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9 years 2 months ago #52239 by francescocurci
Hi Alex, as you know I need to buy 2 more subsciptions and then create 2 facebook apps using my facebook account.

Which email address do you suggest to use in the Facebook Application Setup? Mine or my customers email?
My customers created a facebook page with their accounts, after that I became an administrator of their pages. I'm the only one who manage their sites and their facebook pages, but I don't know if it better to use in the setup my personal email (in both apps) or if I have to use info@myclientsite.??

I cannot read my clients emails, but I have to receive via email notifications about FBConnect facebook activities.

BTW I sent you an email about payments, if you can confirm you can send me a credit note after the second and third purchases I will proceed (I bought only one personal extension until now).

Many thanks
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9 years 2 months ago #52251 by alzander
Sorry about not responding to the email. Will do that later tonight.

I'd recommend putting your email in the Contact Email address. If you're the one managing the app, you're the one that should get any emails from Facebook.

I'd recommend putting your client's email address in the User Support Email. That email address can be used by users to contact the admin of the site. It may be Facebook related, but it could just be about anything. It's good to have that in the right domain of the app for clarity as well.

I hope that helps explain, but if you have other questions, just let me know.

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9 years 2 months ago #52282 by francescocurci
Hi, perfect for everything, thank you!

I bought 3 extensions, I have your invoices and I also set the sites of my clients (facebook apps).

Your support is fantastic, thanks for everything again.

Best regards
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