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i am a new JFBC user. just bought and installed today. i have enabled everything in the social/content plugin - like section and the only thing i can see is the like buttons at the bottom of the homepage in the body section, NOT floating at the very bottom like it should be. nothing is displayed on any other page. we specifically want like and share buttons on product pages, and we would like them to float at the bottom of the page like your page.

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i am figuring some things out but still need some help configuring the plug-in. i would prefer to do this through email or some form of chat instead of a public forum. thanks!
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6 years 8 months ago #52914 by mel
The sharing buttons configured in the JFBConnect > Social area is for the bottom of content articles. The behavior you're describing sounds correct.

However, it sounds like you're looking for the floating module with the share buttons at the bottom of the page like on To do this, please use the JFBCSocialShare module. To get you started, the following are the parameter values we use for our site:
Layout: Button Count
Orientation: Horizontal
Position: Float
Margin: 5px
Padding: 5px 0 0 5px
Background: #fff
Float from Top: 3000 (this puts it at the bottom of the screen)
Float from Left: 3000 (this puts in on the right side)

In the Facebook section, we have:
Show Like: Yes
Width: 85
Height: 20

If this is not what you're looking for, please give further details. You can also send a private message to me using the envelope icon under my avatar.

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