Newsfeeds
Smart Search - Weblinks
User - TCVN Auto Login : This logs users in immediately after they have registered with the site, without having to re-enter their login information.
JCE Editor
System - EasyCalcCheck PLUS - ECC+
SourceCoast Extensions Library
SCSocial Find Us
SCSocial Stream
SCSocial Widget
Social Profiles - Joomla
Social Profiles - Custom DB
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I looked at your .htaccess file, no issues there.
The code you sent that you added to your index.php file is very non-Joomla standard (it would be well placed into a User plugin). There are multiple redirections performed with JFBConnect during the authentication process, so that file would load on each one. It's very possible that one of the loads of the index.php file is triggering that code. I didn't fully explore the code, but the best way to test is simply comment it out (temporarily) to see if social authentication works.

Beyond that, my main focal point for disabling plugins would be User - TCVN Auto Login. Since JFBConnect is registering the user, it's possible that plugin is triggering. If it's not aware of JFBConnect, it may be getting confused and trying to re-log the user in and returning them to the same component that registration had just occurred from.. which would be JFBConnect.

Those are all guesses as to where to look, but hopefully, that helps narrow things down. Definitely doesn't sound like an SEF issue.

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